How to Fix Curling Wallpaper Seams

How to Fix Curling Wallpaper Seams

How to Fix Curling Wallpaper Seams. Curling wallpaper seams ruin the decorative
effect of wallpaper. Eliminate the ugly signs of aging wallpaper
with these steps. You will need Sponge Putty knife Wallpaper
adhesive Seam roller Brush and small paintbrush (optional). Step 1. Dab the seam with a wet sponge. Use light strokes to make the wallpaper damp,
and to soften the adhesive. Step 2. Use a putty knife to gently lift up the seam
to expose a section of wallpaper. Step 3. Apply a small amount of adhesive along the
exposed loose seam. Allow the adhesive to dry according to package
instructions. Use a small paintbrush to evenly apply the
adhesive along the entire seam. Step 4. Roll the seam gently with the seam roller
once the adhesive has dried. Step 5. Clean the area with a damp sponge or brush. This will remove any excess adhesive. Did you know At its inception, the purpose
of wallpaper was primarily insulation.

12 thoughts on “How to Fix Curling Wallpaper Seams

  1. Great Video, I was just going to use Krazy Glue to repair the paper hanging from my shower stall which nobody sees anyways.

  2. Mentioning what type of adhesive would have been quite helpful. Not all glues are alike!
    Classic Howcast video. Sloppy half assed information.

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