How to use DOME LIGHT and HDRI for Exterior Lighting | Vray for Sketchup

How to use DOME LIGHT and HDRI for Exterior Lighting | Vray for Sketchup

What’s happening ladies and gentlemen, this is Minh from Architecture Inspirations. Today I’m going to show you how to use HDRi and Dome Light in Vray 3.4 for Sketchup. Let’s get started First, Open up the Asset Editor and go to the Light List You can see that by default, we have a sunlight in our model If you render this, it will use Sketchup’s shadows settings to light up the scene so however you change the shadows, it will reflect it in your rendering. But if you want to use a Domelight or HDRI for lighting, we need to first turn off the Sunlight. You can do that by first clicking this arrow to get to the settings. Now let’s turn off the sunlight by unchecking this box here Then on the Lights toolbar, click on this icon and click on a spot in your model to add a Dome light. You can now see that a dome light is added to the list. You can also change the settings of it here but for now, let’s keep it as it is and do a test render. As you can see, By default, vray’s dome light already has an HDRI map but you can replace it with a custom map. Before I change the HDRI, let’s download some free maps. Here are a couple of free resources for free HDRIs. I will leave the links in the description box below as well. Now I will download a free bundle from this website. Then I can unzip it to get access to the HDRI’s. I like this package because it comes catalog that contains preview images for each map Now to load a custom HDRI map, you can click on this button, and locate your HDRI that you want to use. Then let’s render it again using Interactive mode. As you can see, the rendering has been updated with a new HDRI but it seems a little dark. So make it brighter, you can increase the intensity here. There we go, that’s better. Keep in mind that every HDRI is different so you might need to play with the Intensity to get the right brightness. Now let’s zoom in and take a closer look at the dome light. You can see that there is an arrow inside the dome light pointing in this direction. And if we compare the direction of the shadows in the rendered image with the direction of the arrow, you can see that they are the same. So what does this mean? This means that the sun faces or points to the direction of the arrow. Now to change the orientation of the HDRI The first step is to go to the dome light settings, then in the options roll-out, check “lock dome light”. When enabled, this will lock the HDRI texture to the dome light so that when you rotate the dome light, the HDRI texture will also rotate. The Interactive Render comes handy in this situation, because you can see the changes instantly. Another setting you should keep in mind is the spherical option. If you look closely at the horizon of the rendering, you can see that the ground of the image is not visible. I’m going to rotate the camera a bit so you can see it easier. See how the bottom half of the HDRI is not there? You can fix this by checking the spherical box like so. There we go, that’s better! Another cool way to use dome light is to create materials mockups. Here I have a model with three spheres with different types of materials. I can also add a depth of field effect here You can even add a custom background to your rendering. To do that, first turn off the HDRI texture by checking this box here. This will make the background invisible Now to add a custom background Go to the corrections control on the Vray Frame Buffer Window. Then Enable Background and expand the roll-out to load a custom image. There we go. That’s pretty freaking cool huh? Well that is all I have for today guys. If you found the video useful, please leave a like. Let me know in the comment section below what I should do next? And as always, stay inspired guys, and I will see you, Next time

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  1. uaw! Parabéns pelo canal amigo!!! Inspirador!!! Tenho uma dúvida… porque o render (vray 3.4) não fica "travado" na câmera? Sempre que faço um render da mesma cena, parece que a câmera (até mesmo com câmera física) rotaciona ou movimenta alguns milímetros. Aí as imagens não encaixam no Photoshop… Abraços!!!

  2. When I enable the spherical option of the dome light, the horizon gets black instead of being filled with the sky texture. How do I fix this?

  3. Why when i'm rotating the dome ligth the sun is still in the same position? Why i cant change the position of shadow? (sketchup 2018, vray 3.6)

  4. Thank you for a super best tutorial..:) I found some problem in my v ray dome light options. I've no "Lock Dome light" Option. What should I do to fix that?

  5. If I put dome light with hdri and also sunlight option disable.. then what i do in environment tab in BG and GI???
    Please sir tell….

  6. Can you please make a work flow for Archicad to Vray? And is there a way to export the texture made in one model(sketchup) to another(sketchup)?

  7. My favorite tutor. Simple and creative. My hdri seems to be lower than my model, and the model looks to float. Can I move the hdri to be at coordinate level? Help. Got the hdris from vizpeople

  8. free HDRI now is not available. n my vray does not have that sky. i dont know why and i cant find 1. pls help

  9. hi i was trying to follow the tutorial but i cant find the spherical and lock option im using VRay 3.4 SKU 2017

  10. Hey! Thanks a lot for another useful video.! it´s simple, amazing and great the way to learn with your videos. Do you use only the Dome light for ilumination? The SunSky is off? In older version of Vray i use the sun enviroment for increase the effect of the shadows and make a little more "sun day effect". You only use HDRI and Camera parameters?(iso,..etc) Thanks a lot again!
    great video as always

  11. Mine wont show the background image, I was using it just yesterday nut now it ain't workin. What can this be?

  12. Dude can i ask something, how can we put the HDRI texture farther? I mean, i use HDRI texture, the cloud seems so big, i want to make it smaller for more realistic look. Thanks before bro, you're the man!

  13. Hello its great tutorial .. but my 3d does not come realistically what should I do.. I use all the steps u showed.. plz assist me.. thanks

  14. the best vray/sketchup channel by far. im trying to light up interior with hdri dome light and no other lights or sun, through two windows but cant get enough light inside. is it best to up dome intensity or change exposure? i used to load hdri into enviroment slots, but was confusing. cheers

  15. Thank you very much for this tutorial! I have a question. You have used the method of locking the dome light and then rotate it manually. Is it adjusting the UVW of the texture and playing with the horizontal and vertical value the same thing? Will you obtain the same result? Thanks

  16. bro, i have some difficulty in using material render, from any videos i have watched you are the best teacher in explainning things. But i have a problem, your videos and your voices are too fast, i cannot understand what you are saying, my english is not that good because im from Indonesia, so please make it slower. and another problem is i dont understand what is inside the v ray setting, there's a lot of option and choise.. im new in vray.. so what youare saying about setting the vray i have no mind about it. please make a video that you explain one by one about in side the vray especialy material. thx bro

  17. I'm using vray 3.4 and I'm curious about my Vray Dome light settings because it shows different list of options and "spherical option" and lock "dome light option" is no longer to be found.

  18. this is vray 3.40.02 or 3.40.04 version? i used vray 3.40.04 version and my lightdome intensity setting just 1-2, in this video can be used up to 60

  19. thanks for your tutorial . i want to ask,why my dome light direction didn't match the shadow direction? instead, it just follow the HDRI lighting direction.

  20. Hey hey! I am trying to rotate the sun position in the Next Vray but the option lock dome light is missing from the options menu. Where it went??

  21. sir, i have an issue with my vray, the thing is:
    in my vray Dome Light asset editor, theres no "Spherical" & "Lock Dome Light" to check, so, my HDRI image is always cut in half…

    my vray is 3.40.03

  22. Thank you Sir for your videos. It means soo much to me as I am still learning a lot about vray sketchup. I really appreciate it and it helps me improve my work every time with your easy to follow step videos. Love from PH.

  23. I have question. Why all my renders have noise even I check the denoiser and put full and high resolution. I have good lighting but still not clear like the ones you do. What I’m missing here ? Thank you much

  24. Thank you so much ! I just use your directions for a work I was doing today.
    It turned out quite nice. I find that when I use an HDRI sky, it always starts very dark.

    Is there a way to adjust the light separately or ( sun ) intensity, and the sphere light ?

  25. спасибо огромное за вашу работу, привет из Сибири)

  26. Hi I tried this but I am having a problem when Dome light locked and rotate the arrow and go to my scene but the shadow remains.

  27. Please can you help with one thing.. The HDRI comes in a wrong scale, thet is, too large, at times. How to solve this problem??

  28. Really good video. I just have some problems with the shadow on my model. The sunlight seems to be directly on the top of my model makes it look darker specially on parts with eaves. Wish you could help me. Thanks a lot

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