How to Print Preview in Autocad | Autocad Plot Preview Problems

How to Print Preview in Autocad | Autocad Plot Preview Problems

after many people asking how do I print
preview quickly, here is for you automatic plot preview command. I’m the
lazy Arquitecto and welcome to a new video on AutoCAD macros for automatic
drawing series. today I’ll share with you a new AutoCAD custom tool that hopefully
will save you some time autopreview. first, I’ll explain why do
you need it. second, how do you create it and finally you’ll test your new command to
check if indeed it works. plot preview shows exactly how the drawing will look
when plotted, including line weights fill patterns and more. if you would
view paper space as print preview manually you will do the following. first,
click layout tab to change to paper space second, type print or control P to
access plot window. third, choose all of your settings fourth, click preview to preview a plot.
finally, you click on model tab to go back to model space. not only that, but
locate yourself again on spot you were working on. this is why you need autopreview command to automate all of these steps and save time. so, let’s create your
new autocad plot preview command. to start type CUI in the command line and
press Enter. this will bring us to the customize user interface. to create a new
command in AutoCAD, you can duplicate any of the existing commands, rename it, and
change its macro. let’s quickly explain this AutoCAD macro. first, you use CC to
cancel any running commands. second, you will start tilemode system variable.
you set it to cero to change to paper space third, you will applied AutoCAD
preview command. finally, tilemode variable to one to restore last view on
model space. now, to use your new print preview command and have it always
available, add it to your AutoCAD quick access panel if you prefer to have it
in your AutoCAD ribbon or tool palette there will be a link down on video
description. time to test your new automatic plot preview command. now, if
you’re having plot preview problems here is how to fix it. the preview is based on
current plot configuration and it is defined by the settings on plot dialog
box or page setup. unfortunately AutoCAD make
you set up this configuration in every drawing otherwise, you’ll face issues such
as plot preview not working, plot preview blank and so on.
fortunately, I’m here to help you to automate this process. so, let’s say you
have drawing 1 which you did set up your plot configuration as 24 by 36 sheet to
create a PDF and using plot style or ctb1 then, you open another drawing 3, and
spend time again setting up 30 by 48 sheets for a PDF using ctb 3. stop and
save your time and instead create a template that includes your most-used
plot settings. use page setup for this let me show you how this looks like … to create a new page setup simply click
on new tab, choose a name, and pick the plot settings you need once done, click on set current to apply
plot settings to current drawing and close … Don’t forget to give this video a like,
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