How to shoot CARS! 5 tips to better Automotive Photography!

How to shoot CARS! 5 tips to better Automotive Photography!

– What’s up guys! My name is Chris Hau and
today we’re talking five tips and tricks to up your
car photography game. So, let’s get right into it. (upbeat music) So, through my experience
of working with brands like Mercedes Benz, Toyota
and a bunch of other clients, I thought I’d share with you
some of the tips, tricks, hacks and other things I’ve
learned along the way that will help you get some
results that you’re pumped on. So here’s some of the photos
that I’ve taken in the past. We’ll explore some of the
techniques that I used in these photos and this video today. So let’s go grab our car and our camera and take some photos. Today we’re gonna shoot with
my 1998 Mercedes Benz C230 with rust spots and fake AMG wheels. This car should work perfect for what we’re trying to achieve here today. So, unfortunately I don’t
have a dope location. I’m just using my parents’ house. But this should hopefully
at least show you some of the things that you can
use to improve your shots. Tip number one. Let’s shoot the car at
different angles and positions. Now there’s a handful of
common ways to shoot a car. Let’s explore my favorites. The first position is
a front left 1/4 shot. That’s where you position
the car to see about 25% of the left side as you’re shooting down it. Up next we got the left 3/4 shot. This is where you expose
75% of the side of the car so that you get more
of the car in the shot. This can all be reversed for
the right side of the car too. Including the front right 1/4 shot and a front right 3/4 shot. So that’s 25% and 75%
of the side of the car. Next, we got the front shot. Very obvious. You’re shooting straight
down the line of the car so that you can only see the
lights and the windshield. Up next we got a side profile. Now that’s 100% a the side
that you’re looking at. Looks great when you match it
with an awesome background. Now let’s head to the back of the car. Let’s shoot straight down
the back where you only have the headlights and the windshield so you can only see just
the back part of the car. Up next, we got the back right 1/4 shot where you see 25% of the side of that car. Next you got the back
right 3/4 shot we’re seeing about 75% of the side of
the car from the back. Fun little pro tip for you, and this is something that I learned from a bunch of automotive
journalists along the way. Try your best always to
turn the wheel of the car so that the rim is
facing the photographer. It generally just makes
the car look better and it’s more pleasing to the eye. Tip number two, panning for motion blur. A cool way to get some
natural in camera motion blur is to stand stationary next
to the side of the road while the car drives
past you at a fast speed. I would suggest that the car drives about 60 kilometers an hour or 40
miles per hour at this time. Now grab your camera, set
your shutter to about 1/125 and get all the other settings so you have the right exposure. And as the car drives past you follow it along with the
lens and get the shot. Now, if you capture it properly the car should be nice and sharp but the wheels should be blurry and so should the background. This is to showcase speed and to add some dimension to your photos. Tip number three, driving shots. Some of the things that you’ll need are two drivers, two cars
and a closed off area that you can shoot safely. This is where you’re
gonna hang your camera outside the window of your
chase car while you shoot the opposite car at about a
speed of forty miles an hour to sixty miles an hour. Grab your camera. Set your shutter to 1/80
or 1/100 for shutter speed. This is the same principal as
we talked in tip number two where the body’s nice and
sharp but it shows motion on the ground or the road or the background, including the wheels. If you want to, you can
decrease your shutter speed. This will increase the motion blur and if you just get that one shot that just looks like woo! That’s the one. But you’re probably gonna have to take a lot more shots in this case. So a safe area to play is
1/80 or 1/100 shutter speed. Obviously, quick safety tip. I just need to say it. Make sure that the
camera is attached to you or latched to you in some way. I don’t want you to be
shooting and all of the sudden you drop your camera and now
a Porsche GT3 drives over it and now you have to explain
to the insurance company what happened ’cause you’re probably
gonna not get that claim. So, please be safe. I don’t want to hear about
anybody getting hurt. This is always about fun and getting some images
that you’re pumped on. But safety comes first. One hundo P. Every time. Kay guys! Tip number four, beware of reflections. Cars are basically just like giant mirrors and they capture everything. Especially if you’re in a
busy location or a busy area. You’ll have your friends captured in them. You’ll have trees or buildings. So I’d recommend going
out into an open space. A field should work just fine. You don’t want to have to be
looking at the image later and being like, should have asked Pete and his damn skinny jeans
to get out of the shot. Now I gotta photo shop him
out of the side of the car. Great. Thanks Pete. Shoulda’ just told told you to move. Quick tip and something that
you should definitely buy is a polarizing filter
when you’re shooting cars. Check out this example and see how much the reflections change when you use a circular polarizing filter. (light music) One thing to keep in mind and
something that I always do, when you’re switching
from portrait to landscape make sure you compensate your
polarizing filter accordingly. ‘Cause every now and then
I’m looking back and forth at the photos and I’m like, why
does this photo look so dope and this one looks so bad Chris? Oh, probably ’cause you didn’t change the circular polarizing filter
again like you always do. So, this is mainly a reminder for me but you should also do it. Tip number five, composition. Seems obvious but change up
your shots as much as you can. Get low. Bust out a ladder. Get high. Maybe take out your drone
get it right over the car, shoot directly down. Utilize the landscape around you. Shoot behind trees. Put some stuff in the foreground. Change up your perspective and
your composition a little bit so that number one, your clients are happy and number two, when your
friends are swiping through your Instagram feed going why does Kyle’s 1998 Mercedes
Benz C230 look so amazing? Yes, I assume you have
the same exact car as me. It’s because you utilized
some new techniques and you kinda’ changed it up a little bit and in return they’re gonna
be smashin’ that Like button. You’ll get like, at least
thirty two more likes. That’s a lot a likes guys. Ultimately, this is a creative
space so trust your eye. Go out there, get creative. Explore some light,
explore different angles, explore locations. Incorporate whatever you can
into your car photography. So that you’re happy with the
results that you’re getting. Guys if you’ve liked what you’ve learned, head over to that Like button. Give it some love. Tell it it’s amazing by liking it. Subscribe if you guys want
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you might want to see next. That’s it for now guys. I’ll catch ya’ next time! (upbeat music)

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