How to Finish Your Canvas Rug

How to Finish Your Canvas Rug

Okay, there’s 3 things that are important
before you varnish a rug. The first thing is after you’re done painting, go through
your rug and see if there’s any lines that are left over from marking. Where you marked
your borders or whatever designs, and use your eraser and it won’t affect your paint,
just erase all those lines. It’s really gonna stand out when you put the varnish on. And
the second thing is you want to take your lint roller and remove every little piece
of lint, every piece of hair, and piece of lint will be permanently varnished into your
rug if you don’t thoroughly pick up every piece of dust with your lint roller. And the
third thing is sign your artwork. You are an artist, you made this beautiful rug and
I don’t care if it’s for your own bathroom or if you’re giving it to a friend or selling
it for 5000 dollars to a design house, sign your artwork. I put mine in the corner. Really
sign it now. Wait a minute. Can you cut parts out of this video? Okay, it’s helpful if you get a pen that works,
I use a sharpie marker. Okay, here we go again, I’m gonna put mine in the corner, I sign mine
laurel A, and there you go. You’re ready to varnish and your art will be your floor art
and ready to last for many years.

5 thoughts on “How to Finish Your Canvas Rug

  1. hi laurel! your rugs are stunning! I've been thinking of DIY'ing some larger rugs for my home. 12×12 would be the largest. I need 3, so cost is an issue. I saw someone elsewhere mention using the underside of linoleum as a cheaper option to canvas. what do you think? also, what kind of paint should I use, since I'd need large amounts? thank you!!!

  2. Hi Joan, thank you for your comments, very appreciated, hope you suscribed to my channel for more videos and tips. I did do some research on painting linoleum, but I have not done it.There are two ways to go, one is use paint and polyurethane over that OR you can use Marine Paint, that does not need a polyurethane coat over it. You'll have to do some research on your own, as I do not have the availability of some of the materials in Costa Rica that you may have in your area. good luck!

  3. Oh yes, I subscribed! I think what the person mentioned was painting on the underside of linoleum…I guess because it's cloth-like? But great advice about the marine paint. I'm going to do a test swatch first. I will surely let you know how it turns out! Thank you for your help :o)

  4. I love that bit about SIGN IT!!! I just told someone yesterday about a person that wanted to order a CHRISTMAS Sweatshirt from me with A CRUCIAL STIPULATION. The STIPULATION was for me NOT TO SIGN IT. NEEDLESS to say. . . She never got the Sweatshirt because I told her she would not purchase a Vincent van Gogh, a PICASSO, nor a Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece, and ask for an unsigned piece. "Baby, MISS ME WITH THAT!!!" I even have a certain bead that I add to my Hand crafted Jewelry. I'm all about that life!!! 🦋

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