How to Feng Shui Your Workspace

How to Feng Shui Your Workspace

How to Feng Shui Your Workspace. Lure luck your way at your workplace by arranging
things according to the ancient Chinese design philosophy known as feng shui. You will need A plant A desktop fountain or
fishbowl Blue, purple, and red desk accessories A black briefcase or laptop bag Photos and
a desk lamp. Step 1. De-clutter your desk and workspace, which
is the most important thing you can do to balance the _chi_—or energy—in your office. Step 2. Repair or get rid of anything that’s broken—like
a pen that’s out of ink or a flickering desk lamp. They block your chi. Step 3. Put a plant on your desk to absorb energy-draining
emissions from your computer. Just avoid cacti, whose pointy needles attract
negative energy. Try an orchid if your job requires you to
suffer fools gladly. Feng shui experts believe orchids are symbols
of patience. Step 4. The placement of your desk and chair should
allow you to see who’s coming into the room. Business and opportunity symbolically come
to you through the door; so don’t turn your back on it. If you can, position your desk so a solid
wall is behind you. To “watch your back” even more effectively,
make sure your chair has proper back support. Step 5. Place a desktop fountain or fish bowl on or
near your desk. These decorations activate the water element,
inviting the flow of money and success. Feng shui aside, fish and fountains are relaxing. They’ll help calm you down when you’re
stressed. Step 6. Use desk accessories and office supplies in
blues, purples, and reds, which are the colors of calm, creativity, and recognition. Black is the color of money, so use a black
briefcase or laptop bag. Step 7. To promote harmony, place pictures of loved
ones on the upper-right corner of your desk. Step 8. Keep your wastebasket as far away from your
desk as possible. If you must have one, place it at the bottom-left
corner of your desk. Step 9. If your office has overhead, fluorescent lighting,
try getting one of the bulbs removed to decrease the lighting intensity. Then, add a desk lamp that provides the right
amount of lighting for your work area. Did you know Disney executives consulted a
feng shui master when building Hong Kong Disneyland in 2005, leading them to place several waterfalls
around the park to accumulate luck and wealth.

50 thoughts on “How to Feng Shui Your Workspace

  1. So you believe that computers emit bad energies that can hurt people? Maybe you should actually watch the video again and realize how stupid you are.

  2. I would like you to come up with one piece of legitimate evidence that shows that computers emit any type of radiation that is harmful to humans.

    Then I would like you to come up with one piece of legitimate evidence that shows that the radiation can be stopped by Feng Shui.

    I dare you, being able to stop radiation by having the correct "chi" in a room is a discovery that is nobel prize worthy…

  3. @Polaroidist its real if u try to think it.For example,a window that face the north leads to better health.Scientists have found that morning sunlight from the north is very good for your ealth.

  4. @infoherper
    but i've been to Hong Kong, their subways are very clean and convenient, so much better than those in london and new york~

  5. The roman calender nd someone who sees it as psychological manipulation who sees the natural season change nd sees how they put their agenda on it subtely to battle certain spirits, nd knows that sum of it isnt even wanted nemore its just habit nd tries to slowly evolve it for peace

  6. But not falling into a thing calling it all a mass conspiracy thats alive today, no, that would be embarassing + it would sho you dont understand, its funny in that most of it really is nonintentional, still could use some fine tuning, some intuitiveness looseness, we are effected by it but we can change it subtlely or change the way we recieve it

  7. locals protesting new construction, and everyone giving mean eyes to real estate agents, especially in the aspen hill area… we dont care about compass directions, you are making it look like something straight off the internet we all feel its ugly, native american roots are truly being honored and respected, non commercial art runs rampant, not for audience but it is shared love rampant in the forests and streets, unrepressed spirits of good, the manitou, the sidhe bless the area

  8. amrita, yoga becoming very popular in rockville, taught in the highschools, and at studios, others catching on, yogis uplifting the vibration of the area, and all surrounding areas in an aura of wholesomeness and blessing, it really feels like a heavenly place… so many share, so much abundance, if you just ask the organic food stores at the end of the day, punk/hippie techniques, money no longer integral, but love! nomads travelling all over out from here and joining others teaching/learning

  9. by the locals, I am considered possessed by the spirit of Goddess, who literally comes into being, dies, and is reborn constantly as she ensures the good fortune and health of the village and the planet, and all beings and creation.

  10. Gt Dave began bottling Kombucha in 1995 from his mothers kitchen. He had no business plan just a desire to share this gift with anybody who could benefit from it tho gets Kombucha has grown from its humble beginnings still they are commited to helping the environment n not selling out

  11. All worldly and individual troubles are unreal Give up trying, cease striving I believe nothing needs to be accomplished

  12. Everything is right beside the trash can, in feng shui left side is considered dragon and right is tiger. Should never put anything thats dirty on the left, but to the right

  13. 1:11 Fish aren't just decorations. The fish/fish bowl one is the one I wouldn't recomend, for the sake of the fish (don't think fish would be happy being alone in a bowl on a desk), but the other suggestions maybe.

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