How to Install Recessed Lights in an Existing Ceiling | Pot Lights, Can Lights, Recessed Lighting

How to Install Recessed Lights in an Existing Ceiling | Pot Lights, Can Lights, Recessed Lighting

Hello, this is John with U Do It. Alright so from edge to edge I have to do 15 inch Center so this is the pattern that I need to trace around alright so now we got the circle traced up here in this is what I’m going to cut it out this thing’s acting a little funny up here so I’m going to secure that case oh I wanted to do that before I start and some of that’s because I want to make sure the drywall is secured so I don’t create any more nail pops it’ll be so much easier where is it but it would also create a ton of dust is dust I’m Creighton is minimal and so to clean up isn’t that comfy bed all right sighs cut Knoll here we’re going to punch through and now I have to reach through and grab the wire that I made available from the junction box that we removed where the current light is towards the top of the screen and pulling that wire through but now the problem is that that wires live so calaman power and now I’ll be able to install the light fortunately I didn’t take an account camera angle Here I am connecting an aerobics connector to the recessed lighting picture I’m feeding that wire this is a 14 gauge wire for 15 amp circuit I’m feeding that wire through secure in a romex connector and then inside the electrical box for the light fixture I connect the hot neutral and ground wires all right there’s a lot of wire here it’s an excessive amount of liner but what has to be done is that wire will be capped off at the top because I have access up the attic above so I can get up there and I will use a wire clip and nail it in and in a couple places to keep the wire from flopping all over but there’s flooring that’s being installed up there LSB flooring there was some extra insulation and the wiring will sit in between the two by fours that I’m laying down across the bottom quarters of the trusses all right so now the fixture is being pushed off am I’m securing the clips and now I’m installing the trim there there’s two springs on both sides of the trim there has to be really 10 a lot of tension holders up there looking good this is the repair job I did on that crack so the first thing is to secure it so it no longer moves which is what I did with two screws on both sides of the crack I will use fiberglass tape and mud that up and then this is the repair job I did on the old smoke detector the old smoke detector was installed there I removed some nail pops and put in some fresh screws I’ll patch that up here there are some nail pops here that are replaced and this is the recessed lights I installed both of them in the past day all right thanks for watching the video if you’d like to give it a thumbs up if you didn’t like you give it a thumbs down most importantly please hit that subscribe button that’s what really motivates me to keep making these videos and stay tuned for other videos and also involving a 3d printing thanks again for watch

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