How To Improve Lighting For Your iPhone Videos

How To Improve Lighting For Your iPhone Videos

you know that these products are not sponsored by these companies I purchased them with my own money these are my honest opinion and I am just sharing these with anybody else that wants to or already does iPhone vlogging I hope you enjoy alright guys if you watched the last two videos in this series then you’re gonna see that I have already assembled me or already applied the case and then this is the four on one lens and then this was the Rosewood grip and we’re gonna take this the four on one lens kit off and we’re gonna put the LED ring light on let’s have a look at this real quick alright and so that’s kind of what it looks like this is just such a cool system money to get this for everyone I know that wants to vlog my god this is great it says twelve LEDs stepless colored dial three diffusers transparent white fog white and enhanced white that’s we put the batteries let’s open this bad boy up these are the instructions which if you watch the last video you will know that I need open this up who’s this oh cool like they had with the other one that’s just a little carrying bag with their name on it I’m so glad that I read a bunch of reviews before purchasing this or I never would have known what this was this is actually what you mount so do not throw this little screw away you take this and you just screw it in like that and if you watched my haul video where I showed you all the products before I did the reviews this is really important because then you take that little light you hook these two together like this and what do I have I have a light source wherever I go and I love this especially being mounted to a spider mount because I can bend it like Sam in a hotel and I’m filming somewhere where the lighting is not ideal I may not have somewhere to prop it up but because I have this I can hook this to anything and then turn these lights on alright guys so just a reminder the three Triple A batteries do not come with this and that is what you will need to turn this on whip that little guy out which i think would be easier if that we’re not there but I’m gonna leave that on for right now take this bad boy for a test drive all right drum roll please and then it says that this is the on/off button the turn it away from you so it does not blind you wow that thing is really bright alright and then so this is obviously one of the filters and it comes with them quickly it comes with two other filters now I’m not like you know the queen of filters so I’m not 100% sure how to use these but I will figure it out and then do a review down the road but it does come with one that looks sort of like it has a pink issue and then this one kind of looks frosted and then this one looks very white pop that off alright oh this is really cool and I’m sorry if I’m blinding you guys but let me just kind of turn a little bit this way so you can see it goes in an alternating pattern around it has white yellow white yellow then over here there we go so that is where you adjust it at the top there are two little dials and so we’ll push this one up and down and see what happens oh Jesus sorry that just totally so to give you an indication how bright that is so you just turn that and it makes it you know either dim I’m gonna turn it towards my hand so right now it’s on a dim setting and then I’ll just keep going and so you guys can see I mean that is extremely bright like I’m so impressed that such a little light could put out that much like right here is adjusting the amount how light the yellow is so you know that’s gonna adjust obviously the tone of the shot what is really cool let me turn it way down and then you can just see how it’s kind of making the yellow more intense which would drown out the white okay this is really pretty cool give you an up-close shot here no it’s nice and heavy I can completely I can completely understand why this thing has the price point that it does now that I’m actually holding it in my hand put your finger here in here and kind of use those as anchors and then twist clockwise counterclockwise and that pops it off and this is just my little phone screen I don’t know where you guys are joining me in the video so I have this in here because I vlog everything on my iphone so this is just to show you’re gonna take this guy and it says to line up the red dots and there is a red dot right here and then there is a red dot on the case right here and you’re just gonna kind of line them up and put them together and then same thing kind of push in a little and turn clockwise oh yeah that thing is not coming off there and look how cool that looks rotate this uh like that because it being on the back your phone probably wouldn’t help you very much but so then you see that the camera is right there the lens is right there and of course that would illuminate whatever you were pointing it at and then let’s just turn it on again not to blind you but just to give you some indication of how that looks and then you know obviously be filming like that no look at that I am super excited right now yeah I think that is incredible and I am very very happy with it again I’m gonna shoot a bunch of different stuff with with these different the Rings that become Wow so far I’m just I’m beyond excited alright and also I did want to test the theory of whether this thing could be mounted with this little quarter inch screw down here because I would hate to have to take that on and off all the time oh yeah you could totally and completely make that with that on there yeah but this would be cool too cuz you could put um monitor know some kind of extra peripheral more lighting I guess if you really want it to just mount it right there

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  1. I wish i had seen this before this damn purchase.. pretty helpful, thank you.
    do check out my channel if and when you can.

  2. Great video ~just to make a better vlogging ~!!! it's really a fantastic addition for vlogging or photography or make up~

  3. great video ~but maybe this selfie ring light is better as it's includes a wide angle phone lens which make your face looks more beautiful ~

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