How to Install an LED Ultra-Thin Wafer Downlight | Lithonia Lighting

How to Install an LED Ultra-Thin Wafer Downlight | Lithonia Lighting

The LED Ultra-Thin Wafer Downlight from Lithonia Lighting. Ultra-thin recessed downlighting with remote driver box for quick, simple, and housing free installations. There’s no housing required. It’s rated for wet location. Ultimately, it can be installed anywhere. The LED Ultra-Thin Wafer Downlight from Lithonia Lighting comes as a complete unit consisting of two parts: the LED module and the remote
driver box. It’s low profile design makes it the ideal
solution for locations with shallow plenums. Also included in the box is the installation
instruction sheet and a hole template should a new hole be required in the ceiling. Check that all the parts are included. The LED Ultra-Thin Wafer Downlight easily
installs in the ceiling through direct wiring to a power source. The only tools needed for installation other
than a ladder is a saw. A drill saw can be used for exact diameter. Before you begin with the installation process,
when working with electrical components, make sure you turn off the power at the main breaker
and that your eyes are properly protected. Double check and measure the size of the ceiling
hole. Be sure it is the correct size for the outside
rim of the luminaire to cover the hole while still allowing the back of the luminaire to
secure to the ceiling with the spring folding firmly. If a new hole is to be cut, use the provided
hole template or a drill saw with the diameter needed. Mark your center and then cut the opening with
a saw. Pull electrical wire and cut length needed. Open the cover of the remote driver box and
remove one of the knockouts. Locate the power supply leads from the remote
driver box and connect to power source using the provided wago connectors. Connect the black wire to the live wire, white wire to neutral wire, and green wire to the ground wire. Secure each with the wago connector. Be sure all connections are made inside the
driver box. Close the cover of the driver box. Place the remote driver box through the cut
out hole and lay it on the ceiling. Pull the spring clips on the fixture up and
through the cut out hole. Place the module in the hole, making sure
the spring clips are holding securely. Turn on the electricity at the circuit breaker box and walk back into the room where the fixture is installed. Turn the power in the room back on and be
sure the module illuminates. This completes the installation of the LED
Ultra-Thin Wafer Downlight from Lithonia Lighting.

15 thoughts on “How to Install an LED Ultra-Thin Wafer Downlight | Lithonia Lighting

  1. If I wanted to install 6 of these off of the same AC power line, is it possible to connect an additional wire in the remote power box to feed the next light in the series?

  2. When you remove a knockout, at 1:48, do you need to install something to secure the wire?
    Also do is it really ok to leave the driver box just sitting on the ceiling and not secured?
    Last question, and I can probably look this one up, can you put insulation over the top of the light?

  3. I just bought a bunch of these to wire in series from same feed. Can the metal box be mounted somehow on say the sides of the joists? I don't want to lay this on drop ceiling. Thanks.

  4. Installation looks easy enough, but just one question. Where did the wire in the ceiling come from to connect to the box. He just reached in the hole and there was a wire in his hand. Where did that come from and how do I find it in my celing to connect. I want to put 7 of these lights in my room how do I make them 6 connect together to 1 dimmer and have one light independent on its on dimmer. Again. Where did that wire come from?

  5. Also does the drill saw come with the lights or do I have to find that in a store myself? If I have to find it, where can I get one?

  6. What is the point of the light itself being ultra slim when you need a cavity enough to get your hand into to fit a driver box into?

  7. Installed 9 of the WF3's in a walk in closet. They seem to work properly. except when I dim them down to the lowest they will dim, 2 of them are still lit. Using a LeGrand Adorne touch dimmer model ADTH700MMTU. Now thinking maybe I need a ADTH4FBL3PW4 0 – 10V model, but there is no purple and gray connection on the WF3 driver box.

  8. Many of the questions relate to wiring these in a series ( ie. more than one light on a circuit ) I reviewed the online pdf , the instructions that came with the 12 pack I purchased and it ambiguous at best. I suggest if your going to sell these "contractor packs" take the time to provide supporting literature rather than your auto response to get a licensed electrician.

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