How to Make Floral Arrangements and GREAT Floral Design| DIY

How to Make Floral Arrangements and GREAT Floral Design| DIY

Before we get started arranging I’ve got
two tips I want to talk to you about. The first one is, the foam that you’re going
to use to place your flowers in . When you go to the craft store foam is all in the
same aisle. And it’s really easy to pick up the wrong foam. I’ve done that. You
want to get the foam that says “wet foam” not – it looks so similar to this one – but
this one is for silk flowers it will not hold water. I know that . So get the one
that’s the wet foam. You can arrange your flowers in a clear vase, but I chose this
white porcelain vase. I got it at the craft store for half off – for 12 bucks. Now, the
reason I chose this one is because it’s a low vase. And when you make a flower
arrangement – and if you especially if you’re going to make it for a dinner
party – you really don’t want that arrangement to be too high because then
guests can’t see each other. So I invested in this one for 12 bucks. I
can reuse it over and over now what I’m going to do is I’m going to place my wet
foam in there but I’m going to cut it so that when I put it in here I’m going to
shove it in really tight. And then I begin to make my flower arrangement.
Usually when I’m going to make an arrangement, I will buy my flowers the
day before I need to make my arrangement. And the reason is because because a lot
of times – Molly she loves to help – your flowers aren’t open all the way so
if they soak in water overnight they’ll open up a little more. But what I want
you to do is when you first get your flowers I want you to snip off the ends
of the flowers and then put them in the water. That way they can soak up the water
really well overnight. And look great the next day when you’re getting ready to
start the flower arrangement. so there you go. Okay I’ve got my foam it’s stuck
inside my white vase and now you’re ready – you need to add water before you
add your flowers. Your flowers come with this little flower food packet. Go ahead
and add it into the water I’ve done it already. And stir it up and then you’re
going to pour that in and it is amazing how this wet foam just soaks up the
water ! Okay, now my rule of thumb when making a
flower arrangement is I choose flowers and threes. And by that I mean I choose a
large flower, a medium flower, and a small flower. And many times the small flowers
are what I call fillers which is the eucalyptus, or in this case I pick some
things out of the yard. This is Nandina some hydrangea, we’re
going to use those as fillers also. So we’re going to start with the largest
flower. And the largest flower I chose are the red flowers . They’re going to be
these red tipped roses. Okay when you get your roses take all the
leaves off. You don’t want any leaves touching water especially if you’re
doing a clear vase . if you have leaves that are floating in the water, it will turn
the water green. So go ahead and trim your rose, and you want to trim it at — you
want to trim it at an angle. So it really soaks up the water. I trim all my flowers
first, and then I put them in a vase just to keep them fresh. So I’m going to start
with my Center flower and that is going to determine the height of the rest of
your arrangement. And I really don’t want it too high, remember because I want guests
to be able to see around it. I can hear Molly under me chewing the
leaves. There we go how pretty is that. Now you’re ready to add the white
flowers. Now let me show you something – sometimes when you get roses you’ll get
a bad leaf like that all you want to do I usually take scissors and I just kind
of cut it I’ll pull it down okay and I’ll just snip it. And then you don’t see
it. Now my white ones – my white roses they’re going to be a little lower than
the red ones because I want my red flowers to be dominant. I’m going to
place them in between each red one. See how pretty that is starting to look
already? Now I’m ready for my second size flower . This flower is called “Alstroemeria” one of my favorite flowers and I tell you why – they last longer than any other
flower and they’re relatively inexpensive! if I’m going to take one is
somebody who’s a flower arrangement someone who’s in the hospital or take it
to someone’s home many times I would just do a huge arrangement of this
flower because it will last forever. Now when you first get one – they have a
ton of leaves I just take my hand pull it all the way down. Really easy. So this
is going to be my medium sized flower and it’s going to start to be a filler
in here. That’s getting so pretty now. You may be
wondering why this is just pretty much red and white ? Well I am making this
arrangement for my father’s 90th birthday party! And he’s a World War II
vet! Love you dad! I don’t know why but adding the last smaller fillers is just
my favorite part . This is – there’s several type of eucalyptus. Well it’s a hard word to say. I love this one. It’s airy and light . I like babies breath
but I don’t always use it my flower arrangements because I just like to have
something a little bit different. So I stick this in more of the edges because
I would like the eucalyptus to kind of flow out and I’m going to start to create a
little bit of a softer feel in my arrangement. So let me go ahead and do
okay I’ve got all the eucalyptus in and not only is it starting to look
gorgeous – it smells divine ! And now I’m going to add the little Nandina sprigs
that I cut. They’re beautiful I love them! Look how pretty that’s starting to look. I
love it ! Alright let me finish this up. I added all the Nandina and I added just a
few little small hydrangeas that hadn’t really started to bloom yet. And I really
think this turned out pretty. So I hope dad likes it! I’m going to put a flag in
the middle and a little happy birthday sign . I hope you enjoyed that tutorial
Molly and I say thank you for watching. She’s a little upset she can’t go to the party. We are going to will talk about that later . Be sure to subscribe to my channel
and have a wonderful day! Thank you!

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  1. as a florist i kinda cringed when i saw you cut the rose petals with scissors lol you can just pluck them off to avoid any further bruising the scissor blades may make 🙂

  2. This is absolutely beautiful. I never realized that so many of the leaves are taken off just that you wanted to be careful about letting the leaves get in the water. They rot and make the arrangement go bad quickly

  3. How dare give you as bad advice to a public making you completely trust! ?
    Do not hold the idea that foam and drink without soak first in a sink filled with water. Let the float on the water at least 20 minutes. (The duration of the arrangement, s' suffer. And do not ésitez to add water in the cup of your arrangement. And to remove one or more petals, hold the pink button with your fingers, take the petal and roll between your fingers So the petal out easily importantly, does not use the scissors to try to cut the damaged petals.. because if you can not remove is black!
    Find me soon on my page ………. Yours

  4. The roses last longer if you cut them underwater. What I mean by this is that you hold the end of the stem underwater (in some sort of vessel) and cut it under the water. This keeps the pores (or I guess you could call them tubes as a better example for small children) that suck up water from closing up as fast as they would if you cut them how Jennifer did, and it makes the roses able to suck up more water and last longer. Remember to still cut them at an angle and be sure to strip the thorns off if this hasn't already been done before purchase!
    Also, hydrangeas do not do well in flower food, so maybe hydrangeas are not a great idea if you want a long lasting arrangement. However, if the arrangement if for an event (such as a wedding) feel free to put them in food if you do not mind them starting to wilt sooner than the rest of the flowers.

    Source: I work in a flower shop, and my grandmother owns a flower shop, so these are things I have picked up over the years of assisting my grandmother, and through my experiences at work.

  5. U look like a remarkable Princess in Great Britain. I was shocked when I first see your vid. 😉

  6. Thanks for that flowers arrangement,gave me some great ideal to give to my local police department for all who are fathers

  7. Shouldn't pour water on floral wet foam. Chances are the foam will have air pockets if not soaked properly and the flower that are stuck in those air pocket will not be able to drink. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS float soak your floral wet foam…

  8. The arrangement is gorgeous and I appreciate you sharing this with us. I love your videos and unlike some other people, am very thankful that you take your very valuable time to go through all the work it takes to get ready to film the videos, then edit them and then post them. Please know that there are a lot of people out here in vlog land that enjoy what you are doing and really do appreciate you. I hope your Dad had a wonderful 90th birthday!!!

  9. me encanta ver como hacen los arreglos, son sencillos pero muy bonitos y con flores que hay en mi pais Chile, me gusta mucho los felicito por darme la posibilidad de ver como hacen estas cosas tan lindas. gracias

  10. Hey Jennifer Davenport hi its nice to meet you and I love this flower arrangement that you made . Its Beautiful. I really love flowers take care

  11. Hi Jennifer,
    I absolutely loved the arrangement you made for your father's 90th birthday. Only problem for me was: While placing the flowers, you fast forward the video just when you started to place them. I saw how you placed them on the outside and I couldn't tell how you placed them, as you moved towards the middle of your arrangement and no description of how you were doing it at that point. Your arrangements are just beautiful and I love your sense of humor. Thankyou!

  12. As a professional designer for over 50 years, soak your foam in the sink first before putting it in your container. If you just pour the water over the top you will get air pockets and the flowers will not be able to drink up water. Let the brick of oasis or foam fill from the bottom up by just letting it sit in the water till it sinks down without pushing it under the water. Some bricks of foam already come with flower food in them. So check that also.

  13. That was so AMAZING!!! thank you for sharing I'm so excited about designing! You really inspired me, Gorgeous job!!!

  14. LESSON # 1: "Never" pour water unto the foam! The foam will not "evenly" suck the water in! Instead, let the foam sit on the water! Never push the foam unto the water, 'coz again, the foam will not evenly suck the water!

  15. OH DEAR LORD,,, red and white flowers for a birthday ,,,, red and white flowers are traditionally funeral flowers!

  16. That is a beautiful arraignment. I would love that on my dining room table. You can never go wrong with roses and I bet your dad loved it. Definitely thumbs up and I subscribed!

  17. That was a very beautiful arrangment. I love the step by step demonstration. However, for better results I have to agree with the other florists about 1. Soak your Oasis 2.Pluck the petals with hand ( sometimes you have more than one and a scissors won't be able to get the job done effectively). Another addition would be to cut the stems slant for and not horizontal. Yet again very lovely arrangement!

  18. Thank u but Oh. No. . Don't pour the water onto the surface of dry floral foam before you start the arrangement. . It's a basic principle.

  19. Loved your tutorial. I've been doing my own floral arrangements for a year now. For all the people here I will like to share my secret weapon, it is called Magnaflor, an online wholesale flowers company from where I get all of my flowers, try them, you won't regret!

  20. Hi Jennifer, I have an odd question for you; can you tell me what song begins at about 2:40 into this video? We're planning my daughters wedding music and it's lovely! Thanks!

  21. Gorgeous arrangement!

    Added tips: If you carefully use a switchblade instead to cut the rose stem at a very long angle, then the stem won’t close up (as it tends to do if cut w/ a scissors). Avoid ever touching the head of the rose. Use a thorn stripper to remove rose thorns. Hydrangeas require tons of water. White hydrangeas don’t last as long as antique hydrangeas. If you ever use tulips, hyacinth or amaryllis in a vase of water, place them in only two inches of fresh water. To prevent tulip stems from growing (even after they’re cut), cover the tulip heads in newspaper and place in the frig before you’re going to use them. If you use a wooden vase, line it first with cellophane before adding soaked Oasis foam.
    Use a butcher knife to cut the soaked foam to fit slices of foam snugly into the edges of a container. Many flower shops place a vase on a Lazy Susan to easily turn it as they’re arranging. They also use a large paper cutter to chop off many stems at once at the very ends before they later slice each stem using a switchblade.

    Great job! Please keep the videos coming! Love them!

  22. A little tip, I work at Safeway and my Floral Manager always tells us to start with greens when making arrangements in foam. Make sure you get most of the foam covered with greens first then add your flowers. Add more greens or other fillers as needed to fill any gaps and finish the look. When you add greens last it’s harder to push them in the foam with all your flowers in the way then you might risk snapping or moving flowers out of the foam if you’re too rough. Also, be careful of where you place your flowers because once you’ve poked the foam you cannot take it out and place the flower back in the same hole! It will not hold the flower and the foam will get weaker or start to crumble. Happy arranging!

  23. App Arranjos JD – An app made to help you create beautiful natural flower arrangements, the app contains several templates that serve as inspiration. Access without internet and do not need to download the photos. Available for Android.

  24. I would like to see the name of the flowers you used Please below the video. The last one, the small flower, I dont know it. Thanks. Xoxo

  25. What a beautiful arrangement.As You were placing your flowers ( you didn't explain where exactly to put the white roses I saw front of vase only so couldn't see where white Rose's were placed in the back and sides. Sorry I'm just too big of a beginner. You certainly made one hell of an arrangement!
    Very talented. Thankyou

  26. Hi Jennifer Decorates, I do not think there is a need for some of the comments you have received, nothing wrong with constructive criticism, as there is a way of saying things to help. but not in a way to disrespect your efforts. Nice arrangement, however it does miss the technical side of making floral arrangements/floristry work. Hence, some of the positive feedback you have received and some not so nice comments, which is an easy fix by taking a course in learning the technical side of floristry basics and learning the principles and elements of design and you will be well away. or there are lots of books that can help if you like reading, as you have a busy schedule and can teach you what you need to know, to get started. Please do not take offence, just want to help, but love what you do and thank you for sharing all the videos you do take the time to make for everyone.

  27. How far in advance can you make an arrangement like this? I’m trying to diy a few arrangements for my wedding 👰🏻

  28. love the color of the roses ,but i don't do real flowers ,i do silk ,i learn in school ,but l'm sure is almst the same texnik

  29. I love the flowers and that pot is beautiful! I will be looking out for pot like in my next thrifting adventures! Thank you for your tutorial!

  30. I love flowers & was interested in getting into doing my own floral arrangements. Happen to find your video & it was well explained, yet simple enough for a “super” beginner like me to understand. I thank you for this video! BTW, Molly is the cutest! 😊

  31. Girls I recommend a website

    Here I bought all kind fresh cut flowers and also preserved flowers for all your DIY projects and also DIY wedding centerpieces. They have free shipping in all the store for Continental USA.

    Remember, Inexpensive doesn't mean Cheap!

  32. I’ve watched lots of how to make an arrangement videos and yours is by far the best I’ve seen. Super natural and fun and your arrangements look beautiful and full. Your positioning of flowers was very professional and just like a floral designer would do. Hats of to you and I look forward to seeing more videos!


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