How to Install Plasmaglow LED Cup Holder Lights

How to Install Plasmaglow LED Cup Holder Lights

We’re going to be installing products from
Plasmaglow. Now we have the LED cup holder kit which we’re
going to go ahead and put here in the cup holders which will create
a really cool lighting effect there. Now that I’ve got these in place where I want
them, what I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and drill a little hole
right here in the center to run these two little wires down through so
that I can run them down in here and wire them up. That way they come
on whenever the parking lights are turned on.

24 thoughts on “How to Install Plasmaglow LED Cup Holder Lights

  1. does the kit come with a 12v cigarette lighter plug? i would need to hook this up that way of power, it is a key online so it does not pull from the battery when the car is off 

  2. looks cheap using the peel and stick lights. i done the same thing for my couch that has a console. i took the cups out and drilled holes and stuck 4 individual leds in each cup holder and wired them to a 9v battery. lights are hidden untill turned on. id post a pic if it let me

  3. This is pretty sick, I actually want to do this. But I know nothing about cars, not sure if I'll be able to handle the electrical wiring part.

  4. i want to do this but my tl has 2 different cup holder options that i use often. the top holder comes out for fitting larger cups

  5. I like the idea but I really have doubts that tape will maintain adhesion with the extreme constant temperature changes and moisture from drinks and such.

  6. My friend bought one of these and when you set the color to blue it cools your drinks and when you set the color to red it keep your coffee warm. I didn't see you run the freon line tho…did you do that off camera?

  7. i really like like how you test a new dodge truck wiring with a ground tester and not a digital multimeter also t taps are not good either you splice and heat shrink or soldering,also to cut wire theres wire strippers,great video rather than that love the cup holders.

  8. I think i wouldve placed them 1/8 away from bottom depending on ahesive. Look better. Bottom or top ahesive is key.

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