How to Make a Homemade Gun (Full Length)

How to Make a Homemade Gun (Full Length)

Right now we’re driving to Pico boulevard where he shot his father, his brother, burned up his house and then was going to shoot the 2 women when I drove between them. Then he shot me, 5 times. *Music Playing* In 2013 Vices technology channel Motherboard reported on the phenomenon of 3D printed guns. Since then these guns which are made entirely of plastic have been outlawed. In order to make guns at home people are reverting back to an old school technique requiring only basic machining skills and your standard drill press. We have to tell Congress it’s time to require a background check for anyone that wants to buy a gun so that people who are dangerous to themselves and others cannot get their hands on a gun. Lets make that happen. *cheering* A recent study shows that the United States has more guns and more gun deaths than any other developed country in the world. In fact; 32 Americans die gun related deaths every day. While California has some of the toughest gun restrictions in the country there is a loophole that people are using to get around the law. According to the gun control act of 1968 it’s perfectly legal for anyone, except for convicted felons, to make guns in the comfort of their own home The thing is, these guns don’t have serial numbers and in the eyes of the government they don’t exist. So, can you tell us your name and where we are right now? I’m Dan and you’re at my machine shop in La Habra. I’m a machinist and I’ve been one for 20 years. C – What kind of stuff do you make here? D – Here we primarily make automotive components. C – And on your own time what kind of stuff do you make? D – I make guns on my own time. C – Nice. D – I made 2 AR’s, done on something like this where you have your work piece clamped to the table and I program the language to tell it where to cut. Then the tool comes down and the tool spins C – Can we take a look at your gun? D – Ya. C – Cool. What do you like best about making your own guns? D – The best part is taking a chunk of metal and making something out of nothing. You know, for me it’s not about the serial number. I swear some guys think the governments going to come and seize all the guns and use sale records to find them. I don’t think it is possible. I just wanted to make one because I could and it’s not illegal, so I did. C – We’re here at Echo Park and we’re going to talk to Senator Kevin de León who is sort of a lone voice in trying to enact some law that will regulate these guns. In 2014 California State Senator Kevin de León attempted several times to pass a bill that would seal the loophole K – To be legal under SB808, the measure that I will be introducing tomorrow in the Senate public safety committee. Ghost guns will have to be registered with the Department of Justice. There will be a serial number and a gun owner background check. The question is should individuals have the right to assemble assault weapons with no traceable number that’s not registered with the Department of Justice? Therefore law enforcement has no clue that the assault weapon exists. Individuals are assembling these high powered assault weapons, “ghost guns”, and they’re selling them to drug cartels south of the border, they’re selling them to gang members. We’ve got folks in the black market who are making a killing, no pun intended, with regards to the manufacturing of these ghost guns. This is called the lower receiver. The engine, the heart to those guns specifically is this piece of metal. [Ominous Music] C – We’re heading down to Oceanside, California. We’re going to Dimitri Karras who is the owner and operator of Ares Armor. Which is one of the biggest companies in the country selling the parts you need to make an unserialized, unregistered AR-15. Since opening shop in 2010 Dimitri Karras has been one of the most outspoken opponents of Senator de León’s policies D – Annnnnd he goes down. *laughs* C – Dimitri, can you show us some of the stuff you’ve got going on here in the case?
D – Ya, absolutely. So right here you’re going to see some of the different 80% lowers that we have available for the AR series platform. C – This is like what you’re known for? D – Absolutely ya, this is kind of our main product that has really kind of propelled the company over the last couple of years. It’s an 80% AR-15 lower receiver. C – Also known as an unfinished receiver? D – Yes.
C – Same thing?
D – Ya, ya same thing. C – Cool
D – The 80% phrase is actually just an industry term and it’s more of a marketing word, it doesn’t actually mean anything. It just means that it’s not a firearm. To give you a visual, on this actually over here is still in the 80% stage but to give a visual on where that would fit in, that’s the lower receiver, the upper receiver and then your bolt carrier group is going to be that moving piece right there. C – And so we’re talking about that right there, right? D – Yup, that’s it. So we have been building 80% lowers between me and some of my friends personally and privately. We decided to take that mainstream and try and push that out so as many other people as possibly could, could participate in a process like that. C – People can come in and buy all the parts they need and they can take them home and if they have manufacturing skills they can go home and make a gun? D – Absolutely. As you can see this is a complete block right there. You’re not going to be able to install any of the components necessary to turn this into a firearm. Umm your trigger would come out right there, your hammer is going to be inside of here. All the inner workings of your weapon are going to be in here. C – And so that is completely solid right now? All the way through? D – Completely solid all the way through. C – So you essentially have to mill out that whole thing and put the guts in? D – Drill holes through the side and then you have to drill a hole underneath there as well. C – So you’re sort of on the verge of manufacturing guns D – We’re not on the verge, it’s a very black and white and we’re very much in the white side of it. That if they had any piece of evidence or if there is any shred of… if we were doing anything illegal, trust me I would be in jail right now. I’m not their favourite person. C – Dimitri may not explicitly be breaking the law but with an arsenal of ads like this one… it’s safe to say he is walking a fine line. There are hundreds of thousands of these things out there right now and they will not be able to track them. They will not be able to find them and they exist inside of our society right now and I’m actually very proud of that. C – Do you feel like you’re making, uh, the country a better place for everyone else? D – Absolutely. An armed society is a civil society and every single time an 80% lower goes out there into the public and gets made into a personal firearm that is one less thing that the government knows about and that is one more situation that if they do try and exert too much control over the public that is something they cannot stop. I want to live in a world where a gay married couple can defend their marijuana pot farm with firearms that are fully automatic. That’s the world I want to live in. C – Are you ever worried that one of the guns made from a part that you’ve sold could fall into the hands of a psychopath…
D – A psychopath?
C – … doing something crazy? D – When somebody is carrying a gun, they have the ability to go on a shooting spree, yes. If somebody else is carrying a gun, they have the ability to stop them. But I can tell you somebody who is thinking of doing it is going to look for a target where everyone is unarmed. Let’s talk about why these shooting keep happening on school campuses. Essentially we have put them there and said you guys are fish in a barrel here and everybody knows that they are fish in a barrel. It’s like putting a big flag up on the top of your house that says “I am unarmed, you know, please come in whenever you want. Rob, rape, kill and pillage.” In an ideal world that you are protected not only for your own good but for the good of the people that are around you. Because if you can protect yourself then you can protect others. C – In Dimitri’s ideal world everybody has got guns and everybody is safe. But if you take a look at the national stats, states with the most guns per person and the loosest laws actually have the highest rates of gun related deaths. Regardless, the fact remains. If you want to get a gun and if you can’t pass a background check, you can technically make your own. And where the law stands now, no one will know about it. Which is exactly what happened in the case of John Zawahri. On June 7th 2013, John Zawahri shot and killed 5 people in the area around Santa Monica college. He used an AR-15 that he made at home using parts he bought online. Debra Fine was one of the many victims who came face to face with Zawahri on the day of the shooting. So Debra, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us Can you tell us what happened that morning? D – I was shot on, first he shot me in the left shoulder and that threw me over to the side and then I was shot through the other shoulder and then I had a bullet go sideways in my chest and one took off about half of my right ear. Right now we’re driving to “Pico boulevard” where… he shot his father, his brother, burned up his house and then was going to shoot the 2 women when I drove between them. Then he shot me 5 times. I pulled up… … to the stop sign… … and on my left hand side… on the curb I saw a man with a kevlar vest and… he had um, a semi-automatic rifle and then he just stared into my eyes and he was only about 10 feet in front of my car then and so I just you know put on my accelerator really fast and then he started shooting and I was shot in the left arm and I was thrown over to the other side of the car. And he kept walking across and shooting. C – So this is the tree you crashed into? D – So… This feels so strange being here and it’s really… … It’s really hard, um… C – Well, take your time D – Okay. So my car crashed into that tree… …right there and I was just laying there and he got into the womans car and he had her drive out that way and towards Santa Monica college. We received information at the same time of a possible carjacking that may have been related to the shots fired call. Uh, and we also were receiving incoming calls regarding a series of random shootings possibly involving an automatic firearm of some type. The suspect headed toward the library and shot a woman on the campus just before entering the library, accosted a number of patrons inside the library and attempted to shoot at them. D – The police were able to catch him right after he got onto campus so he still killed 5 people. But he could have killed dozens more If I hadn’t been shot here… C – With technology advancing and access to guns becoming easier and easier, the future is bleak for people like Debra Fine, who think that fewer guns would mean less violence. There are highly charged opinions on every side of the gun control debate that keeps raging on in America. But the fact is, with the DIY gun loophole in place there are going to be people like Dimitri Karras, who are more than happy to sidestep the entire conversation. [Rock Music Outro]

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  1. It's a lot more work than drilling a few holes though, you have mill out that whole section to make room for the trigger group. and even if they make it illegal to manufacture a gun, if someone has the right tools and enough know how, then they can just do it. this prenotion that a criminal is going to ask permission is dumb.

    there are designs on how to build your own rifling machine, and plenty of non-gun related blacksmith videos on making springs.

    we ban guns and then what, start flagging people who are buying a mill?

    but please do show how easy it is to just drill a few holes and finish that lower for me, don't go look it up buy that damn lower and a drill and go do it. I bet you don't even know what a disconnector is, hell I'd be damn impressed if you can figure out how the hammer spring goes in.

  2. The last time a "good guy with a gun" tried to stop a school shooting, the police response team thought he was the shooter and shot him dead, leave being a hero to the professionals.

  3. I Hate This Fucking World
    What Is Matter? It Is Making An Impression So Your Future Relatives Can Look Back At Your Past And Say That They Want To Do The Same Thing As You Did

  4. I mean yeah you could build a ghost gun but I’m pretty sure it’s easier to buy a legal gun and scratch off the serial number.

  5. That guys an idiot, nobody is going to buy a handmade gun from america when they make them for pennies on the dollar in mexico and other third world countries. They have full documentaries about how they smuggle them into the us to sell lmao.

  6. Why didn't Vice show the rest of De Leon's speech where he stuttered and called the parts of the "ghost gun" by the wrong names?

  7. Most gun deaths are suicide!! This is America bitch. If you don't like freedom go live in any other shit country! Land of the free home of the brave! Not land of the cowards!!! Will never relinquish our arms ever!!!!

  8. the purpose of the 2nd amendment is to make sure we can protect ourselves frm a tyrannical government.

  9. the stat he mentioned is accurate about loose laws on guns leading to more gun deaths.
    but i also have a stat that says the areas with less guns have more violent crime across the board.
    in other words, taking away firearms decreases gun crime but increases all other crime.
    im not pro or anti gun, but i dont like it when people ignore this very significant fact.

  10. Ah you people are worried about Killing Children Supposedly with Guns and want to make them illegal and you want to keep Abortion legal!! Government Assholes need to get there priorities straight!!Abortion it what is Murder of our children!

  11. Bullet hit in the left shoulder (shot 1)
    Bullet hit in the right shoulder (shot 2)
    Bullet went sideways through the chest (Shot 3)
    Bullet hit ear (shot 4)

    This is the worst anti gun propaganda I've ever seen.

    Shot four times and still not dead. I'm from Africa. Would you like to know how many stabs with a knife it takes to kill you? Would you like to know what a machete against human limbs does?

    In 1885 the first semi auto was successfully designed.

    Before the firearm existed man and governments have successfully been killing each other off by the millions for the past 4000 years of recorded human history. And you think by banning a firearm your going to suddenly divert the course of human history or make man moral with a new law? If so there are one of two reasons that's suggested. Either you are monumentally disillusioned or you think I am monumentally stupid.

    Guns hurt but your chance of survival is high. Bladed weapons are nearly always fatal. That doesn't count everything else that can be used as a weapon by a nutty or violent person. I currently know the wife of a relative who killed her husband by bashing his head in with a bottle.

    And last but not least this was not a video on "How to Make a Homemade Gun" so you click baited as well so you had to lie to get people here for your propaganda. If I want to rinse and repeat Stalin and Mao I'll get back with you but until then peddle your wears to the disillusioned and easily duped.

  12. Wow people died by guns and yet this channel is saying that it supports soldiers and people like that WHICH USE GUNS FOR GODS SAKE!!!! PEOPLE DIE GOSH YOU PEOPLE ARE ALL THE SAME NOBODY DIES TO YOU HECK PEOPLE SAID MEDICINE WAS POISON IN DISGUISE LOOK WHERE THAT ENDED F#[email protected] GROW UP PEOPLE ARE NOT IMMORTAL!!

  13. What a pussy going to the senator trying to stop our rights. When a civil war happens that soy-boy is going to call his mom for his blanket.

  14. I cannot for my life understand the fixation with gun related deaths and gun violence… death is death murder is murder, homicide is homicide and violence is violence. The tool used doesn't really matter. It is no better to be stabbed, strangled or bludgeoned than shot.

    AFAIK there are no statistics supporting that more guns in the hands of law abiding citizens lead to more violence when including all kinds of violence.

  15. Everybody thinks the majority of people who get shot are shot with a rifle but the majority are by handguns

  16. That man at around 4:20 said "No pun intended" With the least emotion and the most dead expression i have ever seen.

  17. @VICE
    I absolutely loathe the fact that you were disingenuous with the clip showing "senator" Kevin De Leon. You had selected a short snippet of the man berating the idea of homemade firearms, but you removed the more important parts which reveal his understanding (or lack thereof) of the item in question. My question is, what is the relevance of law enforcement knowing of the existence of a firearm?
    Also, using Obama as a figurehead was probably not the smartest choice either, as he spoke of "needing background checks to buy guns", sorry to burst that bubble, but there are background checks, look into form 4473 – It is literally a form requesting all of your information to make a legal purchase of a firearm, that information is run through NICS.
    Another thing that grinds my gears, protesting guns rights activists. Instead of protesting the entity that has upheld the rights of citizens to bear arms, why not protest murder? Or crime? You folks stupidly choose to protest LAW ABIDING CITIZENS that have NOT committed crimes, have NOT broken laws and HAVE relied upon tools to defend themselves from criminals, because when seconds count, law enforcement is just minutes away.
    This idea that homemade firearms are bad is outrageous to say the least. You think stamping a number on the firearm will somehow magically instantaneously deliver results in the investigation of a crime? What if a Molotov Cocktail was used in the commission of a crime? Or a rope/chain/rudimentary homemade blunt force devices? Should we start stamping serial numbers on those too? You have alot of requests, but not alot of answers to these kinds of questions.
    Another point here, "ghost guns" these super scary somehow more dangerous than regular guns, are NOT assault weapons, adding "assault" to a rifle is like adding "assault" to a night stick, the tools serves its owners/operators purpose, whether it's a home manufactured rifle, a Truck (of peace), a peanutbutter sandwich served to a person with peanut allergies… I think you get the point, if not, you're probably not ready to have this debate.
    This notion that Americans are building guns, selling them to cartels and gang members etc… is ABSOLUTELY asinine. Mexican cartel members are 1)Capable of operating a drill press on their own. 2)Are not bothered operating drill presses when there are things like operations like Wide Receiver and Fast and Furious happening, in which the US government is literally THROWING arms and ammunition at cartels, but then will turn around and tell its citizens "We can't trust you with these tools."
    Moving onto "receivers being the heart of the gun", that is an absolute fallacy, just because it will house internals, does not make it a necessary component to construct a firearm. From pen-guns to the coveted wellrod of WWII, people have been making guns out of almost EVERYTHING. Your focus on this 1 part that "must be registered" is misguided. I'd actually have more luck with 2 varying sized pieces of pipe with a welded nail making up a slam gun than I would having an unfinished receiver in my possession if it came down to manufacturing a truly "ghost" gun.
    Now the guy who owns ARES ARMS made a point that "They would never be able to track them", to which I say "How would they track ANY inanimate object? I'm not raging on the guy, he's done fine work and I believe he continues to do so. What I'm saying is that regardless of whether the receiver has a serial number, no serial number or a serial number that has been defaced (VERY ILLEGAL, DO NOT DO THIS), you STILL wouldn't be able to track a weapon that has been cached, and on the off chance you do somehow manage to "discover" this item, you'll have a hell of a time proving anything, chain of evidence only carries so much weight.
    So, you believe that the US, being a developed nation has the highest gun related crime AND the states with the loosest gun laws and the most guns have the highest rates of firearms related deaths? I'd suggest you reevaluate your numbers, as they are skewed, the highest rates of violent crimes/assaults/murders occur in states with stricter firearms regulation, the numbers/statistics you're using are in relation to several factors such as suicide and accidental deaths. Another thing to factor is the financial situation/poverty levels of these areas in which the crime is initiated. Oh, and the reason the US has inflated numbers in terms of gun related violence as opposed to OTHER developed nations, is because 1)The US has territories outside of the main land that tie into the statistics (IE, Virgin Islands [for example] with 21.3 deaths per 100K as opposed to mainland which is a much lower 10.6, and that is INCLUDING ALL gun related issues, not just murder, but other factors like accidental death/dismemberment and suicide.)

    In regards to Debra Fine(sp?) and her situation. It was unfortunate that someone with a mental stability issue had obtained a firearm, and used it against her. However, that is just testament to how limiting some gun regulations are. What if she had had a firearm? What if any of the other victims were armed? Would the issue have been resolved in a more quick manner? Probably.

    Parting message. You are naive to think the government will be there for you at all hours of the day, every day of the week. You may not think it necessary to be armed, that is your prerogative. Mine is to stay alive and insure those around me are protected to the best of my ability. That is all.

  18. This video is complete bull shit. We didn’t click on your gun tutorial to hear your one sided bull shit.

  19. FAKE FUCKING NEWS!! CHICAGO has the strictest gun laws n EVERY FUCKING CRIMINAL has one!!! Arm up AMERICANS!! I'm building 2 ar15s right now!! FUCK GUN CONTROL

  20. I was about to enjoy this documentary for not being polotically biased, I was dissapointed around halfway through the video, keep being liberal hacks, VICE 👌

  21. Less than 400 deaths a year with the AR-15 yeah that means hammers kill more people than the AR-15 each year.

    Also AR does not stand for Assault Rifle you fucking idiots it stands for Armalite Rifle the company that made the gun as a matter of fact the AR-15 and AK-47 are not assault rifles at all. Every time i see an anti gun nut posting bullshit it is always something they have no idea about and it shows in their lack of knowledge, and using terms that do not apply or saying something that is so off the wall stupid it boggles the mind.

  22. Here in australia we the people live life as victims of government corruption and live in fear of our private corporations know as the police force because we are not free to bare arms or defend our life liberty or property. Up ya ass vice your a bunch of fruit cakes with no sense of reality because you live your life in a fictional way like only the privileged are allowed.

  23. It said in the beginning that America has some of the most gun-related deaths, 36 per day out of developed countries. This isn’t per capita and America is a big country. Also an even bigger slight of hand with that statistic is that they are GUN-RELATED deaths, not gun-homecides. 28-29 of those 36 deaths are suicides. With more guns, more people choose guns over rope or other methods when committing suicide. But having more guns doesn’t make America have a ton more gun homecides. This video uses a lot of slight of hand like this which can fool viewers who aren’t exactly analyzing the information.

  24. we used to make little guns from bicycle spokes and scrape off the matches put the match dust inside the small metal tube in spoke then load a small pebble in it and put a lighter under it and it shoots like a small gun, it isn't that hard , they made guns before the industrial age started so we can do it with out modern things you find at a hardware store, sure the guns may be dangerous to the user just like they were in the 1600's

  25. Antigunner ALWAYS all up in their feelings. The second amendment is there for a greater purpose. Stop making it about a woman's feelings

  26. Seen a dude build an ak from a shovel. Wonder when I will need to start getting a background check for shovels, paperweights, and blocks of aluminum.

  27. Kevin de lione is a traitor he is a TRESSPASSER of his office.

    The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

    All weapons laws are illegal they are null and void.
    No American citizen is bound to abide by them.

  28. 35 gun deaths. Most of them a justified shootings be clear with your stats. Don’t make them sound like all of them are innocent people being shot. There’s a difference between someone shooting s innocent person and me shooting some jackass that breaks into my house at 3am

  29. Criminals will always get the hand of a fire arm to commit a crime, ether they make it robe it or buy it, arm control would'n affect them in any way, but the law abiding citizen who can't defend themselves.

  30. That statement you made at the time line 9:07–9:18 Is absolutely 100% a lie. You said that the states with the weakest gun control laws have the highest gun related death. Actually the exact opposite is true. If you are going to make a video and put it out for the public to see, at least have the decency to get your information correct before you publish it.

  31. Hey VICE,
    How about you do a spot on Operation "Fast and Furious"? Your precious Obama put over 2,000 guns into the hands of the Cartel and to this day, the ATF has only found and retrieved I believe less then 500 of those weapons. Obama knowingly gave those weapons to the cartels. What's his excuse you might ask? He wanted to see what gun dealers were selling them illegally… So he don't you report some real news and quit being so biased and far left. But after all I'm sure somehow, someway this is Trumps fault…. FAKE NEWS! MAGA!

  32. Bath house Barry is the one who sold guns to the cartels De Leon is a fcking piece of shit liberal communist and can suck My dck

  33. The only people who will register for a weapon . Will be law abiding citizens or do you think felons will register for a assault rifle ? Also am I wrong in thinking that the law enforcement takes it personal when you have an assault rifle . Most of the stories I hear seem to me like law enforcement acts like how dare you little moron think we will let you have this weapon . At no time does it feel like law enforcement is apologetic . I haven’t heard law enforcement say sir or ma’am am sorry for taking this from you or arresting you . It’s my job to do so even thou I don’t agree with it . It’s always yeah the citizens don’t need that . That’s what we are here for . Don’t take the law into your own hands or will use the full weight of the law against you even more so than we would a criminal . Ok so then if the government doesn’t want the citizens to own an assault rifle ok then law enforcement shouldn’t either . They want the citizens to be afraid then law enforcement should be the same .

  34. Funny how law enforcement can carry assault rifles now instead of how it used to be . But what could have ever taught them to require an assault rifle ? I mean there has never been a situation where a criminal had an assault rifle and the law enforcement only had a side arm nope never ever . Oh yes that little scuffle in Los Angeles bank argument . Tell me what would have happened if the officers that day where told nope sorry you can’t get an assault rifle only semi auto shotguns or handguns .


  36. First, it isn’t a loophole. It is a right.
    Second, it isn’t an “assault rifle”, by treaty (international law) an assault weapon must fire on fully automatic or burst mode.
    Third, “shall not be infringed” is not a suggestion, it is a directive that tells the government “this far and not one inch more.”
    Fourth, no one has ever found a single “ghost gun” sold across international borders.
    Fifth, you lied. Constitutional carry states have the lowest criminal violence rates and specifically homicide rates in the nation.
    Sixth, the case of the individual you use as your dangerous use of “ghost gun” is a lie. He purchased the gun as a unit illegally, because he lied on the BATF form.

  37. i would just like to see the stats for stabbings and attacks with blunt items etc in the places with less guns compared to the places that have more and loser laws would be interesting to see

  38. I hate the fact that a documentary about this has an anti-gun sentiment. It just turns it into straight fucking propaganda.

  39. having a gun is totally wrong and donald trump and obama are wrong about letting their people have guns because that makes the country too dangerous

  40. 1AR vs 5 unarmed…

    Shit checks out…

    If those 5 were armed, tell me now how was unadvantage?

    A gun gives power for those who have none, but if everyone has a weapon, everyone becomes on equal footing…

    Look at us Sweds, we had a manic in a DarthVader mask slashing people with a bigass knife, now tell what would happend if that whole class had bigass knives…

    Just saying…

    Also, if you are uncertain for your family and gun accidents do happen, you could always unload your weapon by having the magasin pulled out, and the bullet that were in the loop, put back in the mag…

    Sadly, we are like shooting fish in a barrel…


  41. I don’t even own a gun, yet I can clearly see how full of BS this video is in terms of the message it’s trying to present to the viewers.

  42. This is so not true…Not only are most gun deaths suicides, but we in no way lead gun deaths throughout the world. It's so disrespectful to people who live in these conditions to imply that (somehow) our living conditions even compare with theirs!

  43. how brazil with gun control is more dangerous than before gun control with 70.000 murderer a year (criminals dont buy legal guns)

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