How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom | Interior Design

How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom | Interior Design

So feng shui in your bedroom actually has
a lot more than you would think. You want it to be romantic. I mean if you want significant others or if
you’re in a relationship, or you just want prospective relationships, so a couple of
things that you want to just pay attention to. One is that you really never want to put your
bed underneath a window, because in feng shui it’s believed that the romance flies out the
window and it’s kind of like a big vacuum above you. If you do hang a crystal. The crystal always offsets the bad energy
that you have there. Another thing for bedrooms is you really never
want to use garish colors. You want something really light and airy. Down to your artwork, you really don’t want
artwork that says separation. Two’s are important.So in your artwork make
sure that you have doubles of everything. Make sure you have things that invoke love
and peace and harmony. Like flowers are really great, and open water. You never want a fighting scene in the artwork
in your bedroom. It means that you’re going to fight with your
mate and nobody really wants that. You just want it really serene. Always have your artwork have really pretty
pictures in them, like roses and flowers or anything scenic. Then just remember, crystals offset any bad
energy when you have a bed anywhere near a window. Those are some of the simple elements when
your feng shui-ing your bedroom.

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  1. feng shui is what alot of chinese ppl believed .they think is realllllyyyyyy important that where ur house is located and how u put ur sutff in the house. if u didn't put it good u might get sick or somethin bad like that -.-

  2. Well shit… where the Hell do I put the picture I have of two Abercrombie guys tackling each other now… I'll send to Shane! 🙂

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