HUGE Target Dollar Spot Haul 2019! New Home Decor, New Year Stuff... Basically Everything at Target.

HUGE Target Dollar Spot Haul 2019! New Home Decor, New Year Stuff… Basically Everything at Target.

oh and this isn't even half of it what I may have to do a couple different home this is a mega haul this is too much stuff but in the same token I also feel like it's never enough no that's enough but for real I may have to separate this once I get everything out of the bags target dollar spot got me real bad and they had Christmas clearance come on I couldn't say no I can never say no I got some gems I'll tell you that right now they're receipts listen I shop and then I do my hauls a couple days later and it's like giving it's like Christmas morning twice because when I see the stuff I'm excited when I buy it I'm not so excited but then when I see it again when I unpacked it like okay it's not too much stuff I think it was just packed in about a bajillion bags I mean it's still a lot don't get me wrong feel like I'm missing a bag where you in wait I I'm missing something oh yeah no I'm missing more where are you at okay eating spicy soup before this video is probably a terrible idea it is still December and it is 80 degrees outside it's over 80 degrees let's get started you guys want to see the Christmas stuff the clearance Christmas I can't help it I have to show you this first I've been waiting for him to turn way now yes I got him 50% off I wanted him so bad the first time I heard him sing if you watched my shop with me his voice is so deep I loved it I couldn't say no what I'm obviously I could have but there's no fun in saying no so he was like 750 I'll put him right here so you can see him the whole time okay and the rest of the Christmas stuff is pretty boring just some name tags those were 50% off so a dollar fifty and then they um I probably shouldn't have bought these because Christmas I feel it in my belly you know and then I got wrapping paper and listen up guys this was five dollars a roll but this is the heavyweight wrapping paper and it's a jumbo roll you can't beat that price and I'm 50% off so I got it for 250 roll and then the next day I went to Target because I couldn't stay away I just love turgut I actually found another bag to more packs I have a problem it's it's official this was 70% off and I thought well I can't pass up that good deal so I got one more roll of wrapping paper so I'm gonna be stopped on wrapping paper for next year I guess I should open those bags oh yes oh yes I got these 50% off – this was a dollar fifty at less than a dollar for the oh you guys know I can bathe in this scent it is glades nut cracker delight a rich hazelnut and praline and my lord you guys know I'm obsessed so I bought a few I bought four of them I could have bought more so I did refrain I also got this 50% off I don't need nail polish really but why not Oh strawberries looks like those in the bag conditioner boring okay and then some boring things we'll get to I don't know what to show you first and I'm so excited about so many different items but I got these lanterns yes I did I almost only bought one and then I thought I needed both I need them I'm so fickle I can't decide look how pretty these are I don't know what I'm gonna do with them but they're so pretty and all the vultures were getting them and I thought I need them too I was getting FOMO fear of missing out I thought yep take them both I can decorate many spaces with these just sayin oh and this was a steal $3 for measuring cups what so these are not actual gold handles this is not actual silicone but they're still nice I'm gonna use a couple in my kitchen because if you guys have seen my cook with Me's I really only use one measuring cup it's a cup measuring cup I use it for everything whatever but I figured maybe I can become an adult and actually start measuring things and then I got another set for my laundry room because I need scoops and those are cute and couldn't refrain I got the tea spoons as well I also got some wooden signs I don't know when these became popular I feel like my mom never had stuff like this growing up in her house but they were so cute this one says the dishes can wait life can't I can put that my kitchen this one says family a little bit crazy a little bit loud a whole lot of love you know I still have to go to Hobby Lobby I don't know what Hobby Lobby has to offer but I feel like I'm gonna buy some more stuff there this one says hello darling and a hi just head to have it and this last one says welcome to our home I figured I could put that by the entryway it's perfect and then I got a couple little signs because I have a tiered tray and I don't know how to decorate it so I just got a couple of these I like this one because you can write on it and I think that's such a cute idea what does it say oh it was upside-down it says I love you because I'm awesome and then it says hot chocolate is like a hug from the inside I love hot chocolate everybody loves hot chocolate unless you're allergic and then you're not missing out really it's not that great and I got a pillow just one lonely pillow this time what does it say love grows best in houses just like this does it though we're moving along I feel like we're doing a good job here if you saw my shop with me you know that I was super pumped to see this it's an essential oil diffuser with essential oils for a dollar I know that these aren't like 100% therapeutic quality or straight from the depths of some for I don't care I don't care I'm just gonna use them to diffuse it's not a big deal I'm not ingesting them and then this diffuser is eight dollars it's little but you can see on the packaging it shows it next to a coffee cup but I'll take it out so you guys can see like for eight dollars you really can't expect too much although it's a little smaller than I thought there's a little box at the bottom of this so it props it up about that much it's a little baby diffuser but this is perfect for Wentworth's room to diffuse you know essential oils at nighttime I like that uh-huh um I have seen an other shop with me that they have a white bra like a white color not not at my target let me put my hair up it's driving me crazy okay and then I also got these deaf organizers for three dollars apiece what that actually hurt really bad how can they sell these for three dollars I don't know I actually don't know what they retail for in other places but I have been needing to organize some things so I thought I've got some they also had acrylic organizers did I not grab any of those what was I thinking they were the same price three dollars for acrylic one so wood but oh you know what I don't need him trying to convince myself math yo you can live without it anyway I'm definitely going to organize my makeup drawer what I have like five pieces of makeup and then this one I don't know what I'm gonna use it for I'll figure it out maybe my desk I I need to like Greek can you see my debt it's it's a it's sad okay and then I found this it is a it says to do it's wood it's a dry erase board it comes with a marker and it's so here's the thing Alex will come up to me you know during the day hey what do you have to do today and I'll tell him everything and then he'll ask me like an hour later hey what'd he have to do today I'm like I just you can't remember I told you five minutes ago anyway so I thought this would be a good idea to put somewhere I don't know where we're gonna put it um maybe I'll put it right next to Alex's bed right next to his nightstand anyway he tries to help me out and he tries to like take something from my to-do list that he is capable of doing which often isn't my that much way does what he can right so I thought this would be a good idea I almost got the calendar one but we're trying to use our iCal I'm not up with technology yet I can't keep up with that and then oh I forgot I got this start each day with a grateful heart and today is a good day for a good day I don't know where I'm gonna put these but I figured I'll find a place for them story in my life right oh and then I got this notepad it says you got this and then it comes with a little pad down here oh it's like a checklist it's so cute that was three dollars so a little steep for that but I'm always making lists I'm always wasting paper oh is speaking a wasting paper I got some more I'm not just a be cute for my desk my desk is like the saddest thing you'll ever see in your life I need to organize and stuff anyway it comes with a little pad of paper and then this cute little print on there that is screaming springtime to me but I just love it and then this little bard another springtime item I'm pretty excited for spring once Christmas is over I'm like over it short story long we have three birthdays a wedding anniversary and it's just chaos from Thanksgiving to New Year's I feel like I just black out it's like that feeling you get every time you walk into target you just black out you don't really know what's happening that's what I how I feel about Christmas and the holiday season so I don't know I I am ready for New Year's to ensue and the rest of my life to have some kind of order again this little bird it's a great reminder I think I'm gonna put him on my tiered tray not for sure yet oh and then I also got this this picture is so cute five dollars so whatever I don't think I'm actually gonna use it for like liquid I mean I totally could hand wash only okay uh but I thought I would decorate with this but again I'm not very good on that they had a couple different colors and I almost bought every single other color aside from this one but for some reason I just really liked this deep blue I thought it was so pretty so I grabbed it no rhyme or reason which is pretty much explains my life oh this yoga strap bag it's yoga mat strap it like turns your yoga mat into a bag and whatever I have been looking for one while ago I almost ordered one off Amazon it says inhale exhale on it and I just think that's so adorable it doesn't match my yoga mat but who cares most of the time when I'm at the gym I have zero makeup on I'm not there to impress anyone but myself I also got these bins I got way too many actually she was raining them up for some reason I thought these came as a set too I mean I knew they didn't but in my mind that when I grabbed them I thought I was just grabbing like one um I didn't so these are smaller there's two in there these are three dollars and then the bigger ones were five dollars I think I'm just gonna use these for toys or it could put them like under these table I don't know endless possibilities like I'm saying like they were just so pretty you know everything at Target is pretty I also got workout socks okay I have to rave about these for a second there are three dollars you get for pair in here I bought the same kind of thing from Target last year and I'm still wearing the socks no holes no rips no you know stretchable elastic they're fantastic so they are not like proper compression socks so if you need that oh my wait a minute they do have a bit of compression in them but not as not as much as other socks so if you're looking for compression socks these won't fit the bill but they're good enough I feel like they're for me they're gonna no I don't really need that in my life yet okay and then oh I've got two more on Christmas clearance and then I have like Valentine's Day stuff and I got this too and now that I'm thinking like why did I get this no it's three dollars listen I go to Target in a dollar spot I think well if I don't grab this now it won't be here next time which is very likely the case you know what I mean so I grabbed it and this actually broke at during the checkout not this one obviously I didn't take home the broken glass and glue it back together but it broke at checkout like fell off the conveyor belt whoops and like four workers came over swept of that I felt so bad it wasn't my fault it wasn't my fault but I had to come back and grab one and the whole time I was like do I really want this do I need that but I couldn't like not get it now that it was broken hungry I felt an obligation so um I don't know it I mean I can I put anything in it candy I could put my races in it I can put flour in it that's gonna hold like five cups of flour Oh Lord here here's the thing short story long again sorry I need a shopping buddy that's what I need I need a shopping buddy someone who's gonna go to Target with me and say Kim put that back you don't need it and I'm gonna be like stop it Suzy yes I do okay I got this tray I've actually been in the market for one as a matter of fact this was nineteen dollars but it was that but um Christmas clearance for 50% off huh still I've been looking for it for my living room to either put remotes on or you know maybe I can put that thing on and make it look extra fancy what else have I got well nothing I I can put the Snowman on it I don't even care but I I've been looking for one of these and I feel like ten dollars is prime oh and I had one of the five dollar trades from the target spot that I was going to use in the area that I'm thinking of in my head and then I saw this and I thought no this is way better way cooler I love it love it love it okay I got some Valentine's Day stuff and I'm pretty pumped about it I only got a couple of sets these are bubbles Valentines for Eleanor's class come in here in here 15 in here so two of these should cover all the kids in her class but I don't know what to get Avelina because she's at the age where like she thinks this kind of thing is for is babyish is her word is babyish everything is baby I'm like alia you were a baby like four days ago okay and then I grabbed these from the target from the Christmas clearance and I don't know how much they were I don't even know what they are Oh fortune cookie back bombs but um they're not like Christmasy so I'm gonna give them to Little Miss Eleanor for Valentine's Day and then I found this was this Christmas clearance as well I think this is going to a bolita for Valentine's Day so shop the Christmas sales for Valentine's Day so this doesn't like scream Christmas it's pink it's got a loofah shower gel and lotion it's perfect perfect for when she's stinky and needs to shower oh I also got these um lights oh my good I have zero Valentine's Day decorations that's not true I actually don't know what I know I don't have a lot because I typically don't decorate for every holiday but now since I'm a youtuber I feel the pressure just I don't feel the pressure but I feel like I like to see this that's the only way I can see the seasons change here in Florida okay is to decorate my house differently so I can hang these like on my entryway I almost fell over I can hang these on my entryway and I don't it'll be festive I also got a couple craft items googly eyes and pom-poms right there those were a dollar each the kids can go crazy with crabs I also got this for Valentine's Day for my oldest their BFF I don't know friendship bracelets custom jewelry whatever and then these stamp markers for Eleanor so these are always fun the stamp markers and it has it like a pad of paper in there sadly I did not get anything for wentworth he's not gonna care he just wants chocolate anyway he is so chocolate obsessed sugar fiend they also had this really weird like birthday section at the target dollar spot so I just grabbed a bunch of candles you always need candles and then it's almost New Year's guys yeah it's actually past New Year's so Happy New Year when you're watching this if you've made it this far in the video hahaha wish me a Happy New Year if you've made it this far on video I bought some Hopper's and these are pretty cool they they're cooler than fireworks in my personal opinion because they're not dangerous Felix sparklers are so dangerous so these were a dollar apiece and when you pop them the confetti goes everywhere in my mind it's fun they kind of look like those ice cream pop ups you know so definitely not as fun as ice cream but still a good time I got this cooling towel this was five dollars I could not pass up a good deal because on Amazon these are easily twice as much and these are great for if you have any kind of activity to do outdoors today tomorrow the next day and you're going to a theme park whatever that's great you get it wet you put it around yourself and you cool down it's one oh I did get something for one word for Valentine's Day this is a ball set it was a little pricey okay my battery is blinking okay this was seven dollars and it's a duffel bag full of sports balls and he loves balls he loves balls he loves cars he's a proper boy in my opinion and then I got these were 50% off so I spent $10 on them they're glass cups and these are not dishwasher safe but we put them in the dishwasher anyway and just after time they just the print like you know melts away but whatever we have Beatles cups we have I don't know we have a bunch of cups like this so it's great and I have always paid full price for them so it's nice to have them on sale okay and Eleanor loves these Larabars they are kid Larabars and they are chocolate mint brownie I got these because they were on clearance are they discontinuing these and bringing the chocolate ones chocolate chip ones I don't know but a figured might as well grab maybe they're on clearance because they're like expiring soon whatever will eat them in like a day and then last item Oh two more items I got this ornament that says Eleanor on it and it was 50% off I don't know what I pay oh so two dollars for this there's no way I'm ever going to find my other kids names ever at a store Wentworth and AH ballina just I'll have to like go to Etsy and have them personally made whatever but I figured she can have her ornament yeah I mean okay and then very last item I don't even remember buying this multi-masking kit but it must have been a pretty good price for me to buy it because I know I'm on a lot of masks from the dollar store how many are in here oh so I spent $5.00 on this but it's over $25 value and there's a $5 coupon inside will I use it probably not one two three four I think there are five masks in here I do like Shea Moisture and I will say I bought a bunch of masks from the dollar store and stuff but I gave them I think almost all of them away as gifts so I don't have any left for myself I'm so I figured I didn't get myself a gift right anyway thank you guys so much for watching I know this is super long but I hope you enjoyed your time with me and I'll see you next time bye

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