How To Paint/Dye Interior Vinyl & Plastic Parts – Mustang Tech (Fox Body, SN95 & S197)

How To Paint/Dye Interior Vinyl & Plastic Parts – Mustang Tech (Fox Body, SN95 & S197)

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, everybody. J-Mac here. We’re working on our
’92 project Coupe. And we found a few pieces
in the interior that needed to be replaced while
we were in there working, namely the console armrest
pad and the console top panel. Now, these two pieces here
are the most commonly painted pieces in an
’87-’93 Fox Mustang. So we wanted to go
ahead and show you how to paint both of them,
because one’s vinyl, one’s plastic. Now, this will cover
our complete range of how to paint interior pieces. We’ll start out with
the console armrest pad. We’ll start out by
taking your armrest pad, a gray Scotch-Brite,
and bucket of warm water with Dawn dish soap. You just want to lightly
scrub the surface with that water
and Dawn dish soap just to kind of get rid of
any of the mold release agent or any oils that may
be on the surface. Give it a thorough once
over top and bottom. That way you can
get everything off. Then we’ll use compressed
air to blow this off. Now, with everything
completely dry, we’re going to go ahead and
use some of our SEM vinyl prep. Now, this stuff here, it will
remove any remaining oils as well as open up
the pores of the vinyl to accept the vinyl dye
whenever we spray it on. Now, you want to shake
it for about a minute to get it fully mixed up. I’ve already got
this pre-shaken. So we’re just going
to lay on a thin coat, let it dwell for a
couple of seconds, and then wipe it off
with a microfiber towel or other lint-free towel. And after just a
short period of time, you can go ahead and
wipe all this off. You don’t want to let
it sit for too terribly long, because it will
call surface damage. You want to make sure
and keep your hands clean during this whole process. That way you’re not
transplanting new oils back on. It may even be a
better idea if you wear latex gloves or
something non-powdered. That way there’s no chance
of contaminating the surface. Once you’ve got
it all dried down, you can go ahead and grab a can
of our 5.0Resto interior vinyl dye. This comes in an SEM can
loaded with PPG pigment, which is the same stuff that Ford
used straight from the factory. That way it’s going to
be the most perfect match to your interior. Again, you’re going to
want to shake this can up for about a minute. I’ve already got
this can pre-shaken. And we’re going to lay
down several thin coats. That way we can get
a perfect coverage on the underside and
top-side of this pad. We’re going to start
out on the bottom side. Let that tack. You’re going to want to allow
about three to five minutes in between coats for tack time. And then, after your last
coat, third or fourth coat, you’ll want to go ahead and let
that tack for about 30 minutes, 45 minutes before you touch
it or handle it in any way. All right, we’re on
our last coat here. You want to make sure and get
nice, even coverage, really light coats. This is coat number four for us. You want to shake your
can in between coats before you get started. And you’ll want to hold it
about six to eight inches away from your surface. Like I said, let everything
dry about three to five minutes between coats. And then after your
last coat, you’re going to want to let it sit
for about 25, 30 minutes. Go have yourself
a cold beverage. Let it wait before
you try to handle it. Now that we’re done with
our console armrest pad, we can move on to our
console top panel. Now, this thing here is plastic. It requires a little bit
different prep method. Again, you’re going to want to
start out with your Dawn dish soap in the warm water with
a gray Scotch-Brite pad and just slightly
abrade the surface to remove any mold release
agents or oils that are on it. Like I said, we’ve already taped
up the rubber gaskets on there. And you’ll want to completely
cover all the areas on here that are going to
be taking paint. That way it sticks
to everything. You don’t have to spend just
a whole lot of time on it. Dawn does a really good job of
breaking down grease and oil. And these gray Scotch-Brites
are not very abrasive but just enough to give the surface
a little bit of tack for the paint to stick to. Don’t be afraid to
go over it again if you feel like it’s still
got a little bit of sheen to it or you feel like
maybe you just want it to be a little bit cleaner. It’s not going to hurt anything
to go over it two or three times. Now, these console
top panels are available in both power mirror
versions and non-power mirror versions. This one here is a
power mirror version, being our Coupe is equipped
with power door mirrors. The non-power
version just doesn’t have that square cut-out there. All right, now we’re going to
use the compressed air again to drive this thing off. All right, I missed
a little bit. Now, with all the
water out of the way, we’re going to go ahead and
take some denatured alcohol and lint free towel to go
ahead and completely wipe down the surface to remove
any remaining oils. Now, It doesn’t take a whole
lot of alcohol here, just enough to wet your towel a little bit. Go ahead and
distribute that evenly. Let me just wipe around
the entire panel. And you’re just going to
let this air dry as you go. No need to dry it off. That alcohol evaporates
pretty quickly. If you notice your towel
getting soiled at all, go ahead and move
to a clean section. You’re going to want to do all
this in a well-ventilated area. That way, you don’t get
a little lightheaded, get a little high while
you’re spraying the paint. Even though, some people
it may be your thing, but pretty much you want
to keep your head about you while you’re doing
all this stuff. Now with everything completely
wiped down, we can go ahead. Everything appears to be dry. We can grab our 5.0Resto
interior lacquer dye. This is what you would use for
the hard plastics or metals within your car, anything
that’s not very easily flexible like vinyl or
any type of plastic. Go ahead and shake everything
up real well, again, about a minute for the can. I already have this pre-shaken. So we can go ahead and lay down
about three to four thin coats over the whole deal, again,
three to five minutes to allow the coats to tack
in between the next coat. And then once you lay
down your final coat, 20 to 30 minutes
before you handle it. And then you can go ahead
and install everything into your car. Carefully remove your tape. And you’re done
with your paint job. Now, we have
completely transformed this console top panel
and the armrest pad from the original gray color
to the correct titanium gray for our ’92 Coupe. For more interior
restoration videos, check out [MUSIC PLAYING]

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