How to Make a Bed – Home Staging

How to Make a Bed – Home Staging

Hi I’m Karen Otto with Home Star Staging and
today I’m going to show you how to make your bed. When selling your home
you want to make sure your master bed looks like it’s stepped off the
pages of a magazine. The first thing we want to do is place the
comforter evenly on the bed. The next step is to place the euro shams in front
of the headboard. Make sure they’re evenly spaced. Next you want to place
the decorative shams in front of your euro shams, and don’t forget to follow
up with a complementary decorative pillow. Once you remove the bedding, don’t expect
it to look like the photo on the packaging. You’re going to have to do some
work. In order to remove the wrinkles you’ll either need a steamer, or
your iron on the steam setting. Just so you know this is going to take some
time. As we know, beauty takes work.

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  1. Really nicely done Karen Otto! I'll be sharing this all over the place. Thanks for the great tutorial.

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