How to Make a Dog Bed from Old Furniture

How to Make a Dog Bed from Old Furniture

Hey guys! Chelsea here with Project DIY So, I’ve had this old piece of furniture sitting in my garage for quite some time now Instead
of having the trash man come by here on Tuesday and haul it away forever I thought, what better than to turn this old furniture into a lovely, new, spacious,
cozy area for your dog and also have it look great in your home at the same time My dog’s gonna love it Your dog’s gonna love it Everybody’s gonna love it It’s gonna be really fun, great, exciting project to get a hold of. Let’s get started! Here’s the materials you are gonna need Hey guys, here is a quick tip. If you’re not sure if you sanded enough do the pencil test and simply draw a line remove as needed, and as soon as it’s
gone you know you’re done I’m so happy we didn’t throw away this old dresser Refurbishing furniture can be super easy It can be super fun and look what it can turn into. I love it I know Paco loves it. I think your dog’s gonna love it too. Like what you saw and you want to see more? Please follow me on social media so we can share with all your friends Also, if you have any questions or comments, please drop me
a line so we can collaborate on ideas Bye! See you next time!

28 thoughts on “How to Make a Dog Bed from Old Furniture

  1. i could do this for my pitbull or dalmatian and put a coffee table upside down and put a pillow for my 2 other dogs

  2. I love chubby dogs 😂 mine are not… because they eat like birds… I miss my chubby 🐕🐶🐕🐶🐕🐶🐕

  3. People like this woman are so inspiring! Being able to turn boring old furniture into something new and beautiful takes so much creativity and talent.

  4. My little baby is a 2 yr old Prapso shih tzu. He is 5 lbs and really tiny. WE DO FEED HIM! DONT WORRY! And this is perfect for him!!! I also have 3 cats so this could be his little own space!!! Tysm!!!

  5. She made it a little complicated. Cut out the inside, sand it down, add curtains and bed. Honestly that would have made it easier.

  6. Love this……great color, too. My son made bunk beds for their two. They use the bunk beds as leverage to climb up on 'mom and dad's' bed….LOL. He did a great job, though.

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