28 thoughts on “HOW to Pick Paint Colors | WHEN to Paint | Interior Design

  1. I purchased the paint session can't figure out how to download the her PDF file for the paint colors. Can someone tell me how?

  2. Thank you!! I don't know how people choose a paint color w/o choosing a focal point, like bedding, a picture or whatever. It seems so obvious to me. Love the videos!

  3. Whew! I found you just in time… this was a CLOSE one… I am about to redo practically my whole (18-yr old) house… I NEED YOUR DESIGN ADVICE! I am signing up for the DESIGN SESSIONS asap! (…And to think I was going to BEGIN with paint color????). Thank the Maker, I found you first!! Genius…. Rebecca is just Genius!!! XOXOX

  4. I found your channel a year ago, but was too intimidated to try and decorate my rental duplex. After binge-watching your show for the past week, I finally have the confidence to try my hand at decorating.

  5. Really? Last hey! Great thing about the Design Sessions, is that if you missed it you can still watch it, love that it's recorded live and that's exactly what I'm off to do right now!

  6. πŸ“šFull of knowledge always…⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  7. Sounds fantastic, I do not like grey, black or white, and some of your paint colours look so gorgeous, i really like soft greens and coffee colours so im in for that session, thank you Rebecca ❀️

  8. I did pay for the design sessions, but couldn't access videos, due to my passwords not being accepted. I did message to report issue a number of times, no replies to my messages. So reluctantly, I cancelled.

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