6 thoughts on “HTC Vive – VR Interior Design Experience

  1. I love to work with HTC Vive, those controllers remind me of paintbrush/marker and are awesome for drawing in VR, which our software for interior design is supporting,
    Check out the Virtualist- VR/AR/PC/Mac application based on Unreal Engine ! https://bit.ly/2QwhcQW

    As an architect I use a lot of real-time engines and I recommend it for everyone, Virtualist is a revolutionary tool made for collaboration between designers and clients as well as between professionals being on distances, because we support all devices (PC, Mac and Android), and what's important one license is for all of them, because we want to give you the freedom of your personal workflow. Virtualist is in beta version for now, but you can still make amazing scenes with it!

    You can try Virtualist for free for 14 days of trial on http://bit.ly/2QwhcQW

  2. Please could you help me. I want use htc vive but I dont know desing program name.
    I want use for desing with htc vive's controller

    What is the program name for htc vive ? thanks

  3. Check out this alternative tool:

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