Hi everyone my name is Jamie and I’m a second
year emergency medicine resident. Today I want to talk to you guys about something
we all suffer from: procrastination. Have you guys ever been in a situation where
you’re about to start an important task (like studying for an exam.) And right when you start you start the task
at hand, you start thinking about all the other things you would rather do, like vacuuming,
cleaning the kitchen, organizing your apartment. I remember in undergrad and in high school,
my place would be the cleanest right before the exam season. Procrastination is just running away from
our responsibilities. And I would argue that it’s a perfectly
normal response. Under stressful situations we are hardwired
to either fight or flight. Unfortunately, no matter how much we run,
we eventually have to face the work that we’re running away from. So let’s talk about some tips on how we
can fight procrastination and be as productive as we can be. Tip 1: Figuring out why you’re procrastinating. Maybe you have too many things to do? Sometimes we run away from our responsibilities
because there are just too many things to do. Somehow deadlines are bunched together, all
the exams and essays we have to write are due around the same time. So in the end we just end up feeling overwhelmed. And we get stuck at feeling overwhelmed without
properly dealing with all the stuff we have to do. My advice is: BREATHE and just start. Acknowledge that you have to do a lot of stuff
and come up with a plan of attack. We can either start with what’s due first,
or what’s worth the most. That’s my first tip–breathe and just start. Tip 2: Figuring out why you’re procrastinating
part 2. Maybe you don’t know how to start? Sometimes we run away because the task is
YUGE and we don’t know how to start. For example, maybe you want to learn a new
language or start preparing for entrance exams like the MCAT or SATs but you don’t know
how to start. One way to get around this is breaking big
goals into smaller manageable tasks. For example, you guys know I’m currently
preparing for my board exam (Step 3). Studying for a big test like that can be overwhelming. I try to choose a small number of resources–
question set like UWorld and a reference like a text book or a set of study material. I then decide how many questions I want to
do each week and how much of the reference material I want to cover each week. That way I know exactly what I have to do
each day and I don’t waste time trying to figure out what to do. One of the benefits of having smaller tasks
is it’s quantifiable. As you check them off it feels good and you
get a sense of accomplishment. And on the flip side, If you don’t have
a list of smaller tasks, it feels like you’re just wandering around aimlessly and as a result
it is easier to get distracted. If you’re working on a passion project,
like learning a new language, launching a YT channel or starting a blog setting a deadline
can you help you with consistency. For example, for this YouTube channel, I upload
every weekend at noon and I have been doing so for 3 years now. Having a deadline gives me a time limit on
how much I can spend per video. More often than not, it’s better to be done
than perfect. Tip 3: Prevent your mind from wandering. Phones are incredibly useful. If I get lost, I can get directions in an
instant. If I get hungry, I can order food right away. I can shop, read, stay in touch with friends
easily. If I’m curious about something, I can look
up the answers quickly. If you’re bored, you can endless scroll
through Instagram or Twitter. You see where I’m going with this–while
they are useful, phones can be really distracting. My tip is for when you’re finally sitting
down to do work is to turn off notifications and alerts. You can turn on do not disturb on your phone. Or even better, you can leave your phone in
a different room or at home for when you’re at the library. If you can’t leave your phone because of
your job or personal reasons, you can set it so only certain people can reach you while
you’re on do not disturb mode. Keeping my phone far away from me is something
I did for STEP 1 and STEP 2 studying and it really helped a lot. You’d be surprised at how many times you
instinctively look for your phone to distract yourself from what you’re doing. If you have an iPhone you can check how many
times you pick up your phone under Screen Time Another way you can prevent your mind from
wandering is getting in the right mindset. Something that works for me is having a consistent
study/work space. For example, I do most of my studying on this
desk and when I study at the library, I usually have a favorite desk or area I like to study
in. By minimizing having to adjust to new environment
each time I can focus better and get more work done. Tip 4: One thing at a time. My last tip is to focus on one task at a time. It’s okay to have different projects going
on at the same time but while you’re working, you should focus on a single task. It’s easy to lose interest halfway through
a task and jump into another one but you end up with tasks that are not finished. Something that helps me with this is using
the pomodoro technique. The idea is simple–the pomodoro technique
introduces a sense of urgency. Rather than feeling like you have unlimited
time, you’re given 25 minutes to make as much progress on a task as possible. I have a study with me channel that revolves
around the pomodoro technique so if you’re looking for someone to work with to help you
get started you can click here to check it out. So those are the tips I have for dealing with
procrastination. Let me know what you guys think and let me
know in the comment section what other ways you guys deal with procrastination! Thanks for watching. You can follow me on other social media like
Instagram and Twitter @TheStriveToFit. And If you want to watch more videos you can
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  1. This week I kept thinking of other things that needed to be done (instead of grad school work) and getting distracted. Solid advice and tips, thank u I needed this.

  2. To avoid distraction I usually use Forest on my phone and I get motivated to plant more and more trees. When I'm studying at home I usually like to watch study with me videos so I don't feel like I'm alone and if I feel like giving up and can look up and see someone studying, so it's motivating! Thank you 🧡

  3. There's no use of your videos uploading, because you don't care for your subscribers and followers.
    You want only fame that's it.
    But that's too selfish..
    I have been approaching you since last few days because I have some doubts On emergency medicine because I also would like to take emergency medicine as my specialty (inspired by you only)
    I'm following you since last three years..
    But who cares..
    Very disappointed from you Jamei

  4. You are a mind reader. I need to start studying for my board exam for RT’s and I’ve been procrastinating and making my baby the excuse however she has nothing to do with it lol

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  7. hi jamieee! first off, i absolutely love your vieos and they keep me going ( a pre-med student myself). secondly, thank you for sharing your journey with us! its really motivating and its actualy one of the ways in which i beat procrastination : by reminding myself about how consistency, that you practice, is the key!!!
    lots of love ~

  8. Super!!! Exactly what I need. I'm last-year student from tommorow 😔 and need to work really hard this year. Thank you for your advices and the motivation you've given to me👍

  9. I don't understand where you find the time to make these truly helpful videos on top of everything else you have going on… WOW. That alone is motivating. 🙂👍💙

  10. The value of your vidos is priceless. Thank you for not approaching the problem like something that is easily solved by just getting to work and giving us strategies that are simple and attainable.

  11. Just what I need. I am in my final semester, and already flopped the previous semester.So I need to work extra hard along side studying for step 1(light read). Thank you so much

  12. Approaches PC to start studying, loads Youtube "Oh nice, new video from Jaime". Proceeds to procrastinate.

  13. Procrastination is toooo real 😩 I watch avoiding procrastination video to try and help me stop 😭

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  15. It's a very well made video, a bit unatural, like you are reading from the script. Procastination it's a huge topic and in this video you didn't cover even the basics. Love your channel but sorry this is not good enough.

  16. My MCAT is a month away and I feel like I can’t get into a disciplined mindset no matter what I try (small manageable tasks, pomodoro technique, watching studying with me videos, consistent study space, etc). Do you have any tips for studying long term?

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  18. I've been struggling with procastination for a month and I've lost quite a valuable time for preparation of my medical entrance exams….your video came just at the time I almost got lost….so a big THANK YOU Dr. JAMIE!!

  19. Hey Jamie Just wondering…what does your planner look like? Do you plan? or how did your planner look in medical school? Thanks for all your helpful videos! I want to be like you someday!

  20. I'd rather be studying than cleaning my apartment or organizing the kitchen. Y'all have some weird ass procrastination habits. I simply binge watch some YouTube videos about Justin Bieber's mom or something

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  24. Thanks for the great tips Jamie! I watch your videos to stop procrastinating 💛You're always inspiring and give actual tips that work.

  25. Am in a very difficult stage of my life, i feel as if my family and the world are against me, am constantly scared of doing wrong or saying something wrong or taking a wrong decision, so to avoid that i end up in the house 24/7 i hate the light, i feel at peace when i make the house dark. I dont have anyone i can solely talk to, people see as if am just lazy but am burning inside, am crying now and i dont know, two weeks now i havent got out of the door, i am procrastinating about everything and my relationship with my family and friends is getting weak. 😢😥💔am 18

  26. Does anyone think that I can build a habit while lucid dreaming? I procrastinate a lot so I wanna dream of studying to actually study

  27. I have been stuck on the same essay for more than a month and I just cannot bring myself to finish it, because I do not know what to write. I need sources to write (I can't just write something and fix it later as it is a quite technical issue) and I can't seem to put the pieces together. I've been so slow in the last couple of semesters and I do not know how to fix my head/headspace/habits/whatever, it's become a serious issue, I get so easily distracted by my computer itself, it's not even my phone (website blockers are useless)… fml

  28. This video was extremely helpful. Although I struggle with procrastination, my aim is to become more productive within my work and personal life. I really enjoy your channel and thanks for the insightful advice. 👍

  29. At this point it’s not even called procrastination anymore, more like jeopardizing my future 😂 but somehow I can’t stop! My future patients deserve my best effort though, that’s what gets me motivated!

  30. With such a busy schedule, how are you able to maintain a relationship with a partner?
    (I'm really sorry if this question is too invasive.) I just feel like medical school is distancing me even from my friends, and maintaining any relationship seems almost impossible to me. I'd love to hear some of your tips and advice on that.

  31. HI! I just found your channel and I'm going into my first year of nursing school! I love some of your tips and vlogs!

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