How to Make Stair LED Lighting with Motion Sensors

How to Make Stair LED Lighting with Motion Sensors

hello and welcome to my channel in this
video I will show you how to make connections to a stairway lighting
system with motion sensors if you are unsure please contact an electrician to
make these connections the products which I used in this video can be found
in the description of the video I will present the connections on a model in
the first phase I will draw them with colorful marker and then I will make
connections with electric cable in the presentation I will use two step lamp
led into rip motion sensor don’t forget like and subscribe be careful you must adhere to the colors
blue to be the phase labeled without black is known and is marked with N and
red is the face that comes out of motion sensors and feeds delights on the side of the sensor we have two
operating settings ambient light and time delay to see how it works
I will minimize it and to not feel the motion sensor I will use two metal caps thanks for watching and do not forget
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  4. So wait, you can't even show it working without those PIR caps? Let alone set up in a stairway? Yeh – no this won't work. Multiple PIRs won't work, they will not be triggered in succession, most will trigger at the same time, this is useless…

  5. Hi Sir , i just bought a 15w ceiling down light with a driver , i want to attach a sensor to this light , for the connection of the sensor device , do i need to connect the 220v power before the driver or after the driver to the led circuit.. yr advice please tks

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