10 thoughts on “HSBC Logo – Henry Steiner | Logo design & Designer review

  1. Thankyou so muCH…. You Really inspired me alot to write a complete book on Graphic Designing. 🙂 It's under process I'll show you when it'll done. 🙂 Again Thankyou so much Sir David 🙂

  2. If a client came to me with 4 triangles and I added 2 additional triangles to it, they would kill me. I'm terrible at logo design

  3. Excelent video series, I really enjoy everything related about logo design, and this videos gave me a good understanding of what is behind of each good design. Thanks

  4. …It seems to me that he rearanged existing 4 blue triangles from the schottish flag is such ways that insead all 4 pointing to the center the horizontal ones are reversed so they point outward. In other words he didn't add 2 new triangles but rearanged the existing..:/

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