How to SETUP A DAMN SOFTBOX LIGHTING KIT! CowboyStudio, Fancierstudio, LimoStudio, ESSDI

How to SETUP A DAMN SOFTBOX LIGHTING KIT! CowboyStudio, Fancierstudio, LimoStudio, ESSDI

hey, guys Harrison here and holy sh*t are
softboxes a pain to setup. it’s not that they’re even that hard
to setup, it’s just that the instructions are either useless or don’t even exist. so let me show you how to set one up, so you
don’t have to go through the pain, that I did. so in this video im just setting up a cheap
$50 softbox that I found on eBay, but these instructions apply to pretty much any softbox
you could find alright, so there’s 3 main parts to any softbox
that you’ll find. there’s the bulb, there’s the lightstand,
and there’s also the softbox itself. so the first part that we need is the lightstand
– so grab the lightstand and we’re gonna unscrew the legs, fold them out so that it’s able
to stand up, and then tighten the legs back up. so now we’re gonna take the softbox out of
its little carrying case, and just put the diffuser to one side for a second. and now we’re going to mount the softbox onto
the lightstand. so to do that, all you’ve gotta do is loosen
the clamp on the very back of the softbox, and that’ll allow you to just slide the softbox
down on top of the lightstand. and once it’s on, don’t forget to tighten
it back up. now this is the bit that confused me, we’ve
gotta go to the front of the softbox, and there’s going to be a ring with some metal
pieces coming out from it. we’ve gotta push that metal ring all the way
to the back of the softbox right into the other ring, and you’ll hear a sort of a click
sound when they’re securely together. now we’re going to grab the bulb and take
it out of the box it came in, and then we’re just going to hold it by the base as much
as we can, and then screw it into the mount inside the softbox. so this softbox only has 1 bulb, but you might
softboxes that have 2, 4 or even more bulbs, so just take the time to make sure you screw
them all in, and that they’re all in tight. now you could leave it like this – the softbox
will work just fine, but I recommend that you grab the diffuser that we put to the side
before, and we’ll just put it over the front of the softbox, to give it a more diffused,
and a softer light. so just grab the diffuser, and we’ll fold
it over the edges of the softbox, and normally there’s gonna be some sort of velcro that
you’ll want to connect as well. now just plug it in, make sure the softbox is switched on, and there
you go! see, not too hard, with a bit of a hand. that’s all there really is to it though, so
thanks for watching, hopefully, you’ll get a chance to enjoy your softboxes now. and if you did enjoy, dont forget to leave
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media, on Twitter and on Instagram. apart from that though, thanks for watching,
and I’ll catch ya in the next video!

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  1. You're awesome for posting this! I could not figure it out how to put mine together and with your video it took me about a minute to put it all together!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Thank you Harrison- I’ve ordered mine from eBay and it didn’t come with instructions – thank you so very much. Much love 💕🇦🇺💕🇦🇺💕🇦🇺

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