How To Make money Mailing Flyers & Postcards (Marketing 2019)

How To Make money Mailing Flyers & Postcards (Marketing 2019)

is it really possible to make money
mailing flyers and postcards from the comfort of your own home well yes it is
and in today’s video I’m going to show you exactly how I’m doing it so you can
just copy me and start making a simple income from home been rotting here aka
the king of email and welcome to my youtube channel if this is your first
time here what you didn’t do so already what I want to do right now is go ahead
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get updated the moment I released brand-new videos to my channel so what
if that being said let me dive over to my laptop I’m gonna do a screen share
I’m gonna show you exactly how I’m making money from mailing flyers and
postcards from home so you can copy it and start succeeding in a home-based
business I’ll see you okay well first off before we dive into this little mini
training I want to give to you today I’ve got a confession to make
and I also want to make something very crystal clear to my confession as this
right I’m not actually mailing postcards and flyers to make money from mailing flyers and postcards. now before you kind of go into panicking
your click beta-lactam what I’m actually doing is something much smarter see with
my way of making money of Direct Mail I have a company that mails out the
postcards and the Flyers on my behalf because let’s face it who wants to sit
at home stuffing envelopes and putting stamps on postcards and then drive to
the post office to get them post it out that is very boring it’s very
time-consuming and it’s a really poor use of your time so if you’ve seen some
of these kind of checks and cash in programs and you’ve been thinking ah
sounds good but I don’t want to be mailing up postcards and flies myself I
don’t want to be sitting there doing all that and this may be a good fit for you
both before I you know talk about kind of the companies I’m using I want to
break it down to you how the process works because most people they’re just
doing these YouTube videos they’re pitching you on a company the time to
click a link they’re not giving you any value they’re not answering any of your
questions and I want to give some value to you so if you go away from this video
and you decide this is not for you at least you’ll have a better understanding
of how you make money from something like this so that in the future if you
do decide to join you know you’ll be armed with the information you need to
choose the company is best for you now the other thing that was going to say
well what was the other thing I was gonna say so I talked about cleaving
sorry I told you about my little confession what was it I just remembered
I want to clear up like any kind of thing in your mind where you might be
going are getting cash and checks in the mail it’s a scam and it’s illegal and
bla bla bla bla bla troopers getting checks and cash in the
mail is completely 100% legal Direct Mail has been around for a super super
super long time you know before credit cards and all that stuff being able to
pay online if you wanted to sell something one of the most popular ways
would be by sending out a postcard or flyer or a letter or catalog and
reaching customers in their mailbox and as long as people have mailboxes which
I’m imagining will be forever direct mail will be a thing that you can make
the companies are involved with they sell real products they sell digital
training training that’s going to help people grow any online business training
that’s going to show people how to generate leads traffic and get the
eyeballs they need on the home businesses they’re in and the products
and services they have to offer so now I’ve got all that out of the way what I
want to do is then share my screen and I’m gonna draw my business model on the
screen so you can see it for yourself so let me click screen share I’m gonna do a
whiteboard I’m gonna share let me put my self over this side let me begin drawing
so here’s the thing right for any business to work
it’s especially well well just any business book you know with something
like this you need a reliable traffic source so we’re over here the starting
points for you make a morning with postcards and flyers in a Direct Mail
business is you need a traffic method which in this case are postcards I’ll
just say postcards because I can’t fit flies in there so basically something
that looks like this right this is what I’m having a company send out for me
they’re sending out my postcards and if you go to companies are
promoting at any time it’s just a simple little postcard like this it grabs it
grabs attention and because of the type of traffic I’m using people actually
really appreciate getting that in there so postcards are the traffic source and
the type of leads I’m targeting because you gotta understand right not all
traffic sources and leads are made equal the type of leads I’m talking targeting
are called we call them Bob leaves right Bob leaves
and Bob leads are simply short for business opportunity buyer leads let me
explain what that means a business opportunity buyer leads is somebody who
has some stage in their life has spent money on joining a program or buying a
product just like the war and promoting when you go to in
their mailbox they are more likely to go to the website and check it out and make
a purchase you know a lot of people I see and if you’re in a one of these
Direct Mail businesses and you’ve been struggling one of the big reasons I see
people struggling is because they’re using the wrong source of traffic the
only traffic source you really want to be using for something like this is a
business opportunity violate now if you are new to the game you’ve never done
any kind of direct mail or any kind of mark
the Internet this is your first time you thought about doing in a home-based
business you’re gonna need traffic when you get
involved with what we do you’ll get the exact traffic source we use you get done
for you postcards you’ll get the exact traffic source we have a mail house that
mails these out for us it’s all taken care of all you do is invest your money
and they take care of the traffic for you that’s it you don’t have to stuff
your own letters you don’t have to create a round of postcards or any of
that stuff which is complicated and time-consuming I don’t do it I’m not
expecting you to do it so next right what you’re going to be doing is with
those leads that come from your postcards or those people that are going
to respond to your postcard because you love your own website on the postcard
they’re gonna go to something called a capture page you may know you may or may
not know what a capture page is so I’m gonna show you don’t but if you do just
keep watching because you’re gonna get value from this anyway but you’re gonna
send those people to a capture page now a capture page is simply a one page one
page website that allows you to collect the person’s emails because one thing
you want to do with postcard traffic and business opportunity violates as if
you’re investing your money into buying traffic you need to collect a person’s
email and the reason for that is so you can engage in something called email
follow-up email follow follow up and if you’re thinking or gosh
it sounds like a lot of work I’m gonna tell you in just a second why it isn’t
so once you collect a person’s email right because the thing is you could
send a postcard lead straight to the sales page for whatever you’re selling
but that would be a big mistake and the reason for that is most people when they
see your offer for the first time they see the company you’re either involved
in or you may get involved in after watching this video they are not going
to buy straightaway in 2019 people actually need to see your offer of seven
to fifteen times before they make a decision on whether they want to buy or
not after about seven to fifteen times some will buy some will pass but if you
collect their email and they pass you can always share some other protocol
than later and if you don’t collect their email
basically you’ve lost them forever you cannot follow up with them email
follow-up is is king this is what’s gonna make you the money now I know
you’re probably thinking if you’re watching this well I’m not very
technical and push the time I don’t know how to create a capture page I don’t
know how to write emails or any of that stuff can I still work for me yes it can
because when you get involved with what I do
I’m gonna give you a share code that’s gonna give you my capture page and my
entire email follow-up series and you just gonna have to make a few simple
edits so it’s got your name and your link in and then that email follow-up
series will be tailored to you making you sales on autopilot night and day
because that’s what an email follow-up series allows you to do and I have 35
emails but I’m gonna follow up with the leads you generate from your postcard
campaign this is why if you come and follow me
beaucoup you’re already following me on Facebook you see me popping off $250
sales like on holter products 3 a.m. in the morning he see me making six
thousand dollars in a single day when I didn’t have to talk to anybody
it’s because I drove these postcard leads I’ve collected their emails and my
email follow-up series was working in the back and you’re gonna get that when
you partner with me so anyway from from the capture page there are two things
you can do and what a let’s say an intermediate home business person will
do is from this capture page they will send their new email subscribers to the
sales page and that could work it can maybe money it’s made me money in the
past and if you decide to go down that route it will make you money too but
again that’s not what I do which is why I make the bigger money so what I do and
this is very very very important what I do is and you’re gonna be able to do
this too once I’ve collected the person’s email I send them to something
called a breach page so let me write that in the box this is called the
bridge page now with the bridge page is basically you introduce you so instead
of going straight to a sales page you Sam people to this bridge page where you
go hey thanks for responding to the postcard and flyer I had sent to your
mailbox I appreciate you subscribing to my email
is it’s great to meet you and the fact that you’re here should tell you that I
know how to help you get the right people in front of the business I’m
about to show you on the next page yada-yada-yada go check it out so your
bridge plate is just a quick little video of you maybe like a mini
90 seconds where you introduce your own face your own voice so these people
remember this is cold traffic these people are strangers to you they don’t
know you so what you’re doing here is you’re introducing yourself
so they connect the dots in their their head they now know oh this is the person
who sent me the postcard and they begin to know you like you and trust you which
is crucial if you want to make sales because people join people in businesses
who they know like and trust so from the bridge patron and yes when you join me I
also have a link you can click which will automatically give you the bridge
page I’m using again you just have to make a few simple edits and it’s ready
to go so anyone technical that could be a barrier to you succeeding I’m removing
and I’m making it easy for you because I understand that some of you watching
this on you and some of you you don’t want to learn how to do emails or like
create anything I get it which is why I’m doing 99% of the bullet
for so from the bridge page you’re gonna be sending people this is what I again
this is exactly what I do and what you’re gonna be doing
you’re gonna be sending people to a sales page sales page where I sound
well actually somebody on my behalf sells it but I have a product that it’s
two hundred fifty dollars to buy and it pays pays 100 percent in other words any
time the system I used to sell it makes a sale for me I receive the full two
hundred and fifty dollars not 10% not 50% 75% not
hold of the sounds and anytime in the system you’re going to be using to makes
a sale you will get paid a full $250 instantly and directly using whatever
payment method you like so if you want to get paid in Bitcoin you can’t if you
want to get paid in cash or check in the mail you can you can use PayPal stripe
authorizing that cash up whatever payment method works for you however you
like getting your money is how you get paid on that now the product this is
selling by the way is a digital training course it’s like a mini library of
digital training that shows people how to generate traffic on Facebook how to
place craigslist ads how to do anything and everything you can think of that
somebody would want to and need to know to run a multiple six or even
seven-figure business and obviously when you invest in that product of cells
which you have to invest in it to be able to sell it you’re going to get
access to that wealth of training too as well as being able to earn commissions
and with these Direct Mail businesses right this is this is important that as
a real product because this is what makes the real ones will legit if it’s
just a case of people switching money with each other
that’s just cash gifting light and that’s not something you want to be
involved with because it’s illegal but when there’s real products and services
and value on the table the customer gets something valuable in exchange for their
money it makes the whole thing legitimate so this is what I like to
refer to I’m just gonna move something higher a screen as a front end to what I
do this is this is the structure I’m gonna help you get in place when you
join me over it do we do we do it up pay 250 dot-com this is exactly the
structure you’re gonna happen which is gonna help you make these two
hundred and fifty dollar commissions now then wasn’t going to dive into this
next part but I I may as well dive into it because I mentioned I’m also able to
have six thousand dollar days by doing this there is a little bit more you can
do and it’s completely optional if you decide that you would like to make even
bigger payments than $250 I’m gonna write this we have something called a
high ticket back-end that we utilize to make even more money now this high
ticket back-end you can make a thousand three thousand and even five thousand
dollar commissions and when I had my six thousand dollar day recently I actually
did it by getting what we refer to as a level three five thousand dollar sale on
the level one thousand dollar sale I got those two sales and one day and I
received six thousand dollars checks and cash in the Mayoress fantastic if you
don’t believe me go find me on Facebook at Ben Martino 75 eight scroll down my
wall for a couple of minutes and you’ll see the videos and the proof Linux all
there it’s transparent you can see that I actually did that now this this is
optional rights but let me tell you how that works when you’re doing this
program for $250 inside of the members area of that program at the bottom of
every page they advertise this high ticket back end rights and every single
person joined you in this business here is going to see that now if you watch
the high ticket back end presentation and you decide to become a member of the
high ticket back end product when your members come in and they decide to
depending on what level you join that you will even get paid thousand dollars
three thousand of five thousand dollar commissions if you join at level one
somebody joins at level one you’re eligible to earn you’re not eligible to
win on these two levels basically you can only get paid up to whatever level
of your art and this is how I turn the people who join me at this two hundred
and fifty dollar level into bigger Commission’s of thousand three thousand
five thousand now again it is optional because obviously to join a high-ticket
back-end it takes a bigger investment and I know you’re probably watching this
and thinking well you know does that mean if I can’t be part of that it won’t
work for me not at all you can make a bunch of money here and I’ve seen people
make 50 60 70 even a hundred thousand dollars from just Salamis
the reason I’m telling you about this part is because if I left that out I
wouldn’t be being completely transparent with you and I want to be transparent
with you and I want you to see how you make the maximum amount of money from a
Direct Mail business this is how you get paid the most amount of money from
mailing out postcards and flyers I’ve been another director of businesses
where I’m like getting paid only twenty dollars a sale and I’m not cracking on
those companies because I’m still in some of them but it’s not a big enough
Commission these commissions here the $250 are good for paying a few bills and
covering your marketing your postcard cost but the real big big money that’s
going to like stack your bank account is found in this high to get back out and I
want to give a little disclaimer here as well because you know not everybody that
joins me in this business succeeds and makes money and there’s no guarantee
that when you do you will because at the end of the day I don’t
know you you could be lazy as a sloth dumb as rocks you may not you may not
order the dome for you postcards we have waiting you may not download the don’t
you catch pages and emails you just might not do your part of the deal you
know this is there is a little bit of work to do this is a business know and a
business takes some energy and effort on your part tuned you may not want to do
that if you don’t do your part you’re not gonna make money so there are no
guarantees my friend the only guarantee I can give you is I’m
going to share exactly what I’m doing and give you everything you need to
match and surpass my results if you show and you actually play your parts so I
hope at least from this video you have a better understanding of what a direct
mail business is how I’m making money mailing out postcards and flyers and how
you can do exactly the same just by letting me help you get this in place in
your business which honestly is only going to take you a small handful of
hours two to five hours max to get all the pieces in place to have a business
that can make you hundreds of thousands even millions of dollars per year if
you’re interested and what I want you to do right now is visit w-w-w dot paid 250
comm or you can click the link below this video in the description box also
if you have any questions about anything in this video feel free to ask them
below if you make any stupid comments they’ll like is this a scam bla bla bla
I’m not even gonna respond see I’m just kind of bunny for my channel I’m gonna
do because I’m not here to convince anybody I’ve been doing doing this
online thing since 2012 I’m making half a million per year all you got to do is
go to my facebook page and see that I’m free
running a legitimate business I do not suffer fools gladly or lightly if you’re
watching this video and you are serious about making money and I’m serious about
helping you I’m partnering with you go to do be do be do we don’t pay 250 com
click that link below and don’t forget subscribe to my channel hit the
notification bow because I do drop videos pretty regularly and I’ve got a
lot of value I want to share with you in each and every video that being said
make it a great day and I’ll see you in the next video

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