6 thoughts on “Huge AMD NAVI GPU Leak – Big Architecture Changes

  1. geometry engine unit are important for gaming. Vega and Polaris are lacking in this part. navi will have more and new technique.

  2. Madz i told you many months ago that xbox one x rops were causing a bottleneck and so you reply was that i was wrong meanwhile you said the pro was in the same possition but it had twice the rops?!! Hello now your saying that this gen consoles were crippled by the rops? Exactly what i told you! You know shit about hardware capabilities and this video shows it.

  3. Amd gpu weakness are relying solely on vram to exacute its processing task, while nvidia gpu rely on ram to run processing gpu task.

  4. All that may be great for showing off scrolling backgrounds & such in power point presentations to company employees , but for gaming ? HA ! Nothing can hang with my killer $ 14 Wal- Mart flip phone MaDz !

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