How to Paint Furniture That Has a Wax or Hemp Oil Finish | Country Chic Paint Tutorial

How to Paint Furniture That Has a Wax or Hemp Oil Finish | Country Chic Paint Tutorial

hey there today I want to show you how
to remove hemp oil or wax from a painted piece of furniture so that you can paint
over it again stay tuned so when you have put wax or hemp oil on
a piece of furniture and later you decide that you want to repaint it or
you want to put a different kind of finish over top you want to make sure
you remove your wax or your hemp oil first the wax or hemp oil is oily and
paint will not adhere to it so it has to be removed before you can paint over it
in this video I’ll show you exactly how to do that we’re going to demonstrate it
on this table over here which is painted in Pebble Beach and then I put a coat of
hemp oil on the top of the table so what I’d like to do is tape off the table
halfway because I want to show you what happens when you paint over the hemp oil
and when you remove it first and then paint it so we’re gonna tape it down the
middle and then I will remove the hemp oil on one side and not on the other
side okay so the best way to remove hemp oil or natural wax or any colored wax is
to use rubbing alcohol some people recommend odorless mineral spirits but
I’m not a big fan of solvents so I prefer to use the rubbing alcohol which
you just can buy at any local pharmacy what you want to do is you can either
spray it on your piece or if you have a bottle you can just do what I’ll
demonstrate right now as you can just put some on your cloth and start rubbing
it on your piece of furniture and we will go ahead and remove all of
the hemp oil on this side of the table okay so now we have hemp oil on this
side and removed it on the other side so what I want to do is paint the tabletop
in the color dune grass and just after about an hour so we’ll come back and
I’ll show you what happens with either with both sides we are back with our table that we
painted in dune grass with the hemp oil underneath it on that site and we
removed a hemp oil on this site so we now is a test and we can see how well it
had heared on both sides so first let’s look at the hemp oil side and see what
happens if i take my nail and scratch it over the surface and see if i can remove
the paint and it’s kind of hard to see the device scratch it does tend to come
off and it’s a little bit hard to see because it’s it’s a pretty light color
underneath but it doesn’t adhere super well to the hemp oiled surface it’s
still surprisingly adhered quite okay and this is only dried for about an
hour’s that’s not very long now let’s see what happens on this side where we
removed the hemp oil yeah I cannot I mean it’s not been quite
long enough but if you can see I’m not removing the dune grass finish on this
side so you definitely want to always remove your hemp oil or natural wax
before you paint over it to get the strongest finish like this surprisingly
stayed on quite okay but I can definitely see that it comes off more on
the hemp oil side then on the non hand boiled side if you have any questions
about your specific projects don’t hesitate to reach out to us we’re always
happy to answer any questions happy painting thanks for watching

76 thoughts on “How to Paint Furniture That Has a Wax or Hemp Oil Finish | Country Chic Paint Tutorial

  1. Very informative, I look forward to finally putting some paint on a cabinet I made years ago. I just can't commit to a color yet.

  2. This is awesome! I have an old root cellar rack I painted and waxed but it no longer matches my kitchen. I had no idea how to go about it. Thanks 😄

  3. Good to know. My next project is to try and paint and distress my grandfather clock — I know, scary — but I really want to give it a try!

  4. Thank you for the video demonstration on removing an oil or wax from a piece of furniture. I have a few older pieces that I have been looking at refinishing!

  5. This is great! I'm moving to a new place and i am planning to paint a few Furnitures to go with the new look but I have never used Country Chic paint on big projects. I've been using chalk paints for years even professionally therefore, I'm excited to try country chic! I noticed there's a lot of great colors so should be fun!

  6. Great tutorial!
    This is my entry for the paint giveaway…I love your paint! My next project will b painting my sewing dest jitterbug and China cabinet Sunday tea with luxury on the inside. Waiting for samples!

  7. Definitely an economical method for removing the wax or oiled finish, and looks pretty easy to do! I’ve finally completed painting my enormous wall unit that I’m now using to store crafting supplies – it turned out pretty well. Next up is my actual crafting table – my parents’ original kitchen table from 60 years ago! – that will get a nice refresh along with a sturdy coat of ClearCoat. Then I can on with my card making for the holidays 😃

  8. Great tutorial! I always use Simple Green to clean my furniture up before painting. I always wondered what to do if I ever got a piece that was coated with wax or hemp oil. I am also wondering how to prep an old piece of furniture that had been polished for years with Pledge. Do you think alcohol would work for that too? My next project is a vanity that belongs to my landlord. We had to move out of our shop temporarily for repairs due to Hurricane Flo. I am doing her whole set of bedroom furniture in Vanilla Frosting while we wait. Nervous and excited!

  9. Great information! I thought you needed to use mineral spirits. Now I have another option. Thanks! My next project is a large hutch. My largest project to date!

  10. I always wondered if there was a simple way to remove wax so I could repaint, thank you. My next project is going to be a set of amazing antique night tables which will be painted in Sunday Tea.

  11. Very helpful. These videos give us all the confidence to move forward on our painted projects. I am refinishing a mid century captains chair as my next project

  12. Great tutorial! I will he refinishing my dinning room chairs for my next project! Just finished my hutch in that room this week!

  13. This was very useful and so I saved it to my painting ideas folder here on YouTube. The project I want to paint next by using Country Chic Paints is an antique vintage desk or my antique trunk because both are so exquisite. I can’t wait to show it to you guys once I’m down.

  14. I'm new to painting furniture. Very excited to try it out. I have a whole bedroom set that needs a new color and some new life. Thanks for the tips.

  15. My next project is a small, sewing box with legs. I needed suggestions on how to make it look good and found many on your site, including decoupage.

  16. Glad that it is easy to remove wax or hemp oil with alcohol. I would rather use alcohol than any solvents so this is a perfect fix! I want to change the color of a wooden stool that I painted a long time ago. Thanks!

  17. So glad to know that rubbing alcohol will remove the oils, and that I won't have to resort to the toxic solvents. Thank-you!
    I have a vintage feminine looking bedside table that's been prepped and ready to be painted. I also sanded down the top of a large oak buffet which I'd love to tackle after that..staining the top and painting the rest.

  18. Thank you for the wonderfully informative tutorial! I'd never heard of using this method. It seems so much easier than all the other tutorials on removing wax and hemp oils.

  19. I didn’t realize this made such a difference. I’ll be doing my unfinished cabinets luckily and don’t have to worry about it! With the giveaway, I'd finally paint my old dresser (that I've had since I was a baby).

  20. Would this method work with linseed oil as well? I have a table my son made in wood work shop when he was in high school.

  21. I’m going to be doing this on our bedroom dresser for my next project. I used black wax and hemp oil last year to seal it.

    Rubbing alcohol truly works awesome to remove wax or hemp oil. I’ve done this a few times and had no problems at all. I’ve even used vodka and Danish Aquavit (Schnapps) in a pinch. 💁🏼‍♀️😄

  22. I have an old dresser in my front hallway. I want to apply a fun colour that will 'pop' for interest, and to create a focal point. It will be an enormous job to remove the paint, oil and debris.

  23. my next project is most likely an antique desk. I have a garage full of furniture to redo; so it can be difficult to decide which piece to do next 🙂

  24. I will be working on my first ever project. An original Hot Pink side table. I was going to donate it but might as well keep it and re-use it! Hopefully I don't ruin it!

  25. Thanks! Love country chic! Soon I'll be working on a table and chair set. Just finished a night stand with pebble beach!

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