How To Tease A Woman In The Bedroom

How To Tease A Woman In The Bedroom

Hey guys Jason Julius here and in this video
we’re gonna talk about how to tease a woman in the bedroom. Alright, so teasing is such a fun part of
foreplay in the sexual experience because it really builds up anticipation in her mind
and really gets her mind engaged. Remember, her mind needs to be fully engaged
and present in order to let go and orgasm. So, what are some really great ways that we
can tease her in the bedroom? Well, I like to think of it as even before
you get to the bedroom you can start the fantasy, you can start teasing her and making her anticipate
what’s gonna happen next. So, you might be out to dinner and you might
whisper into her ear, “I can’t wait to get you home.” So, her mind starts to think, “Why can’t he
wait to get me home? What’s on his mind? What does he have planned? What’s coming next?” She gets the feeling that you want her and
you can do this with text messages before you even see her. Those types of things. That’s like that light flirty teasing about
what’s going to happen next. And you can get as dirty as you want with
it. But once you get her to the bedroom and you
start taking off your clothes and start escalating towards sex, you want to remember to slow
down and build up anticipation. Us guys oftentimes want to jump right into
things because we get turned on really quickly, like a light switch. Women are maybe a bit more of a slow volume
knob turn and they need to get into the fantasy a little bit more to really feel desire. And so, you want to build anticipation. You don’t want to do the same thing every
single time. And you don’t want to jump in and go right
for her sensitive areas. Guys tend to jump in and go right for her
breasts or her genitals. You want to make sure that you take your time,
slow down, and don’t be predictable. There’s so many sensitive areas on a woman’s
body. From her earlobes and down her neck, down
to the small of her back, on her stomach, her inner thighs, all these areas you can
take your time and progress down her body. Not jump right into sensitive areas. If you do want to lick her breasts, don’t
go right for the nipple. Make her mind anticipate what’s coming next. Let her get really, really engaged. And as you make your way down to her genitals,
don’t jump right in and start stimulating her clitoris. Tease around that area with your tongue. All the way around her vulva and make little
passes towards it like you’re gonna go for her clitoris and then as you get close and
you kinda do a bit of a takeaway and just really lick the whole area around her vulva. And just when she can’t take it anymore, that’s
when you go in and start stimulating her clitoris. The same thing also goes for when you stimulate
the inside of her vagina. You don’t want to just put your finger inside
and go right up to the g-spot or right in for the a-spot. You know, you can start off slow and stimulate
all over the inside of her vagina. It’s sensitive all over. Don’t just jump in right for the g-spot. Tease the g-spot a little bit. Especially if she knows where she likes to
be touched. Tease around that area so she can anticipate
when is he gonna actually touch me there? When is he actually gonna do it? So that by the time that you do, it’ll be
so built up in her head that it will feel amazing. So again, don’t jump right into those sensitive
areas even inside of her. So, that’s a really core thing about building
up the anticipation, building the tease, is getting her anticipating what you’re gonna
do next. Another really fun way to do that is to put
like a sleeping mask or a blindfold over her eyes so that she can’t watch where you’re
at. And you can interact and kiss all over her
body and do all kinds of things without her mind getting involved and she has nothing
to do but anticipate where you’re going to go next and that can be really fun and that
can be a really great way to get a woman present who has a tendency to look around and not
let her mind quiet down. Putting a blindfold on can actually go quite
a long ways. And now let’s say you’re building up and you’re
about to have sex. Don’t jump right in to penetrating her. You might even just put the tip of your penis
right inside of her vagina as if you’re going to enter her but then you look at her and
you tease her with the head of your penis and tell her to … Or ask her to tell you
how badly she wants you. And just when she can’t take it anymore, that’s
when you put yourself inside of her. And you can build up that anticipation without
just jumping right into sex. And the same thing when you’re having sex. You can kind of take yourself out of her and
go into some really short, shallow strokes and tease her that you’re not going all the
way in and just tease her with those short, shallow strokes with the head of your penis
and then go all the way deep inside of her. And that will really get her mind engaged. Really tease her and really make her want
you. So, those are some fun ways to tease your
woman in the bedroom. Remember it’s just about fantasy. It’s about getting her anticipating what you’re
doing next. Just keep that in mind, have fun with it,
that’s the biggest thing, don’t be inside your mind thinking too hard about this. The biggest thing is just have fun and she
will love it. So, I hope you liked this video. If you did, make sure you hit the subscribe
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