How to String Christmas Tree Lights

How to String Christmas Tree Lights

How to String Christmas Tree Lights. Putting lights on the Christmas tree may not
be the most glamorous part of tree decorating, but the glittering results are worth the effort. You will need Strings of lights LED lights
and extension cords. Step 1. If you’re using last year’s lights, check
them to make sure they don’t have any frayed wires, burned-out bulbs, or cracked sockets. If you are buying lights, figure on 100 lights
for every foot of tree. Don’t connect more sets than the manufacturer
suggests or you might blow a fuse. Consider using LED lights, available where
other tree lights are sold. They cost a bit more, but they stay cool to
the touch, last longer, and consume less energy. Step 2. Verify that all your lights work together. Tree lights come in two types: Stacked or
end-to-end. Stacked plugs allow you to join more strands
than the end-to-end variety. Always hang lights before any tinsel, garlands,
or ornaments. Step 3. Start by lighting the tree from within. Beginning at the top of the tree, wrap a string
of lights around the trunk. Step 4. Now light the branches. Starting again at the top with a new strand
of lights, wrap the non-plug end around a branch to secure it, then begin winding the
string down and around the tree, letting it rest lightly on the outermost branch tips. When you come to the end of one string, just
attach the next string of lights and start where you left off. Take care not to cross the strands. You may need extension cords to plug in your
lights. Just don’t attach more than two. Step 5. If you’re lighting an artificial tree and
intend to leave the lights attached when you store it, secure them by wrapping the cord
around individual branches every few feet. If your tree disassembles in sections, string
the lights so that each section has its own strand. Step 6. Turn on the lights and step a few feet back
from the tree. Walk around it, checking whether the lights
are evenly spaced and looking for dark areas. Make any adjustments needed. Step 7. Fix yourself a hot toddy, dim the lights,
and admire your handiwork. Did you know In the 17th century, people illuminated
Christmas trees with tiny candles attached to branches with wax or pins. In part because they presented such a fire
danger, trees did not go up until Christmas Eve to ensure freshness.

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  1. Two things. One, people used candles on trees into the 20th century. Two, and more important: Christmas tree lights are covered with lead, a heavy metal you don't want to ingest. You will though, if you eat while stringing the lights or simply don't wash your hands afterward. Wear gloves and/or wash your hands afterward.

  2. Stringing the lights would be so much nicer if everyone else in the house was gone -you know, like they are when it's time to take 'er down and put evrything away? Where's the Xanax? Merry Xmas, peeps :}

  3. Let's get a real tree she said; We will decorate it so nice she said… Here I am alone, in a dark house wrapping the tree in lights for the second time $200 in on decorations and lights…The joys of living with a pregnant woman.. But you know, Happy Wife, Happy Life!

  4. Truly, nothing worse than putting in Christmas tree lights, until you've finished that is and can begin with the fun part which is hanging in all the ornaments.

  5. Lady, you are very pretty but I didn't come here to see you or hear facts that I'm never gonna use in my entire life. I came here to learn how to set up lights on a Christmas tree.

  6. I was told by a professional Christmas tree shop years ago to string the lights up and down, not around and around. If for some reason you have to replace a strand after the tree is decorated, its much easier to remove. I love it and have done it like that ever since. Works great.

  7. when starting – is the fist set of lights on the tree trunk-plugged in at the bottom – this never really says -is it plugged in the still starting at the top

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