How to install Pot Lights in Ceiling | Recessed Lighting, Can Lights

How to install Pot Lights in Ceiling | Recessed Lighting, Can Lights

I’m going to show you how to install pot lights
in your house. We’re going to put lights in 3 different
rooms all over the ceiling. It’s good to draw out on paper to give you
a rough idea on where they are going to go pot lights. This room is 20’ by 12’ and the 15 lights
will be centered I want them 4’ apart going long ways, and 3’ apart going across. recessed lighting The distance away from the wall will be approximately
2 feet. The most important part is to locate your
beams. If you have an existing light or cover in
the ceiling, you can open it up and slide a flexible fish rod until you hit a beam can lights. Here we can see how far away the beam is. Also this is going to be our source of power
for our potlights If the house is long this way, your beams
will go across this way. Use a stud detector to locate the beams When
you come across a beam, put in a red pushpin pot lights. If you have a flat ceiling you could use painters
tape can lights. We are measuring the lights 2 feet away from
the wall, and 4 feet apart. On this stud finder we can detect where the
beams are behind the wall, and also if they are metal recessed lighting. It even detects electricity If your basement isn’t finished, or if there
is an area in the furnace room, you can measure apart the distance between your beams. This is good to use as a double check to give
you piece of mind. Once you have all your lights marked with
tape or pushpins, you are ready to cut your holes. Our hole cutter is adjustable, the lights
we are installing are 3 inches. This plastic piece collects the drywall dust
as it falls down. There is a drill bit to start our cutting
and line it up recessed lighting. When we drill our holes, we don’t put too
much force when pushing up, as when you go through the hole, you don’t want to mark
the ceiling with your drill. It doesn’t take much force can lights. Once you get your pilot hole started, just
push up gently until you can feel it going through. Then slowly remove it and there you have your
hole pot lights Once you have all your holes cut out, you
will need to drill through the beams to pass your wires through. We just need to drill down the one side then
feed the wires across. To run the cable through the holes, we can
simply run a cable attached to a camera and feed it through. Once we have our cable running down the one
side, it is easy to pass it along this way as there are no beams in our way recessed lighting. I’m going to cut the loops in half and strip
the wires with these strippers. I’m going to open it up and pull back on
the wires. We’ll just need about 4 inches of wire can lights. These are 14 gauge wires so I’ll put the
wire at 14 and cut off the insulation. These strippers are angled so it should slide
the insulation as I squeeze it. Then I pull it off. Once done they will look like this The lights we bought are 3 inch potlights. You can buy them at home depot or Lowes. A pack of 6 is just under $50 They come with halogen lights. We’ll be throwing them in the garbage and
use low power LED lights. They don’t get hot, and they save you energy
while lasting up to 22 years. The light comes off by pulling on it pot lights. We remove the metal cover where the cable
goes in recessed lighting. Then remove the
cable box with one screw can lights. I will feed all the cables through the hole
I punched out, and attach all ground wires together, the white ones, then all the black
ones together. I’ll put all the cables inside the box,
then close it with the screw. this is how the light fits into the ceiling. We then twist in the LED lightbulb we purchased. Once all the lights are installed we can turn
on the switch. It’s good to install a dimmer switch so
you can adjust how much light you need. These lights can be controlled using Home
Automation. Click down below to see my other videos on
how to set that up. If you are installing potlights and there
is an attic above, then you will need to install these insulation covers in the attic which
keep the insulation off the lights, and provides a vapour seal recessed lighting pot lights. They are fireproof rated, and are also for
non-insulated rated lights. This is important because you don’t want
the heat to escape in the winter time into the attic leading to moisture in the attic. You place the cover directly over the fixture
and cut around the wires can lights. You can pick up an insulation foam spray and
the covers at Home Depot. You spray foam around the edge of the cover
to give it a good seal. You can see all our covers have lots of foam
to keep out the moisture recessed lighting. And the insulation won’t get in contact
with the light fixture. Once the foam becomes hard, you can spread
the insulation around the covers to even it out. Also let me know below in the comments what
you think of this pot light video Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe
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  1. Smart Home Tech in this video
    Amazon UK
    Amazon CAN
    GU10 LED lights
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    Multi color LED strip lights

    Tools used in this video are
    3/4 inch Flex bit 6’ for drilling
    Flex Bit Placement Tool
    Wire and Cable Pulling Kit
    USB Endoscope Snake Camera
    Adjustable Recessed Hole Saw

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