How to Install Recon LED Tail Lights

How to Install Recon LED Tail Lights

Today we’re going to be installing these LED
Tail Lights from Recon on this 2013 GMC Denali. Okay, the first thing we’re
going to do is take a look at how bright the stock lights are. Anytime you’re working on the electrical on
your vehicle, the first step is to disconnect the negative battery cable. All you need to do this install is the tail
lights, of course, a Phillips- head drill or screwdriver, and that’s all
you need. It’s a very easy process, and we’re going to show you how to
do that now. Okay, the first step here is to remove the
two retaining screws in the side of the box. And then you remove the light,
and sometimes they get a little stuck. You might have to give them just a
little bit of a tug to get them to come loose. Okay. Now we’ve removed the stock light. The
next step of the process is to get underneath the truck to the electrical
connector block and unplug the stock harness. We’re underneath the vehicle now, and we have
currently unplugged the harness for the left side tail light assembly.
The next thing is to unplug the wire loom clips that hold the harness
in place. Once you’ve got the grommet unplugged from
the box, then you just fish the wiring harness out of the body. Now when you
unplug this from the electrical connector box, there is a clip
here that you just push down, and you can slightly wiggle it back
and forth as you pull out and this
come right loose.

11 thoughts on “How to Install Recon LED Tail Lights

  1. Recon lights are terrible.  I had a set of fender lights that all fell apart.  4 months out of warranty and Recon didn't care that their lights are poorly made. Booh

  2. Do they all come with wiring harness? I saw some recon tail light videos where it didn't show a harness with it?

  3. I have some I installed on my dads 09 chevy Silverado and every time you hit the breaks the reverse lights also come on. I am using the top and bottom pig tails right now but when I tried to switch the bottom pig tail for the middle one it also did not work. please help!!

  4. In this video what tail light that? is it the dark red or smoke? I have a 2010 GMC Denali black so i want that dark look just like in the video.


  5. I'm going to be getting these for my Chevy. I already have the Recon light bar that goes across the bottom of the tailgate. It works awesome!!! I see a lot of other brands on trucks and they don't come close to Recon.

  6. Thank you. I used your video to upgrade my 2003 Suburban Tail Lights. Although I had difficulty detaching my wiring harness.

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