How To Style A Coffee Table | Interior Decorating Tips

How To Style A Coffee Table | Interior Decorating Tips

okay guys so the first thing we’re going to talk about our trays and I’m obsessed with using trays for my coffee table because it’s a great way to utilize space I like the lucite ones because they’re see-through and you can kind of have more space on your coffee table when you use these and I’m going to put this on the right side of the coffee table okay you cannot style a coffee table without books I love coffee table books I know this sounds weird but when I have coffee table books I make sure that they match the color of my design so my house right now is black and white with a little bit of navy and you can’t see it but we also have a pop of purple so I’m going to start with a black and white book this is Tom Ford’s book it’s on design and if it’s perfect on this coffee table and I’m actually going to put it perpendicular to the tray to add some contrast instead of adding the next book first we’re going to add some candles it was like five dollars it’s huge and it’s perfect for the coffee table so this isn’t actually probably a candle that I would light I’ll show you guys some of those in a second but this is more of like a decorative candle so I’m going to go ahead and put this in the middle of the table the next accent I’m using for my coffee table is a white marble slab you can find these anywhere and what you can do is you can just put this on your lucite tray and you can just lay it kind of on one side since moving in with my fiance it is been an intense experience mixing feminine and masculine tastes he’s very set in his ways and I’m obviously very set in mind so to do that what I do is kind of get something that’s feminine like a Kate Moss book and I get it in black and white so it still feels masculine I’m going to go ahead and place this on top of the Tom Ford book so you’re going to get his book in my book mixed together and you still get that masculine feel like it’s black and white okay so these are like my favorite things ever they are white marble bookends and they’re so fun because they add dimension to the table when I’m designing a table I really really on all about the dimension I like highs and lows you guys know this if you read my blog I don’t just like one straight line across the table so these are going to add that dimension and that depth on your coffee table and instead of putting them next to each other it’s kind of fun to mix it up so I’m going to go ahead and put one on my book and I’m going to put the other one not next to it but kind of behind the book I really like this on my coffee table um I actually stole it from him when I was living on my own and I’m I’m just giving it back to him now that we’re living together so I’m gonna go ahead and place this on the lucite tray on top of the marble so instead of putting everything in straight line that’s all tall you’re just gonna want to move it around and mix it up if you guys know my blog you know I love diffusers they smell good and they’re a really nice way to add an added accent so I like to be really sneaky with Michael and add things on the table when he’s not looking um one of those things is this book it’s called how to be a Parisian wherever you are and it’s very very girly but when you look at it it doesn’t look super girly so I’m gonna go ahead and add this to the lucite tray and he will never notice and it will just blend right in these are like crimson purple roses and the reason I got these is because of my rug which I will show you in a second and it’s really really a deep purple so this just ties it in and kind of completes the black and white look for color always use a pop of color if you’re going to do black and white that’s just definitely one of the things I live by when I’m designing my house I’m so OCD so I always have coasters on hand I know that I sound like a really annoying host but I promise I’m not because I’ll just give you one of these if you come over so again this is mixing masculine and feminine this is my feminine masculine and I like to stack it on top of each other detail detail detail these are little dice they’re super cute they say cocktails gym weekend away stay in bed and dirty video so um my favorites are cocktails and dirty video just I think they’re cute and funny so I’m going to place these on the table as an added detail a little added accent just for fun and it gives you something to talk about when you’re guests over so you’re not gonna light your big decorative candles these are gonna be your lighting candles be it’s tiny cute and it’s just kind of a space filler so I found these candles in the religious candle aisle these are just the plain white ones I’m absolutely obsessed with these because of the height these are so great for Heights also if these are lit and I leave the room I’m not uncomfortable if the dogs are in the room because the glass protects them I even have these all over my bathtub um and I like them all the time and they last forever and they’re like $1.99 so our last thing we’re going to add to the coffee table is a wishbone it’s gold and I feel like it completes the table and you’re keeping that theme of highs and lows I’m going to go ahead and put this in front of the candles and it’s going to complete our coffee table

20 thoughts on “How To Style A Coffee Table | Interior Decorating Tips

  1. Nice to have and nice to do in your lounge,
    But not when you have the "pitter -patter" of toddlers in the house. ; )

  2. The quality of this video is amazing! There is too much crap on the table for me though, I have the urge to tidy it up and put that stuff away. But that's just me. I do love the sculpture of the woman!

  3. Hmmmmm, I would like to see this styled without the Tom Ford and Kate Moss books that everyone thinks they have to have on their coffee table – it's predictable and samey as all other YouTubers. The rest is cute though.

  4. Since you began with a "before" shot of the table, I was expecting to see an "after" version of the entire tablescape once you were done, but it didn't happen. It would have helped me see how the different zones related to one another. Other than that, I think you did an excellent job, especially how you expounded on the dimensional aspects. Thanks for sharing your techniques, many of which I will be sure and use.

  5. Love the elegant and simplicity of your coffee table!!! That's how I like mine too, except mine has a little less items because i have 2 little ones.

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