How To Restore Plastic & Vinyl to Make Your Interior Look New – Resto Mods with Eastwood

How To Restore Plastic & Vinyl to Make Your Interior Look New – Resto Mods with Eastwood

classic muscle car we want to show you
how to restore your automobile and save yourself some money in the process
sometimes we consult the pros sometimes we left but just remember it’s
never a problem it’s always a broad right now on auto restomod Jeff tackles
he plays the fire makes Josh plastics to spit up your truck or classic car ok now i want to show you a method for
hopefully putting the vinyl graining back in here that’s a little unorthodox
what I’ve got here underneath our panel is the vinyl repair kit from the guys at
Eastwood now we are going to use one of the cards out of here to read grain are
plastic but we’re also going to do down the road we’re going to try to use this
kit to repair the seat in our 69 Fairlane the front seat has a hole in it
from probably something being put in the back of the wagon and it’s sliding
forward and knocking center out of the back of the seats it’s got a nice rip
we’re going to repair it with this now another product each one has come out with is this one
is called plastic resurfacer this is good for bumpers and things like that
like we showed you a little earlier with the heat process this is actually a
chemical process to do pretty much the same thing we’re also going to show you
how this works on our trim panel as well with a little bit of a test out with it
and see how we like it from what I understand the stuff
actually works pretty good on your newer cars for those areas that we’ve gone in
and done heat process with this is just a way to do it chemically rather than
using the heat gun so what I’m going to do them to pull all this stuff out of
the way and I’m gonna go in and show you how to use the graining cards hopefully
get some grain back in these places where you got chunks taken out of the
plastic on your trim pieces inside your car going to what I’m starting to do
here I absolutely recommend you get the vinyl repair kit from eastwood because
of these graining card is going to make your job a lot easier never gonna be
able to pull the grain out of anything else that I’ve been able to come up with
to make this work so what I’m going to do now i’m going to
put a glove on because this is going to be very hot work that paper is going to
transfer all the heat through it once i get these areas hot
what you want to do is we’ll see i’ve got an area here that is really glossy
you’re going to want to eat that area up till it gets wet looking like that play the card on it roll around on a
little bit pull it back it grain some but we’re going to go into a little
harder now sometimes what can happen when
you’re trying to do this grinding workers you can pick up the old vinyl
and that comes from the fact that that upper surface is really pretty loose but
you can see the center section of this why didn’t hear it’s actually put a
grain in there and it’s pretty close to looking like your original now what I’m
going to do is I’m going to go in and continue to work this area using my card
but I’m gonna get these chips that are on your off the car because if you don’t
they’ll just put a different impression in there and you have an odd-looking
spot in your vinyl this is only going to be good for cleaning up small areas to
you’re not going to want to try to recreate an entire panel with this
because it’s just not gonna work it’s looking like what you probably want
to do is to leave it on there and let it cool in position then pull it up you
know i think in some cases with the polypropylene plastic being the way it
is it’s still going to pull that upper layer all so I’m going to keep working
this and then i’m going to show you how this product the plastic resurfacer
works and will kind of closed it out with that one ok here’s the trim panel after we’ve
used the plastic resurfacer from eastwood on it i will say that it does a
really nice job of solidifying the plastic and making it won’t granola it’s
really not going to be good for and it’s not intended to fill in any places where
the plastic is scratched off that’s just not going to happen it might be a better
idea to go and use the heat gun to take these areas like we’ve done on here it
heat them and we set the plastic as it were and put a little bit of grain and
because otherwise I think it’s probably going to be pretty noticeable especially
in lighter color plastics that you’ve got this done but as i said this product
is really good for taking this plastic and solidifying it so it won’t granola
up in your finger whenever you go to put it back in the
car and also actually kinda like the color it’s a little duller than some of
the other stuff it looks a little more like the original
plastics on the car so I like this product and i also like being able to
use the little pieces of paper like this that we got with the vinyl repair kit so
that’s our show for this week looks now come back and watch next time on auto
restomod have a great week folks yeah ok yeah

15 thoughts on “How To Restore Plastic & Vinyl to Make Your Interior Look New – Resto Mods with Eastwood

  1. Works best with a medium sand job. Just sand it to level surface clean with wax grease remover or diluted paint thinner mixed with water. Then proceed with the directions. Mine came out looking fantastic. Using that prep method. I used wax and grease remover. But Im sure the diluted paint thinner would work just as good. You dont want straight paint thinner it reacts with some plastics.

  2. That looks worse than when he started, sand prime with bulldog plastic surfacer and primer and paint flat black looks like it came out of the factory and allot less work than this crap

  3. Maybe if you are driving a car that everyone hates (74-78 mustang II, I happen to like the 76 cobra II) and can't find new replacement parts this would be the best option but for cars that most people fix up and are VERY VERY common (boring) there are always re-pop parts that are just a click away.

  4. The repair kit is not the problem ! This is guy is not good at repairing vinyl ! First, he has to use a pallet knife , next , backing fabric to put under the repair , then smooth the filler out with the pallet knife , add the grain with a small heater , lastly, spray paint it .

  5. That was the worst so called repair ever. It's like a worn panel that now has botched up places or it now has the mange.

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