HTC Be Brilliant

HTC Be Brilliant

Hi. I’m Jason Mackenzie. Thanks for
joining us today. I’m here at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn New York
where they’re currently putting everything together for the TidalX: 1020
Amplified by HTC event. It’s sure to be an amazing concert with an unbelievable lineup;
folks like Jay Z, Beyonce, Usher and many more. And a hundred percent of
the proceeds are going to charity so if you are interested in this concert, I know some of you are because you’ve been hitting me on Twitter for tickets, I got good news for you we’ve reserved the last 25 pairs of
tickets for you and will give you details on how you can win these tickets
at the end of the presentation so stay tuned. But tonight also offers us an
opportunity to celebrate the announcement of the new HTC One, as well as HTC’s continued commitment to provide provide our customers with the best sound
experience on any smartphone. As some of you know and unfortunately too
many of you don’t HTC has a rich history of delivering cutting-edge innovation
and award-winning products that have not only been popular with our customers, but
have especially been popular with our competitors. You know things like all
metal phones, big screens, Android, 4G speed. Even live photos which you saw
Apple announce a month ago all those things have one thing in common; they were brought to you first by HTC. So whether you use an HTC phone or not, we’ve likely
contributed to making your mobile life a little more enjoyable. And I have good news. We don’t quit. We continue to work on very cool and game-changing products. Recently you
may have heard we’ve partnered with Valve the company behind the globally popular
Steam network to set a new bar with virtual reality. And I gotta tell you, our
next level experience is blowing minds of consumers and media alike. You know we’ve been taking this experience out to show consumers directly this is real. It’s not fake, not
PowerPoint and I want to share with you the some of the reactions. So check this out. “Mind blowing. It feels real.” “I’m speechless about it.” “It’s more than I could have ever expected.” “An insane feeling.” “I actually felt butterflies.” “Like I was in a completely different world.” “Better reality. You could call it BR.” “Be inside a cartoon.” “It takes everything to the next level.” Amazing! I tell you it’s awesome. And we’re excited to talk to you more about virtual reality, but today
it’s all about smartphones. And today what we hear from many customers around
the world is when you go to buy your next smartphone you’re faced with both
tons of choice tons of product and no choice at all
what do I mean all one hand you can follow the crowd and buy another iPhone
it’s a nice phone, but it’s also a purchase that comes with a guarantee and it’s a guarantee that you’re gonna be shackled to a company who wants to control your mobile life
deciding what you can and can’t do with your phone. Surely that decision should be yours. On the other hand you have Android. And it’s an awesome platform but too many of these phones
and especially the popular ones recognized by the billions that they’re
spending on advertising. They’re littered with duplicative services and bloatware.
That ultimately makes them feel clunky and also overly
complicated and leaves too many customers feeling like they don’t have
choice. But today we’ve got great news. Today HTC is going to announce an
alternative that will feel just right for so many of you. Today HTC
introduces a smartphone that checks the boxes that you told us are important to
you. A phone that’s beautiful powerful and a
phone that’s easy to use but today we’re also going to announce a phone the check
the box you didn’t realize was even available the freedom to make that phone
truly your own and with that I tell you it’s with great pleasure that I get to
introduce the HTC One A9. Check it out. Hi I’m Drew Bamford and I’m super excited to show you the HTC One A9, a phone that I personally worked on and of which I’m really proud. As a
designer there’s nothing I want more than for people to be able to feel the
passion that went into a design. To create a phone that makes you want to
take it out of your pocket and show it off to your friends and one that makes
you feel like you have something special something different and something
beautiful. With The One A9 I believe we have achieved just that. So let me take
you back to when we started working on the One A9, a smartphone that was inspired by the signature design language of the HTC One family, but that we also wanted to have
its own look and to be even more appealing. We began by taking the M7’s original full metal unibody design, evolving it through the M8 and the M9 and in this phone worked to deliver what is a stunning brushed hairline and bead-
blasted finish giving its service additional richness and depth that’s truly
unique. We took inspiration from the natural beauty and textures of the world
around us and created unique metal color finishes such as Topaz Gold and Deep
Garnet. We designed a big screen but in a lightweight form that fits naturally
both in your pocket and in your hand. We fused metal and glass to create edge
to edge slimness and shoehorned in a five-inch Full HD AMOLED screen with a
Corning Gorilla Glass 4 lens that allows you to read your messages and look at your pictures in perfect clarity even when you’re outside in bright sunlight. And we
crafted refined edges and precision cut bridges in the power button that ensures
that when you’re on the phone and you try to change the volume you don’t hit
the wrong button. We built a fingerprint sensor that gives you maximum security
and also maximum convenience without increasing the thickness of the device
we are able to integrate an external memory slot that gives you more freedom
to expand your memory and also the freedom to easily bring in your own
music and video content with this phone we’ve made a
breakthrough and deliver the best in design and have delivered a phone that
not only looks beautiful but feels beautiful. A phone that’s easy to use and
a phone that most importantly we’re proud to carry around with you. As you
can see the One A9 builds on our rich history of design and innovation and
craft, but its appeal goes way beyond beautiful industrial design. You see HTC has always been a pioneer in smartphone software and experience. In fact, we
invented Android customization when we released HTC Sense with HTC Hero in 2009
our goal in building a custom version of Android has always been to deliver new
and better experiences based on what you want and need a phone. In recent years
our competitors have started customizing Android too. And the industry has moved
towards a situation in which manufacturers are making changes just to
be different or to even sell space on your phone for third party apps. But with the
One A9 we’re bringing the focus back to our customers and what you want. To do that
we’re collaborating more closely than ever with Google to bring you the best
of Android and the best of sense in one phone. You see we’re already a leader in
delivering fast updates to the latest version of Android but we believe with
this new strategy we can do better. The One A9 is a great example the
benefits of this strategy it will be the first non-Nexus product launch with
Android Marshmallow. This means for example that you get to pay for things
with Google’s Android Pay. With Now on Tap you can automatically search for
more information based on whatever you’re looking at on screen. Like you can
find movie reviews from a text, book seats at a restaurant from an email. But
we know there are areas of the experience that are super important to
you where we think we can make major
improvements over the base Android experienced one of those is camera. With the One A9 we wanted to build a camera that would satisfy both pros and casual users.
The main camera has OIS, or optical image stabilization which allows it to take
longer exposures in low light without any blur. This means that in real life scenarios
your photos will be super sharp and smooth. The One A9 also has what’s known as face detection autofocus this means you get fast and precise focus without that
annoying focus hunting you’ll see on lesser cameras. Pros will also love the
fact that the One A9 supports RAW capture, which allows us to take
advantage of all the detail captured by our high-tech image sensor and to give
your creative control over editing. But with the One A9 we also built in one-touch
auto processing that will allow anyone to get the most out of their RAW images
without having to edit on a PC. But it’s not only about still photos. We’re all familiar with that scenario
where you take a long winded video and it’s too difficult to edit it before you
share. So with the One A9 we built-in hyperlapse capture mode in the camera. Hyperlapse lets you compress the length of your videos by speeding them up and
smoothing them out check out this hype about me the other
day by design director Peter Chin. But it’s not just the camera the nails
it. The One A9 also kills it on sound. This is because we are the only smartphone
manufacturer that genuinely cares about audiophile quality sound. The One A9 has a
super high output headphone amp that can drive even the biggest headphones at
full volume. In fact our amplifier delivers and double the voltage of those
used by our biggest competitors. At the same time we deliver higher fidelity
audio with lower total harmonic distortion, higher signal-to-noise ratio,
and better stereo separation. All of this combined with our advanced DAC support
for 192 kilohertz, 24 bit audio and Boomsound with Dolby Surround means that when you pump the latest tracks through this phone you’ll get bigger and more
accurate sound than ever. But it truly great phone is about more than high
performance and high fidelity audio, it’s about giving you creative freedom and
control. HTC has always been a leader in offering our customers more and better
ways to personalize the look feel and functionality of their phone and the One A9
continues in that tradition with HTC Themes. Since we launched HTC Themes in
March, the HTC themes community has contributed over 23,000 themes, so there’s
something for everyone. And if you don’t see what you want you can create it
yourself with our simple theme creation tools. The One A9 is my favorite HTC phone in years and I personally carry it with me every day. It’s a beautifully crafted
device with a camera that delivers the crispest photos and the most advanced
video functionality, high-fidelity sound reproduction, and a
combination of both HTC and Google software that allows you make the phone
your own. So you might be asking yourself where can you get the HTC One A9? Is that a job for me? I think it is. Alright thanks Drew, thank you. Nice job. Well I am pumped about this phone I hope you are too. The One A9 is awesome
and I agree with Drew that it’s the best HTC phone we’ve launched years. It’s
my personal favorite as well. This thing is gorgeous, powerful, simple, comes with the
latest Android software, and provides you with a level freedom to make it your own phone. The One A9 will begin rolling out
globally in the first week in November across the world. Those countries and our partners in
those respective countries will be making further announcements about their
pricing and availability over the next few days. But since we’re here in the US
and I know something with a little more information let me talk to you about
availability on in the US. What we’ve heard from many of you is that
you desire an even greater level of freedom with your phone. As a result HTC
will be offering a special unlocked edition that takes that promise of
freedom even further. This version will not only be SIM-unlocked. That’s easy.
It will also be supporting the carrier of your choice, but will also allow the
techies out there to unlock the bootloader without voiding your warranty.
And it will ship with even less pre-installed software, something I know
I’ve heard from you. And to make sure that you’re able to experience our
best-in-class audio immediately right out of the box the One A9 will come with six months free Google Play Music. Even better the unlocked edition will be
covered by HTC’s UH OH protection. What that means is that if anything
happens to your phone in that first 12 months of ownership. If you drop it, you
crack your display, get water damage, whatever that accident is, HTC will
replace it for free, no questions asked. I think you’ll find that’s a true testament to
HTC’s quality and our confidence behind this product. And it also stands in stark
contrast to our competitors who are all too happy to charge you for a service
that gives you the right to charge you money up front to give you the right to
pay a deductible of $100 or more if an accident does happen. That’s crazy. And
because we’re committed to keeping your One A9 cutting-edge, this online edition will
receive every Android software update within 15 days of when Google first pushes
to their Nexus line. Let me say that again. This One A9 unlocked edition will provide
you with every Android software update within 15 days of when Google first
pushes to Nexus. I think you’re gonna love that. As you can see we’re providing a tremendous value. We’re listening to you and we’re incorporating that into our offering. You
can go to in the US today to pre-order this great phone. But if
you’re still not convinced or you’re afraid of buying a phone online without
holding it first, I get it. No problem. We are so confident in the quality and
experience of the One A9, that you can purchase One A9 on US with a 30-day trial
period. If you don’t like it send it back.If you like it, well in that
case we’re gonna keep your money. Drew’s gotta get paid. Thanks again for joining
us today. For anyone who wants more information — I think this is also where
it makes HTC a little bit different than some of our big competitors who stay
their glass shiny houses — we’re gonna do something a little different. If you
have any questions for us about the One A9, or anything at all about HTC, or
wireless, or whatever may be, our CEO Cher Wang is gonna be joining Drew and I as we
host a live Q&A on our global Twitter feed, which is @htc. So you know, tweet
us at the @htc handle at 1 p.m. Eastern, so that’s in a little while now. 1 p.m. Eastern, 10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern and we’ll answer all your questions
directly. We look forward to talking to you. But if we don’t see you there, well, then we look forward to you officially
joining Team HTC as the One A9 goes on sale in early November. OK, that’s the show, but you remember at the beginning I said there’s
a chance for you folks that are in the New York area to win some tickets so
check this out. You guys have a great day good morning, good evening, wherever you
are. Thank you.

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  1. I miss the m8/9 design, but HTC has been actually listening to their users. Everyone complained about the power button being mistaken for the volume down and they fixed it! They have expandable storage, they FINALLY have a nice camera, with OIS, the biggest complaint of the m8/m9! Unlockable bootloader, dude…Nice move, HTC. But still, those m9 boom sound speakers were sexy, but everything else about this phone makes up for that.

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    Not a fan of this design/looks. As many said, the M7/8 was awesome with dual stereo speakers. Along with the great Sense UI.
    I do like their promise of updates within 15 days of Nexus updates, unlocking the bootloader and UhOh protection. Waiting eagerly for the M10 as that will most likely be my next phone upon contract renewal with my carrier.

    Keep it up HTC, please dont design the M10 like that……especially the home button…… that is not a nice looking feature..

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    -Dual Speakers
    -Removable batteries
    -Unique designs

    And now both companies have caved in and made copies of the iPhone.


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    jus one thing I found odd about the video…that I've learned in my few years in marketing is…you shouldn't be running down and mocking competitors…i know that's the norm nowadays in the tech world..but still…sounds jarring….

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