How To Stand Out Online as a Freelance Graphic Designer

How To Stand Out Online as a Freelance Graphic Designer

– Many designers out there
are struggling hard on getting noticed, especially online
in such a saturated market. So, how do you get people to find you, just like you’ve done here
on this video with me, or even better, how do you
get clients to find you, instead of you always
having to chase after them? That’s what I’m gonna
share with you right now. (upbeat music) First things first, you
gotta do great work. There’s no doubt about it. There’s no shortcuts or secrets there. Just do good work. But other than that, how do
you get people to find you? Well, I’m just gonna cut straight to it, it all boils down to
how you brand yourself. Now when it comes to presenting
yourself, your brand, it’s so much more than your
color scheme or your logo. So much more. It’s what you do and who you do it for, how you do it, and most
importantly why you do it. Your brand is what people should feel when they think about you, and
when they interact with you, especially online. It’s so much more than the visuals. It’s your portfolio, and most importantly, the thing that actually attracts clients, your content strategy. Yes, your content strategy. So knowing the who, the what,
and the why is gonna help you dramatically understand what you can share to attract clients. So for me, I’m most passionate
about T-shirt design. That’s why when you go to my website, the very first two words
is gonna be T-shirt design. If you don’t define the exact
work you want to be known for, you’re going to struggle. Trust me, you’re going to struggle, because when you try to do everything, and you want to reach
everyone in the world, you’re gonna practically not exist, because when you do all those things, or you want to do all those
things, you reach no one. No one will know you exist
in this oversaturated market because the truth is there
are countless other designers that can design your
website, design your logo, do any of that stuff. So you have to find what
makes you stand out. Why should people hire you? Why should people buy your product? You’ve gotta find out
what makes you different, and what piques people’s interest. Maybe you post resources on
your blog every single week. Maybe you shoot a daily vlog. Maybe you like to sit down
and have personal phone calls with your clients one
on one to help maintain that real intimate personal relationship. Every brand or every designer,
anything that you look up to, does something differently. That’s why they stand out. You’ve discovered them somehow, and that’s why you follow them. It’s ’cause they do something
different that has piqued your interest, and this is
the same thing you have to do with your brand as a graphic designer. For me, I just don’t design T-shirts, and just throw them out there. I help brands stay creatively relevant. That’s the cheesy little
line I’ve coined for myself. So I post case studies on my
portfolio every chance I get. I link to the bands that I work with trying to send any
exposure I can to them. I create and share
content about what I love. It’s because of this it’s why you’re sitting here watching this video. You found me somehow,
and I appreciate that, and it’s also how my clients find me. They find me through these outlets. They know exactly what I do because of it, and I have experience doing it, but also that I’m super
passionate about it. So how do you stand out
as a graphic designer? Focus. Right now, I mean, right
now, you have to define the what, who, and why. You have to take the time
and actually write this down, and just go all in. I know focus can be scary,
and even if you’re not 100% sure on what you want to do, just do it. Just go with your gut
and go with something that you know that you
want to be known for. And the great thing is that if
it’s something down the road that you find out that
you don’t want to do, or maybe you find another passion that you would rather pursue,
then you can switch. You can pivot. You don’t have to start back from zero. You’ve gained all this experience, and you can apply that to
this new passion of yours. Just know that you will grow faster if you focus on something. So enough of that. Now that you have your focus,
what do you do with it? What are you going to do to stand out? What needs to be done? The best thing for you to do now, maybe you already do have your focus, and you’re still kind of struggling, you have to define goals. You have to think of where you want to be, and then work backwards. Let me give you some ideas that you can hopefully draw inspiration from. I need to start creating
content on a weekly basis. I need to take three online courses to beef up my web dev skills. I need to make five case
studies for my online portfolio so I can direct potential clients to them. I need to redesign all
my social media accounts os they’re consistent
across all platforms. I need to set up an email newsletter and create a free incentive to start connecting more intimately
with my audience. With all of this said, I know
freelancing is a struggle. So I want you to keep fighting. I want you to fight to stay exciting, and to work hard to meet your goals. Just a few years ago, I was barely making a couple hundred dollars a
month with my freelancing. I didn’t have any real
goals, nothing tangible. I just tried to take on any
type of graphic design work I could just to try to make
ends meet and to save money, and well, I was struggling
for a couple years because of that, because I had no focus. So, I decided to do something about it. I rebuilt my freelance
business from the ground up, and I found my focus and rebuilt
my entire website around it and then I wrote down all of
the things that I had to do in order to get there, and
then I just took action. I am now at a point after going
on six years of freelancing full time where I’m not
constantly struggling. I’m in complete bliss
doing the work that I love, designing T-shirts for
the merchandise industry, and I absolutely love
that I can take the time whenever I want to shoot
these videos for you, or to maybe create a product. The only thing holding
you back from growing and being successful at
freelancing is yourself. You’re the one that’s
in control of how hard you should work, and
when you should persevere through those hard times. You can stand out, you can
be successful freelancing, you just have to embrace
what makes you different, and then you gotta make it happen. I hope this video can give you
a little bit of motivation, and inspiration to really
define what you want to do, what you want to be known for. That is literally the number one tip that I could have for any freelancer. It’s what sky rocketed my business, and it’s why I’m doing
exactly what I love. So, just hopefully you found
one golden nugget in this video and you apply it to your life and you can get where
you want to be one day. Thank you so much for watching. I really appreciate you, and you taking the time
to watch this video. If you have any questions whatsoever, leave a comment down below. Like this video if you liked it, and subscribe if you don’t wanna
miss any more of my videos. Thanks for watching, now,
let’s get back to work.

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