How To Prep Interior For The Winter – Chemical Guys Car Care

How To Prep Interior For The Winter – Chemical Guys Car Care

Hey welcome back everyone! So, today we have a Tesla Model S and the
owner is taking this car back east for the winter which is why we need to clean it up
and protect it. As you guys can see it is pretty filthy. He’s left it unclean, there’s dirt and dirt
in there. So we are going to clean it out, bag up the
valuables, vacuum it, wipe down it down with Total Interior and finish it off by protecting
it with Fabric Guard. So we’ll start by bagging and vacuuming now
lets get started. We just finished vacuuming the carpet and
seats which brings us now to Total Interior. You can use this on leather, carpet, navigation
screen, plastic, metal pretty much anything inside except for suede, alcantara or headliners. Now you just need a microfiber towel and a
quick spray and it is as easy as that. Flip the towel to buff it off. Just like that, brand new seat. So I’m going to finish up the interior wipe
down and then we can protect it using Fabric Guard. We just got down using Total Interior and
now it is time to protect it because as I mentioned before the owner is heading back
east so he will be dealing with rain, snow, road salt and mud so we need to protect the
fabric to repel liquids and anything else that can stain the interior. You can use this on carpet, door panels and
all other fabric components, all it takes is a couple sprays and you are all set. Just like that you are all set! So if you guys like this video please be sure
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34 thoughts on “How To Prep Interior For The Winter – Chemical Guys Car Care

  1. Winter prep? In what sense it is different from regular car care? I dont get it? 😉 still Im a big fan of CG!!!! 🙂

  2. I’m lucky enough to not have to deal with a really bad winter and salty roads but rubber mats are always a must! Stupid mud lol

  3. Can you guys do a video on how to maintain and clean your microfiber towels, or tools like brushes etc. because I kind of don't know how to besides soaking it in clean water.

  4. Wow Javier is flying solo in this video that’s awesome buddy!! Your doing big things now that’s just what I like to see. Great video chemguys I’m about to do the last vacuum on my car today for the winter and change my floor mats to
    My winter rubber ones as always guys take care and see you on the next one.

    Sincerely your number one fan,


  5. Nice great job looks awesome just bought my first chemical guys product last week and the hype is real will be switching out all products to chemical guys in the near future 😎

  6. what can i use to help me dry the out side of car besides the micro towels or hot air ? what chemical can i use?

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