How to Paint Diamonds on Your Walls – Sherwin-Williams

How to Paint Diamonds on Your Walls – Sherwin-Williams

[music playing] Let your walls be the star
of the room with diamonds. Be bold or whimsical
with two contrasting hues, or subtle and elegant
with two light colors. Either way, diamonds add
an enticing visual interest to any wall or ceiling. In this video, we’ll show you how to
make a diamond pattern on a wall. Step 1:
Preparation. Think about the design
you’d like to create. How many colors
do you want to use? Do you prefer large
or small diamonds? Will you use two
different Sheens? No matter what size
diamonds you choose, the height of the diamond
should be twice the width. To help determine the best
diamond size for your space, measure the height
and width of your wall. For example,
if your wall is 96 inches high and 72 inches wide, 4 or 8 inches would be a good
height for a small diamond. If you want a larger diamond, 16 or 24 inches would
be a good height. Keep in mind, if you choose numbers
that divide evenly with the height
and width of your wall, the diamond pattern
will fit your wall. Gather the right tools
for your project at your neighborhood
Sherwin-Williams store. Choose your paint colors. One color is the base coat and the others are
coordinating colors which create the diamond pattern. Make sure you have
the following supplies: one or two inch low tack
safe-release tape, a nine inch roller
frame and cover, mini roller frame and cover,
two to three inch paintbrush, roller pan with liner,
tape measure, carpenter’s level,
straightedge, and a pencil. Step 2:
Paint the base coat. You can use your existing
wall color as the base coat or apply a new color. If you apply a new color,
let it dry for at least four hours or overnight for best results. Step 3:
Create the diamond pattern. Start by drawing a grid
of vertical and horizontal lines on each wall. The distance between
the vertical lines is half the width of the diamond. From the edge of each wall,
mark the vertical lines across the wall. If you’re using a chalk line,
use blue chalk because red and yellow
are permanent. Mark the horizontal lines
down the wall. The distance between
your horizontal lines is half the height of the diamond. Now your wall should look
like a rectangle grid. To create the diamond pattern,
draw a diagonal line through the corner
of each rectangle, alternating directions. Step 4:
Apply tape and paint. Determine which diamonds you want to paint the
coordinating color and firmly apply tape on the outside
of every other one. Use a brush or mini roller to apply the coordinating
color in each diamond. Let the paint dry
for at least 4 hours. Then remove the tape by angling it away
from the painted diamonds. Now apply tape around
the remaining diamonds, paint them
and when dry, remove the tape. Clean or touch-up
any pencil marks and you’re done. Creating original art
on your walls is easy with Sherwin-Williams. Whether your diamonds
are large or small, you’ll love how they
make your room sparkle. For more information about other
decorative techniques or Sherwin-Williams,

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  1. Can somebody explain to me what they mean when they explain how to create the grid pattern? I have watched this video a variety of times and cannot understand what their instructions mean.

  2. Creen que si dibujan en la pared siertos puntos de patrones formando figuras geometricas se pueda abrir un portal a otra dimension, basandonos de los puntos energeticos en el cuerpo "chakras" que opinan???

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