How to Get a Job! (Modern Manners w/ Amy Aniobi)

How to Get a Job! (Modern Manners w/ Amy Aniobi)

– If you’re a smart girl you probably have or soon will have a job. Let’s get you a job. Getting a good job is
all about the referral. Amy is cool, hire her. Rule number one: don’t be pushy. It can feel hard to
ask time of busy people for recommendations or
informational meetings. Meet them where they are as in, at their office or on their side of town. Hi, I’m Amy and I’m really
interested in interior design. Would you be willing to grant
me an informational interview so I can hear about how you got started? I’m happy to come to your offices or treat you to coffee. As for recommendations, my recommendation is offer to write it. Hi, I’m applying to Smart
Girl’s Architecture school and I’ve been asked to
supply a recommendation. I really enjoyed taking your class and would love to have your
support on this journey. Would you be willing to
write me a recommendation? I’m happy to draft something
first to make it easier for you or you can send me a finished letter. Please let me know. Thanks. Now, on to resumes or as some countries call them, CV’s. That means curriculum vitae. A smart girl keeps her
resume to one page, forever. Need tips on what your
res should look like? Google ‘Great resume’ and copy those. Their format I mean. Don’t say you worked at the Pentagon if you haven’t worked at the Pentagon. So did you land an interview? Let’s say yes. Yah! Then very quickly here’s a
song about interview etiquette. ♫ Always arrive 30 minutes early just in case you get lost Bring two printed copies of your resume one for you and for your future boss If they offer you water take the water but also pee before you go in And when the interview is done send a thank you note or email Hope to see you again ♫ It’s for a musical I’m working on. Oh, btdubs, if you say
you hope to stay in touch, do it. Send them a little update. Let them know what you’ve done lately that’s pushing you in
a positive direction. Even if they don’t respond it’s pretty good practice
to put your positive productive energy out into the world. Thanks for sending in your questions about the job search using
the hashtag #smartmanners . Here’s one. How do I not share info
I don’t want to share when someone professional is asking? Smile and politely say you don’t feel comfortable
sharing that information. Leave it at that. If you don’t over-explain hopefully they won’t push anymore. Next week on Modern Manners, Etiquette on the Job because I bet you got that job. Follow us on Twitter and send us your questions via hashtag #smartmanners.

13 thoughts on “How to Get a Job! (Modern Manners w/ Amy Aniobi)

  1. That informational interview advice sounds wonderful. Definitely going to email some potential employers now. 🙂

  2. Useful! I'm searching for my first full-time job right now, it's very daunting. Sending good Job Getting vibes out to everyone!

  3. Thank you for this! I've been on the job search since I graduated from college in December. I've been getting down on myself after not getting anything so far, but this totally lifted my spirits!! Love you Smart Girls!!

  4. I just got a job on Wednesday, which also happened to be my six month unemployedaversary. There's always hope, Smart Girls!

  5. These are so good!! I want to send this series to my younger self and all of the young people I work with!!! x

  6. Great videos! Extra tip – CVs in the UK don't always have to be one page, you can stretch to two if you have extensive experience. As a younger person or grad though, probably best to stick to one 👍

  7. Thanks, Amy! This is the first video of yours I've seen and it was both entertaining and super useful. Now I'm gonna go watch the rest of your videos here.

  8. Hah, I had two interviews where they asked if I wanted a soda or water and I politely refused but never got the job. So I suppose I should start taking the water.

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