39 thoughts on “How To Make POWERFUL Ideas For Logo Designs

  1. Less is more effective for solid logo design ….. your process is perfect and helpful for us . Thanks for sharing these effective tips.

  2. Wait?! Ur telling me there always been an arrow on the FedEx logo, mind blown O.O I had no idea, that is amazing btw great tips

  3. I really needed a video like that! I have to make two logo designs, and some more techniques can only be useful. Thanks a lot Satori!

  4. Great information Sir Tom. These are things I consistently do when it comes to logo designing. Thanks for sharing. As always have a great day.

  5. Great content, your tips and tricks gives me to grow as a graphic designer. Would you like to share with us few books for logo design.

  6. Finding concept for a logo is the most difficult part for me but now with your tips, i can do better. Thanks a lot Tom πŸ™‚

  7. I think the jury is still out on whether Lindon Leader intentionally put the arrow in the Fed Ex logo or just stumbled across it.

  8. keep your ideas in a dry cool place for 24h to flourish guys, love your videos, and true every designer needs to have a process eventually

  9. What is usually your minimum & maximum amount of time you give your client for a logo design? And is it good to send them one & final idea or it's better to send them different choices?

  10. expressive typography is the way forwards and to not conform to current trends. what? u may ask. yes. how do you think new crazes and trends start? by someone with a big pair of nuts who has the balls to be different.
    sick of seeing conforming trends
    expecially these IPA drinkers companies. and these grain textures. so boring. be bold and different

  11. Awesome video… u have told this in ur earlier video as well…
    Since then i follow all the points while making a logo..
    But people really feel awkward when i ask them about their personality n their likes and dislikes so that i can come up with the most suitable logo for them..
    They feel very defensive n sometimes feel that its interfering in their personal lives..even after i explain why these questions are important for me..
    But i still ask anyway…
    😊 thank u… u are teaching really important things…n its making me open up my mind and improve my skills in graphics

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