How To Make A Moodboard | Productivity + Organization!

How To Make A Moodboard | Productivity + Organization!

Today we’re gonna do something a little
different but just as crafty and fun as always and I’m gonna be showing you guys
how I made this inspiration board or mood board behind me so let’s get
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R now let’s get to today’s video Hi guys I’m Shayda and on this channel I make art
tutorial like hand lettering BuJo and watercolor so if you’re into that
consider subscribing if you haven’t already and for those of you that don’t
know Chris and I just recently moved to Charlottetown Prince Edward Island
permanently and so we’re still getting settled in our new apartment and part of
getting settled for me of course was building a beautiful studio space that’s
very functional but also is very beautiful not just for my sake but just
so that looks cool on camera too and so one of the projects that I took on was
this inspiration board and it’s really fun to build but then it also really
helps the artistic process and the creative process I think so I’m excited
to show you guys this but before we get into it let me just say a few words well
I mean being creative every day is a challenge and even though you’re an
artistic person and you have a good eye sometimes it’s really difficult even
though you’ve got that good taste to know exactly what color palette to
choose for a landing page or a social graphic but a mood board can really help
that when I hold this postcard I got this in Iceland but I didn’t bring it
home to remember the trip I brought it home because I love the color palette I
love the soft pink and the dark cool blue green and I can draw on that picture
when I want to create a color palette for say a social landing page or some
webpage that I’m building some project that I need to work on so I can pull up
the black the white the warm brown the cool blue that soft baby pink and all of
a sudden boom I’ve got a color palette and Adobe products now something like
Photoshop can actually if you scan that photo in you can use your eyedropper and
grab all those colors so it’s pretty cool but even without that it can
inspire you the artist towards the right colors for the project that you’re
working on okay let’s get started let’s stop talking and I’m gonna show you guys
how I built this thing so the supplies for this craft are fairly simple you’re
gonna need those pieces of foam board that you can get at the dollar store or
craft store I used for them but you can use as many as you like to make yours
the size you need and then you’ll need duct tape and scissors and some nice
fabric and IKEA actually sells linen now and I love the look of linen on this
board and you might want an iron for the fabric and then of course you’ll need
some pins and maybe washi tape to decorate your board so if you’re like me
and you’re using four pieces of foam board you’re gonna start by taping two
of them together get them nice and straight then you’re gonna tape the next
two together and then you’re gonna take those two large pieces and tape
everything together and that’ll help you create create a nice straight giant
board cool now once you’ve got the board put together you’re gonna want to grab
your fabric and give it a good iron especially if it’s something like cotton
or linen that probably has a ton of creases in it and then you’re going to
cut it to size which is just slightly larger give yourself six inches at least
on each side of the board and then you’re gonna tape it down and you’re
gonna pull as hard as you can and tape it down to the back of that board and
then for the corners just try your best to fold them in
nice and flat just do a simple fold and then you’re gonna tape those down while
pulling hard as usual so you just want to make sure the fabric is nice and taut
that’s the main thing and I did that by going around from side to side so I’d
start on one side tape a bit down go to the next side tape a bit more down and
so on okay now for the real test do we pull hard enough on the sides and tape
it we’ll know if we have a nice smooth forward without a lot of creases or
bumps so let’s take a look oh wow that looks really good yeah that worked out
just perfectly I’m super happy with that I love the color that it brings to the
room it’s nice and neutral and it’s really warm grey and so now I’m just
gonna take a couple finishing nails tack them up in the corners so that it’s
flush on the wall and then I’m ready to decorate so yeah I was able to put mine
up with just basically a finishing nail in each corner so not a big deal at all
and not a lot of damage to the wall and then once that was done I started
decorating and I just put things that inspired me so some work from one of my
favorite artists some of my own projects from the channel some photographs and
different pieces that sort of inspire the color palette for the channel and
the blog and so it really is it becomes this mood board this inspiration board
that you can look at every day and draw a lot of inspiration from hopefully let
me know what you put on your mood board in the comments below thanks for
watching today guys and don’t forget in 2018 I’m releasing a lot of
supplementary material that goes along with the videos so last week we did a
boo Joe video and there was a planner printable to go along with it next week
I’ve got a hand lettering video for you and there will be a worksheet to go
along with that and to make sure that it’s really fair I’m releasing all of
the supplementary content on patreon for two bucks a month so that way you don’t
have to pay for each printable or each supplementary worksheet so check out my
patreon now for the February printable and lots more goodies thanks for
watching and I’ll see you next week you

9 thoughts on “How To Make A Moodboard | Productivity + Organization!

  1. I love how your crafts are always inexpensive but also stylish and modern. The upbeat soundtrack is nice for a more active video.

  2. I just decorated my home office and my husband brought me a cork board from his job site that looks identical to what you created. I always need a board in my office… they're so useful! Hope you settle soon!

  3. I'll be doing this soon- I love it and don't like my old cork cheapie I've been cramming with my sample art work! Thanks hun💕

  4. I love this idea, thank you for doing a video featuring this board. I’m definitely going to create one for my new office/art studio space. I love a new project!

  5. Good afternoon Shayda, I'd like to try this project, I just love it! When you measured for the material, you made sure you have a six inch border on each side, right? I'm going to ask someone to help me with the correct amount at the fabric counter at the local craft store. Do you think a print would be too distracting for this project?

  6. the last week I thought about building a moodboard. I want to go forward with my own drawing style, pin pictures of artist I love, good color combinations and beautiful pictures … all, to inspire my web. thank you for your inspiration, I will think about when I build up my own Board.

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