How to Reupholster a Chair

How to Reupholster a Chair

Hi. I’m Jill. Have you ever thought about
reupholstering the chairs in your house? Stay tuned because I’m going to show you both the
before and after’s of a whole bunch of chairs we did for a project.
You know, it’s important for you to understand how to reupholster your chairs in the right
way, because you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money doing it the wrong way,
getting the wrong results. And you want to make sure that you get the
right fabrics for your reupholstering job. Otherwise, it’s kind of a waste. It’s important
to have a good solid chair to reupholster. You don’t want anything that’s too broken
or damaged or that can’t be easily repaired. Don’t make the mistake I did. One time I had
a rocker reupholstered and it was really squeaky. It was old and squeaky and it was really annoying.
Even though it looked beautiful when it was reupholstered, the squeak was very, very annoying.
Now, when you’re looking for fabrics for your chairs, make sure that you get the fabric
samples in your hands. And you want to make sure it’s not 100% cotton. Those fabrics are
too flimsy for upholstery. Those fabrics are best to use for pillows.
You want to make sure the fabric is upholstery grade. It’s tough, it’s strong. Make sure
it’s as soft as you can possibly get because why sit on sandpaper.
When these chairs were bought at an auction, they were a boring white color. Since the
owner of this project loves color, we used lots of mixes of fabrics to provide a really
unique look. This purple and green is nice and bold, and it looks fantastic in the room.
These copper colors warm up the space and they look really good with the wood of the
chairs. So you can see what a difference it made to reupholster these chairs.
Make sure you stick around for the end of this video because I’m going to show you my
most favorite chair of this project. This wing-back chair was pink velvet and it
didn’t fit the personality of its male owner. When we had it done in two different fabrics
as you can see here, it fit its owner much better because he’s really fun, outgoing,
and personable. And then having one fabric on the sides and back, which is different
from the front really created nice interest on this chair.
This modern style chair was pretty boring and the cushions had gone flat as you can
see. The owner of this chair liked fall colors and wanted variety. So we had the fabric on
the back pillow area with two fabrics, one on each side. And so here, he could just switch
the pillow around based on his mood and what he was wanting that day.
This modern style chair is super comfortable. The owner wanted her room to feel like the
ocean. So we used blues in a modern pattern. We used the contrasting fabric on the cording
area, and this is a designer trick to create a custom look.
Have you ever just looked up at the ceiling for no reason? Just for fun?
This little barrel-styled chair needed some pasaz. The owner of this chair wanted her
room to pop with interest, and she has a bit of a wild side. Can’t you tell?
Now, this cute little barrel-styled chair was pretty ragged. So giving it the super
soft green forest looking fabric, it really gave it some sophistication. It’s beautiful
in this new fabric. This chair was so boring and worn before we
had it reupholstered. It had no color, no life, but it still had good bones. So we reupholstered
it in this cooler than cool fabric. Don’t you love the stripe? And it just turned out
so awesome. I love this chair and the owner loves it too.
All right. So if you don’t know how to reupholster a chair yourself, then I highly recommend
you simply bid it out and have it done for you. There’s probably a great upholsterer
in your local city or town. Ask around. Find a good person that knows what they’re doing.
And why not just have someone else do it? This person can come out to your home. They
can take a look at the chair or chairs. They can give you a bid. They can tell you how
much fabric to order and you’re off and running. Usually, they’re really reasonable in price
and they can typically get it done in a week or two. Awesome.
I know how to reupholster. I’ve done it before. It’s very time-consuming. It takes a lot of
grit and muscle and effort and patience. I don’t have so much of that.
Now, listen. If you want to create a home that refreshes your spirit and nourishes your
soul, then I’ve created something just for you. To get your hands on this free EGuide,
just click the link in the description box below this video. Make sure and subscribe
to my channel because I teach all about home decorating and my videos are just plain fun,
fun, fun. Thank you so much for watching. Have fun reupholstering
your chair. I know you’ll love the

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