How to Install Spyder LED Tail Lights

How to Install Spyder LED Tail Lights

Hey guys, John here with Today,
I want to show you how to install the Spyder LED tail lights on this 2012 Ram 1500. As you can see here, we’ve got our tail lights
out of the box, take a look at them. They come in this nice, black smoked color which
looks really awesome. They’ll look great on the truck. Very easy to install, everything
you need comes right here with the light, and it’s just a matter of plugging this thing
in guys. So let’s get these on the truck. We’re ready to take our tail lights out, it’s
a pretty simple process. All we need is a torx bit, remove these two screws right in
here, and then we’ll have to give it a little pull. I’ll show you how to do that here. Let’s
get these screws out. Then once we have that out, then we just need to unplug it. We’ve
got our factory tail light out, so we’re ready to put our new Spyder LED tail light in. So we have our new LED tail light. And what
we’re going to do then is we’re going to install our back-up light, which we took out of our
factory one. And that’s just a matter of finding the right spot to put it in here and give
it a little turn to lock it in. So we have our back-up light installed, then
what we’re going to do is we’re going to take our tail light bulb that came with our factory
light, and we’re going to remove the bulb. And then we’re going to plug this wire from
our new tail light into here, just like so. And then install it right back into this light,
give it a little turn, and then put this connector back on. And we’re ready to put this light
back in the truck. One thing we have to do before we put this
light back in here is we have to remove these old plugs, because the new light comes with
new plugs, and that’s just in case you break one off or something when you’re taking out
your old light. And so you don’t have to worry about that. But we’ve got to get these out
of here, so that we can put our new one in. And you can see how easy they just break right
off, not a big deal because we’re not planning on saving these anyway. And then we’ll take our new light and line it
up here, line those pegs up in those holes, give it a little pop, and we’re ready to put
our screws back in. And what I usually do guys is I’ll go ahead and start both of these,
just to make sure that I’ve got my holes lined up here where they need to go, and everything
is good to go before I tighten them up. Okay, there you go. Now the other side installs
just like this side, so we’re going to jump over there, get it done, and then we’ll show
you how awesome these tail lights look in the back of this truck. Okay, there you go guys. That’s how quick,
simple, and easy it is to install these Spyder LED tail lights onto your truck. So let’s
take a look at them and see how they look. And remember, until next time, happy motoring.

17 thoughts on “How to Install Spyder LED Tail Lights

  1. I've a small question plz. What if those red / break LED lights burned out after while! How can we replace them? Or we must replace the whole back light ?

  2. Hello, I have a 2013 Ram 2500 4×4 Diesel in which I replaced the headlights and taillights with Spyder ones model 5010032 and 5017543. My truck came with the stock halogen/incandescent lights installed. But now I'm getting a Parking Light Out warning and my DRL will come on. But all my lights function and when I turn the switch to either Parking or Full headlights everything works. Checked every light and they all work, seems that on 2013+ Rams you need to add a resistor kit to the parking light wires which are NOT included and which Spyder does not tell you that you need. These lights only have resistors for the turn signal not the parking lights.

  3. Hi, my running lights are not working. I have the Spyder Yukon ALT YD model . The black to black wires were checked and all correct but they are not on. Brake lights are working, reverse lights are working, but the lights that are supposedly on at night when you turn on the headlights are not working. I have a DENALI 06 and any help will be appreciated. Everything was working before I installed the new Spyder Lights. Any suggestions,fuses all seem to be working via drivers side area between the dash and door, also the fuses under the hood. HELP!!!

  4. I noticed that when the tail lamps are on, then it triggers my back up camera and it flashes on and off speridacially onto the incar media screen. When I turn the tail lamps off, no issues. Is this a defective set? Or is this a known issue that when I turn on my headlights and there’s power to the tail lamps, then it makes my back up camera come on and off randomly. As soon as I turn my headlights off and there’s no power to the tail lamps then the issue stops. It’s super annoying driving at night with the tail lamp on and my media screen flashing on and off with the backup camera view.

  5. Can you test it out before you put it on fully? Because I tried doing that and my led lights for my brakes won't turn on. I have a dodge Ram 3500 1998. Could you help doing a tutorial on and older truck?

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