How to remove pen off car ceiling, interior upholstery (headliner)

How to remove pen off car ceiling, interior upholstery (headliner)

Hello! I’m Neil, and today I’m going to show
you how get pen or crayon or Biro off the roof – the interior roof of your car.
I don’t know if you can see this. I’ve had a few little decorations added– what’s that?
You can see it, oh good. Sorry, I’ve got my son operating the camera for this one because
it’s a bit of a two-handed job. You got the camera? All you’ll need to clean – hold it
hold it! All you need, is some kitchen towel and this. Surgical spirit. I think in the
United States you call it rubbing alcohol. I don’t know what your surgeons do with it
over there – but over here it’s called surgical spirit. And I think this is the third video
now where I’ve used surgical spirit to clean something up. I think they should call it
“You’ve got a kid and you care too much about your stuff.” You can get it from any supermarket.
You have to go to the pharmacy counter and ask for it because they keep it behind the
counter. But it’s really cheap. So all you need is get your kitchen towel and your surgical
spirit. And I’ll just put some on. And then this is how the magic happens. You put it
up. Can you see that mark? Look at it – it’s lovely. You just dab it. And it’s really important
to dab it. Because I don’t know why! What’s the worst that could happen. I’ve got pen
all over my roof! I’m gonna just rub it. It is called rubbing alcohol. I’ll get rid of
this blue one. You can see how effective this is. I dunno why we’ve got pens in the back
of the car. You’d think my driving would be entertaining enough. I’m moaning at Volkswagen
for lying to us when they sold us this car. But honestly, look at how we treat it! We
don’t deserve a Volkswagen! I just don’t want the car to get defaced. Because in my head
if I can just get it to devalue more slowly then somehow we win! So it looks like the
trick is, to use pants. And rub. Don’t rub too hard or you’ll get the fabric all bobbly.
On your ceiling. Let’s do the one over here. That just comes straight off. Are you putting
your feet on the ceiling?! You’re putting your feet on the ceiling! While I’m cleaning
the other side! Aww man! The next video will be how to buy some more surgical spirit. If
this video has helped you, PLEASE click the subscribe button at the bottom of this video.
YOU JUST KICKED IT OVER! Oh no! Oh no! It’s gone everywhere!
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9 thoughts on “How to remove pen off car ceiling, interior upholstery (headliner)

  1. Thank you for this video! I just found black crayon all over the cars light gray ceiling. I haven't tried the rubbing alcohol yet, but this cheered me up and made me laugh.

  2. This worked great for us. However, we did laugh at the small crayon mark that you cleaned. I had an angry four year old with a crayon in hand who drew on the entire roof! =) It came off with the rubbing alcohol. Thanks so much for the suggestion. It really works!! We also thought the term "surgical spirit" sounds funny. It sounds like the ghost of a surgeon.

  3. I sure hope this works for me. If it doesn't the laugh and the fact that I'm not alone makes it better. I have Ollie in green marker written on my headliner. RIP Toyota 4Runner value because children.

  4. Such an entertaining video!
    Yes, here in the United States we call it "rubbing alcohol." Its proper term is "Isopropyl alcohol," but the common term is "rubbing alcohol." This is a reflection of our slightly different dialect of English: Your English- English and our American-English.
    Here in the US rubbing alcohol is extremely cheap- about $1.00- $1.25 for a bottle of 90% isopropyl, and about $0.50 for 70%. Here one does not need to ask a pharmacist for rubbing alcohol- its on store shelves.
    Glad you got that ink out!

  5. Thanks man!!! I just picked up a pizza delivery job as a side gig and noticed I’ve been getting a few pen streaks on the headliner. Not anymore thanks to you worked pretty good and got the surgical spirits at a dollar store so super cheap also

  6. …it works ….IT BLOODY WORKS, YOU KNOW ! !
    I'm really anal about my car , everything – absolutely everything gets done to the highest standard –
    but despite all that, all I could ever see was this red ink mark just above my head ….. haha no more … 😉
    Many Thanks
    ps : my two are both grown and flown the nest – if I could have those days back , I would in the blink of an eye

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