How To Make A Vertical Garden?

How To Make A Vertical Garden?

Shrinking spaces in the cities have led to the
increase in the popularity of vertical gardens. Can be kept indoors and outdoors, these gardens
not only purify the air in that area but also add to the aesthetic value of the place.
Now, I will show you elements required to pot a plant that goes in a vertical garden.
These are earthen pot chips. Then, these are bricks pieces, both of these
go inside a pot it helps to drain out excess water.
Then, this is a potting mix. Potting mix is made up of these three elements,
this is cocopeat, it improves the water retention and porosity of the soil.
Then, this is soil. It contains so many nutrients that it is helpful for plants to grow.
This is an organic manure, it supplies nutrients to plants while growing and it slowly releases
nutrients to plants. This is a bio-wall pot, we can pot a plant
in this container. These are the plants.
This is a panel. A panel is used to hang bio-wall pots, after
planting in them you will arrange them in any fashion.
Then selection of plants is also very important. You can make indoor gardens or outdoor gardens
that depends on your requirement. Now we will pot a plant to make a vertical
garden. First, we will take a bio-wall pot, then we
will put few pieces of earthen chips. Then we will put some bricks pieces as it will
help to drain out excess water. Then with the help of a shovel we will put
little bit of potting mix in that. Then we will take a plant and remove the pot
of the plant, we will remove the excess soil, then we will add potting mix to fit a plant
inside. Then press it gently. Remove any unwanted branches or dead leaves from the plant.
Now this pot is ready to be put on the panel. So, one by one we will complete the whole
procedure. Now, we are talking about the care and maintenance
required for vertical gardens. First is watering, we should irrigate or water
the plant on alternate days for indoor or semi-shade plants and water daily for outdoor
plants where full sunlight is coming. When you are watering the excess water should
be collected in a tray, so you have to place a tray underneath your vertical gardens.
Then while selecting a plant you can select semi-shade or indoor plant where direct sunlight
is not there and if you have got direct sunlight then you can put outdoor flowering plants
but no fruit plants. You should always remember that while you
are using a panel, it should be painted with powder coating because water is going to always
be in contact with the panel so it should not get rusted.
So that’s the care you have to take.

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  1. decorxp, can coca cola and Pepsi be used to combat pests by any chance ? Thank you for your beautiful garden, I made mine from coca cola bottles. 😉

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  5. Thanks for sharing it looks great and has given me some ideas now.
    I have a lot of old bricks and mesh I can repurpose to create something similar instead of it going to waste.
    I'm not sure about those pots they look great but would prefer to repurpose old containers I just need to find the right ones.

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  8. Greetings !
    This vedio is not only a wonderful idea , but also an extremely commendable tutorial too !
    I have a few queries , & , request you to address then .
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    Further , I want to buy these pots , so , would you be able to provide the same to me , please ?
    Thank you, & , Regards !


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