How To Get More Done as an Architect

How To Get More Done as an Architect

hey architect nation Enoch Sears here and in today's video we're gonna discuss how to get more done alright so when we talk about this concept of getting more done there's a lot of strategies to be able to get more done every single day right you can you can plan out your day ahead of time you can make sure you're using time blocks to batch tasks there's a lot of tactical things that we can do to get things done however perhaps the more important question other than you know just getting a bunch of stuff done is actually focusing on stuff things that actually matter so at a seminar I ran recently I did this is this demonstration where I had two architects come up on to the end of the front of the room and had one architect march in place and then run in place and then run fast in place and then I had another architect get up and run around the room using the same energy and I asked the group which architect accomplished more and of course the answer is the architect who ran around the room if we're talking about distance Radford talking about calories while they both expended the same amount of of effort the same amount of calories but the one who actually was moving forward was the one who covered the most distance whereas the one who was marching and running in place simply stayed in the same place right so this is the analogy of focusing on not just activity not just doing stuff because there's a million things we could do every single day but actually focusing on the right things right and to focus on the right things that means we need to have the right plan we need to know what our vision is we need to know what we're working for we need to be doing assessments and figure out what's not working in our business so we can improve it now I know none of this is new for you you've probably heard this all before today I want to touch on something that you may not have considered before in terms of getting more things done and when I say things let's assume that these are important things so let's assume for the time being that you've already done the foundational work of identifying a clear goal of having a compelling reason we talked about that in last lacks waste last week's video or sorry yesterday's video actually about the dandelions the parable of my son Jude and the dandelions you can watch that on the YouTube channel but today so I was working out and here's here's where's the thing that here's where this idea of getting more done comes in to play this morning I went as usual to CrossFit which is a group exercise program what do these crazy things with weights throw these weights around in a group setting and there's a time limit and you're all doing it together and I was talking with the coach and recently the gym instituted a new policy whereby you can be there when the coaches aren't there so generally in the past you could only come at specific times during the day when they were running classes so they run a class at 5:00 a.m. a class at 6:00 a.m. and then 3 34 35 36 37 38 in the evenings right but what they want to do they want to open up the gym so people could come and go as they please so they installed a little keypad on the door and they let people come and go I thought this is great for my schedule because although I do enjoy getting up early in the morning it doesn't work out well for me because sometimes I have to stay up late at night and hitting that early morning with the kids and getting breakfast ready it was just very difficult so I need a little bit more flexibility so I ended up going into the gym and at odd hours just to try to get my workout in and what I noticed was that I when I wasn't working out in a group setting that I didn't push myself as hard and so this morning I was in a group setting and I was talking with the coach there and I said yeah it's really great to have this you know this open gym policy working come in and work out I said but you know what I've realized is that when I don't have someone there with me I just don't push myself quite as hard and he said yeah he's odd noticed that as well he's on whether it's just someone there working out with it you can talk to her whether you have a coach you're gonna be able to push yourself harder because there's competition right so just to give you an example at the gym there's these machines they call them ski orgs kind of a weird name right but it simulates skiing and you're not jumping and bouncing back and forth what you're actually doing is you're doing this rowing motion so you pull down these long cords that are on a resistance they're basically on the span and you're doing this over and over like that and that's the ski or right so I jumped on the ski Rigas part of today's workout and I looked over and there's another guy who came and he jumped on the skier when we were both doing it together and he was just doing it harder than I was and so I picked up my pace and I pushed myself a lot harder because I had someone next to me that I was sort of competing with shall we say right so here's the idea Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich which is I think the best-selling business book of all time talks about the concept of a master mind you see back in the early 1900s Andrew Carnegie the rich ultra rich railroad oil baron basically asked this guy Napoleon Hill to interview some of the leading richest people in America at that time to uncover their secrets to success and so the poll in Hill did that and he wrote his findings in that book and it's a fantastic book but one of the concepts he talks about that all these men had in their lives was this concept of the master mind now he defines the master mind as a group or a synergy that happens when two people come together two or more people they put their minds together for a common purpose and a common cause right so going back to this idea of the gym and the workout we can see as people are working out together that shared momentum that synergy that competition helps everyone to get better results so if you'd like to get better results in your business one of the great things you can do right not to just be tactical but actually to implement and move yourself forward with better strategies is to find a group of equally minded progressive progressive minded architects or business owners who want to push each other further this is the concept of the mastermind it can be applied to fitness it can be applied to spirituality it can be applied to business and making money as well right so the challenge I would have for you today is if you're not already part of a mastermind group where can you find such a group could you start up such a group maybe in your local community using people in your network to get together right so some of these groups exist already we have social clubs like rotary like Shriners where people get together they'll generally have a meal but a mastermind is generally a smaller more intimate group of people that might meet together once a week for a meal or maybe a couple times a month to discuss a strategy and a shared common goal they Ramsey the popular radio host who knows all about Amer a decay ting debt in your life he always talks about his Eagles Club mastermind and I know a couple guys in this club and you know these guys I think they're you know eight or so guys over the period of 15 years that have been meeting together Dave Ramsey was part of this group Dan Miller's part of the group someone else I know is part of the group and you know he really credits that as having helped grow his business success so can you make your own Eagles group do you have your own Eagles group there's a lot of opportunities out there for someone like yourself to get help if you're not very part of that group I encourage you to reach out find a group there's there's free groups that you could set up yourself and then there's paid groups as well there's groups like Vistage there's groups that I run through the business of architecture that you can get dialed into so whatever you do I encourage you to take action and look at this as a strategy for being able to get more done now if you'd like to build your dream practice I encourage you to go check out a free training that I've prepared specifically for firm owners like yourself and you can get access to this by going to business of architecture comm forward slash freedom webinar there's no no space between that no dashes or anything like that freedom webinar now if you enjoyed this video I encourage you to like it subscribe to the YouTube channel and I'm really curious to know have you used the mastermind principle in your life have you seen this happen maybe you've seen it happen in other areas like Fitness have you used it in business do you currently have a mastermind group that you are currently a part of let me know in the comments below and before I sign off I want to let you know that with Eric Barbara Richard Petrie we run the a-team mastermind of architects and if you're interested in getting involved in a high-level group of architects who are looking to take their business to the next level this may be a fit for you send me a DM send me a message or respond to one of my emails with you know asking for information about the a-team mastermind and I can send you more info as always I hope you're having an amazing day don't forget carpe diem which means seize the day seize today bye for now

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  1. Can you send me more information about this Master Mind of Architects. We are looking to get into joining the group…

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