How to Paint Gold Dipped Furniture | Adding Gold Accents to Furniture with Country Chic Paint

How to Paint Gold Dipped Furniture | Adding Gold Accents to Furniture with Country Chic Paint

Hi there it’s Rosanne here from Country
Chic Paint. Today I’m going to show you how to do a really fun technique that
will make your furniture look like it’s been dipped in gold. Stay tuned to see
how this works I’ve painted this chair with a couple coats of Vintage Cupcake
and today I’d like to show you how you can create a look as if the legs have
been dipped in gold. I’ll be using our Pocket Watch metallic cream for this
which is a beautiful gold color. The other supplies I’m going to be using are
our Fresh Mustard paint, a painting sponge, some painter’s tape, a pencil,
measuring tape, as well as a paintbrush and some stir sticks. Before you start this
technique you want to make sure that your original paint coat has had at
least 12 hours to dry before you start Using my measuring tape I’m going to
measure about 4 inches from the end of the legs up and I’m going to mark it
with a pencil. You don’t have to do four inches necessarily you can do 6, 8, 10
inches,whatever you prefer but you want to make sure that it’s even on all four
of your legs Now I’m going to use this yellow frog
tape to wrap it around each leg to mark where I need to paint. You want to make
sure you use this specific type of tape when your paint coat is still relatively
fresh because this is the only thing that will stick to it. You want to make sure you don’t cover up the pencil marks so that you can paint
over your pencil marks with paint later Because I want to make sure my gold is
fully opaque I’m going to start by applying one coat of Fresh Mustard paint
to my legs. You can skip the step if you like but it just means that you’ll use
more of the metallic cream to get opaque coverage. This just saves you some time. So as you can see I’ve turned my chair upside down because it’s a lot easier to work with. I’m going to use a painting sponge as it’s easier to go around the spindles. You
just want to be careful that you’re not dripping over your painted piece So now that the legs are yellow I’m
going to let this dry for about thirty to sixty minutes. It’s been about an hour
and the Fresh Mustard coat is now completely dry. I’m going to apply a coat
of Pocket Watch metallic cream with my Country Chic Paint brush I’m going to let this dry now again for
a couple of hours before applying a final coat of the Pocket Watch metallic
cream to give it fully opaque coverage After you’re done with your second coat
of metallic cream you can peel off the tape and then you’ll be done with your
gold dipped chair. Thank you so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed this video. If you’d like to learn more about our products go to our website Also subscribe to our YouTube channel if you don’t want to miss out on
any of our upcoming videos. Thank you so much for watching and happy painting!

100 thoughts on “How to Paint Gold Dipped Furniture | Adding Gold Accents to Furniture with Country Chic Paint

  1. I love this combination. I would like to try and take it one step further and do the middle spindle in Gold too. I have a few chairs that would really suit this technique. Just one question – do you have to use a wax or something to protect it as it is next to the ground? Thank you for sharing.

  2. The end result is on the blog ! Its a nice idea ,pink and gold not my favorite but it still turned out well

  3. enjoyed the tutorial and am excited to view other videos to see what furniture paint project ideas you have!Β  Thank you so muchΒ  πŸ™‚

  4. So nice to visually see how techniques are applied. These videos also add elements of surprise, one by seeing color combinations that are unique and and little tips that make a big difference in achieving the final product. Products are always changing and seeing these tutorials keeps us crafters in the know. Great job!

  5. I have used belt buckle metallic accent cream with cobblestone on a table and it is fabulous ! Thanks for the opportunity to win some great Country Chic products!

  6. this is very pretty! I love pink and gold. I am sure I have seen it before, but I never realized the shelf in back is made from stacked tables- such a wonderful idea! I would love to win to use the silver metallic to make faux mercury glass for the back of my book shelves πŸ™‚

  7. 😍 I have an end table that I have done nothing with, I think I have found some inspiration right here.

  8. i LOVE, love the look of gold dipped furniture, and i dont know why i havent done a piece with that technique yet?! maybe i will win, and that will spur me to do it, LOL!! thak you for the tutorial, at least now i know how to make it look really good if&when i try it!!!!

  9. This is so cute! I've always wonder how this technique was done. Thank you for sharing!πŸ’› I have a couple of up coming projects and I would love to try out Country Chic paint. Keeping my fingers crossed!❀

  10. Love the look too…would love to see the finished product. Always love your tutorials, I rely on them a great deal. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Not usually a fan of gold but if I ever need that option it's nice to know gold is available. I enjoy your tutorials!

  12. Thanks for the great video!Β  I really like the technique that you used and will probably be using it myself to refinish some old chairs.Β  The cupcake colour is very pretty but I may be doing mine in a soft yellow instead.Β  Now that you've shown me how to do the gold-dipping, I can't wait to try it out!

  13. Thanks for your great tutorials, pink and gold looks great, especially if it's for a lilttle girls room! And yes I would habe liked to see the finished product!

  14. Just used your paint for my first ever chalk paint project. Love it!!!! will post an after pic once it's done. I have 2 more projects i want to do. My brick fireplace and buffet/hutch

  15. Can't wait to try this and didn't think about putting the yellow paint under to help use less of the gold

  16. I would've liked to have seen the completed chair after the painters tape had been removed. Sometimes I'm unpleasantly surprised with my projects once the tape has been removed.

  17. Hi Roseanna, Did you forget the most fun part – the "reveal"? I was looking forward to seeing how the chair looked after the paint was taken off!

  18. Sorry – I meant after the TAPE was taken off! LOL! I do love that you have all these ways to inspire us with your products!

  19. I have a bedside table this would look nice on. I agree that it would have been great to see the finished effect.

  20. Agree with the others that the final result would be nice to see. I like the idea and will e trying this with a stool I have for a future project!

  21. Learned something new with the tape.. And it was great advice about the addition of the first coat to make the gold much more intense.

  22. Not a big fan of gold on furniture. Would've liked to have seen the chair in another color. The pink is too dainty.

  23. I adore the Country Chic brand. I have never tried this technique but can't wait to see it on one of my projects.. I love the videos, very helpful. Thank you!

  24. What a unique idea. I am in processing of using Country Chic All-In-One paint on my kitchen cupboards – very pleased with the results!

  25. Yes, I'd have like to have seen the finished product too, a shame it wasn't included in the video. I did enjoy seeing how this was done, it's always better when you can actually see what's meant. Thank you πŸ™‚

  26. This is a look my Daughter will love!!! I hadn't thought of using a closely matching color to help with the opacity! Thanks for the great tutorials!

  27. thanks for this! i was wondering why you painted it yellow first – but it all makes sense. I'll be adding some gold accents to my pieces soon. have a great day!

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