How to Install Blinds | Faux Wood Blinds | Inside Mount Window Blind Installation | MOORE APPROVED

How to Install Blinds | Faux Wood Blinds | Inside Mount Window Blind Installation | MOORE APPROVED

and in this episode I’m hanging some
blinds and welcome back to moore approved I’m James and we’d be installing some
two-inch faux wood blinds the process itself is very simple and easy and it
makes dramatic difference in any room so if you’ve always wondered how to install
blinds or you’re thinking that I really need to install some blinds in my house
but I don’t want to go through the entire process to do so it just looks so
complicated and stressing that’s not the case it’s actually very very simple to
do and very easy you just need a couple of basic tools a cordless drill is
preferred you’re also going to want a pen or a pencil obviously you’re going
to need a tape measure and you’re going to need a set of blinds before you go out
and buy your blinds just take a tape measure measure the inside of your
window from this point to this point and then top to bottom after you’ve done
that you can go to the store and make your selection the measurement for my
window is 33 and 3/4 inches wide and 58 inches tall so I went to my local Home
Center and I picked up a set of faux wood blinds these are 34 inches wide by
64 inches long and the actual width of these blinds out of the box is 33 and a
half inches wide so that’s going be a perfect fit on the inside of my window
now you’re going to want at least an eighth inch gap on either side of your
blinds when it’s hung in the window otherwise they may bind up and not open
and close properly in most cases your windows are going to be standard sized
so when you see the 34 by 64 that’s going to roughly be the size whatever
window you have you just want to double check and make sure now if you do have
an oddball size window you can go to your local Home Center with the exact
measurement and one of the people there will be able to custom cut the blinds
to size for you which isn’t a big deal and you can get on with your
installation so let’s open this box up and get these mounted so once you have
your blinds out of the box go ahead and locate your mounting hardware your
little brackets here and then just slide those onto either end and you’re going
to use this as a guide to determine where you’re going to be mounting so
after you have it up in the window go ahead and take yourself a pen or pencil
and then just make a line of where that bracket is going to be sitting and I want my brackets to be right on
the edge of the window and I’m just making a line down on the bottom of
where it’s going to mount to so I’ll go ahead and pull the blinds I’m going to
go now I’m going to take my first bracket and a little piece of tape match
this up to the lines and then secure it into place when your bracket has loosely
held into position now this gives you two hands to put in the screws take your
first screw line it up after you get the first one in place you
can remove your tape and put in some more screws one down one to go now that our brackets are in place we
can go ahead and hang the blinds just take your blinds set them into place and then
close your snaps you’re all done now from the valance all you have to do is
take these little brackets slide the blind out just slightly clip them into
place on the opposite sides push the blind back into place secure the clips
on the front and on the back of this valance there’s a little trough and you
just have to pinch the outside of those brackets and it’ll stay in place I like to
set the top in place first and then use my thumbs to press the bottom of the
brackets into that lower trough for the final step all you have to do is hang
this and that’s it it’s all installed it’s quick simple and easy I figured I’d
share that with you guys since I was doing it anyways
so if you guys have never hung blinds before you can see how easy and quick it
was to actually accomplish it if you guys have any questions please feel free to
leave them below give me a thumbs up if you like this thing is thumbs down if
you don’t and if you’re new to the channel be sure to subscribe and check
out my other videos thanks for watching I’m James until next time see you then

43 thoughts on “How to Install Blinds | Faux Wood Blinds | Inside Mount Window Blind Installation | MOORE APPROVED

  1. You said your window was 33-3/4 inches wide but you purchased a blind that says 34 inches on the box which is wider than your window size you gave. However, you said "out of the box" the blinds you bought were 33-1/2 inches wide. How did you determine these were the correct ones to buy if initially all you could see on the box was a measurement wider than your window?

  2. The inner side walls where my window sits measures 35in wide from side to side.

    The box I bought says:
    35in. w X 64in. h.
    And on the front in smaller print it says:
    "custom cut range"
    28.5in. – 34.5in.

    Do you know if I bought the right size blinds for my window??

  3. Hello all can anybody answer me please – i have old Edwardian window frames in the UK . Just bought roman blinds from the shop ,tried fixing device on the frame and realised frame is curved so only one nail can be screwed the other bottom one can not because of the curve there no support ((( would blinders hold well on one crew in each locking device ??? or i better return it all and think of other window dressings ?

  4. Wow! You were quick, thorough and very clear in your instructions. Thank you very much for taking the mystery out of this task. Much appreciated.

  5. Thanks for this post; don't know why I was so intimidated about hanging these. The instructions in the box made this way more complicated than it needed to be. The video was easy to follow.

  6. Great video! The tape part is a winner. Also, I can give my customers a choice of how far in they want their blinds to hang.

  7. I hope it is as easy for me to install as it looked! My width is almost double. The tape idea will help. I'll come back with an update!

  8. The inside of that window looks like vinyl. Mine are vinyl and I have been told that I can void my window warranty if I drill through it. Are there alternatives to screws for mounting that won't overly compromise the width of the blinds?

  9. I have just purchased 2.5 in Faux Wood Blinds. I had a difficult time getting the blinds out its box. Once out, most of the slats had fallen off. Now I'm not sure how to put them back onto the string, that holds the slats in place. Any suggestions James?

  10. This was exactly what i wanted to know. The pieces made no sense to me. Now i see. Saved me time effort, also saved my life and prevented generations of pain anguish and suffering of thousands of people.

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