Hey whats up guys? It’s J. I am J. And I am here today to give you some lighting tips ( TV noise ) Today I wanna show you some concepts that I used to light this scene Right now as you can see, this scene is completely
over-exposed grainy and it doesn’t look cinematic this is what happen when you use available light Don’t blame the camera, its all about the lighting but I’m gonna show you some techniques that will improve your footage The first technique is to eliminate the white walls or plain walls weather its covering the walls with a lamp or pictures just try your best to eliminate the white walls In this scene I used a lamp which also sets the mood of the scene and adds detail to the background which lead us to number 2 when you light a background, you light it to create interest not to attract attention you don’t want the background to be so lit like it was an over lit scene the last technique is… Always put your Key light on the opposite side of the camera if you put the light from the same direction as the camera your picture will look flat with no depth no dimension and no texture and not cinematic at all So this is how I lit this scene and if you use this 3 techniques I’ll guarantee YOU that your footage will be taken to a different level to summarise… Avoid the white walls or the plain walls Light the background to create interest and not to attract attention and when you’re lighting a subject, make sure the light is on the opposite side of the camera Thanks for watching my videos Don’t forget to hit the SUBSCRIBE button down here if you like what you’ve just seen, feel free to SHARE it as “Arnie” says I’ll be back in two weeks Take it easy guys have a nice one Bye!

35 thoughts on “HOW TO LIGHT A NIGHT SCENE (interior)

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  2. Great stuff! I love being that close to your face! 😛

    Really looking forward to this series and it's got a refreshing feel it, compaired to other videos like it.

  3. Hm… Porque é que o título do video está em Português se falas em inglês? Ou fazes uma coisa ou outra xD
    Se te estás a focar num público internacional convém fazer TUDO em inglês (incluindo descrição) e sinceramente acho que tens a qualidade para atingir esse nível.

    Other than that, great video, awesome tips!
    Gostei da intro (it's J, J, J, J) ; acho que conseguias arranjar uma cena mais memorável para o final, em vez de "…have a nice one" 😛
    Looking forward to the next one, great work!

  4. Hey J. Thanks for subscribing. Per your request I have subscribed back. Maybe we can join forces one day for an ep haha.

  5. Hello Can you explain what you meant by placing the light on opposite side of the camera? Its better if you a send a sketch of the scene you light up here in your video that would be more understandable. You can send it to "[email protected]" pls
    Thanx in advance

  6. damian lobato
    46 minutes ago
    great tips, thank you for sharing. I tried this light set up, but It turned out grainy on the shaded side of the face, the lit side seemed well exposed. Any tips on this?

  7. You literally just copied this video: Even what the guy says.

  8. Hey, great video! Am wondering what color temperature was your camera balanced to and what color temperature did you use to create the TV effect. Which Gel did you use? Thanks !

  9. So, pull the practical light away from the wall, expose for the practical/existing light source in the scene, and then add additional light to create the TV effect.

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