HUGE TJ MAXX HAUL | Makeup, K Beauty, Home Decor & more!

HUGE TJ MAXX HAUL | Makeup, K Beauty, Home Decor & more!

hello everyone and welcome back to my channel if you are new welcome my name is Amy and I love to make videos about makeup and shopping and all those girly things today I have a big t.j.maxx haul to share with you these are always my favorite things because I love finding good deals maybe some things that I missed out on the first time around makeup wise or home good stuff for my kitty cats they have literally everything and to me it's just so fun to like find a bargain so a lot of the times I will take you guys with me while I shop on my weekly vlogs definitely be sure to check those out and of course don't forget to subscribe and turn on notifications that way you can see you some of my finds when I find them this is probably from about 3 or 4 shopping trips the lot every time it's gonna be that successful sometimes I only find one thing sometimes I find more so without further ado let's dive right in and see what I got recently at t.j.maxx I'm going to start with this bag that's what it's tied up okay so I really wrecked up on this sheet mask during this trip I remember this one so the first one is the creme shop it's called slow down skin and they are little sloth bears so this particular one is infused with the renewing a rose was 399 and it comes with three sheet masks so each mask looks like this and with these particular masks I do have the animal face on them so when you put it on you have like the print of the animal cannot wait I will definitely put it in my Instagram stories when I use this one it's gonna be funny I got the Holika Holika green tea this is 10 sheets and this was $7.99 it's only about 80 cent a sheet that's pretty good I have used one of these and actually really liked it so again it looks just like the box really cute lately when it comes to sheet mass I've really been looking for the essence mass I feel like they work a bit better which this is an essence mask so this is a great prep for the rest of your skincare too so it'll kind of hydrate the skin give that essential hydration back that way your skincare is going to work better and your skin will not be hydrated before you put any of your products on I also got to Nugent a sheet mask box so the first one is Mexican aloe ten sheets and these this one was $9.99 but still only one dollar per mask I also picked up the argan oil which this one is nourishing the Mexican aloe will soothe and calm so again $9.99 for ten but I still think that's pretty good deal $1 for early good sheet masks I think that's totally worth it and hyojin is a Korean brand if you are not familiar moving on to a Japanese brand I picked up these Shiseido Cotton's so this was a $2.99 and it comes with come and they comes with 42 cotton squares so these are really really good I think for these typically it's about $5 for 40 but I usually get the big pack I think I will put it one of these in a giveaway for you guys I love these and if you haven't tried them you need to try them so I'm gonna set Y those aside now this was a particularly exciting find this is the Beca one perfecting brush I've actually wanted this one for a while and I just wasn't willing to pay that much for it I think retail this one's around like 35 40 bucks something crazy but this was $12.99 and I had heard through the grapevine that this brush would be going away eventually so I am excited to get my hands on it so this is a very unique brush it comes out like this the bristles on this are so nice they're soft but still have some density to the bristle sometimes I feel like the softest brushes don't really cut it so this one's really nice but it's nice and dense and I feel like you could do a lot of things with this you could powder the face you could contour the face you could definitely do that but I just can't wait to use this I think with a finishing powder and just like a lightly dusting the face it's gonna be really really nice so the one perfecting brush for $12.99 I got from nature Republic the soothing and moisture aloe vera 90 percent toner so this is literally 90% aloe vera which is really cool and I believe yeah this is a Korea brand called nature Republic this was 699 I have not used this brand in the past but I am really excited to and I was like 100% hello that's got to be nice and I feel like lately my skin has been a little bit more sensitive than usual so I feel like this will be nice to soothe before my skincare I got one thing from covergirl this is the outlast all day custom Reds so this is extraordinary fuchsia is the color so this is the one where it has like the balm and then the lip color so just a little bomb and then the other is this a really pretty reddish fuchsia color so this one looks a little bit more like a stain so that is the color there this is can last as long as 24 hours so you apply the color let dry 60 seconds and then apply the moisturizing topcoat so I used something like this back in the day oh my god I can't remember and maybe it was covergirl even back then that I was using but I actually really liked it I use it for the longest so I feel like on a day where I want juicy your looking lips but I want the color this is gonna be great cuz the color kind of last longer and then the balm you can reapply as needed I also have two hand soaps that I picked up for my bathrooms they're called cactus blooms we have cactus and a line with coconut oil and then we have aloe and lavender with coconut oil these are so freakin cute and hopefully they're decent hand soaps too that aren't too drying these were $5.99 ooh these were $5.99 apiece so six bucks definitely pay a little bit for the look of them but so cute and clean and summery oh I also got these japonesque tweezers this is a trio and it's like different shaped and sized tweezers I felt that was really cool I've used japonesque brushes in the past and they're really good pass this was only $5.99 and these are wandering really good quality yeah these things are really nice so I feel like these fine point ones really come in handy they've got a silver gold and then a rosy gold one I also got this from holy Kalika this is another one of the gudetama products so this one is literally like a little egg and this is actually like the little cap to the product opens like that so it's a little gudetama face and this is the lazy and ease smooth smooth egg peeling gel so I'm thinking this is more like an enzymatic peel like OSHA has one yeah so this is one of those gels do you basically like smooth on to the skin and then you massage it in and a little like the surface dead skin kind of comes off its kind of like gross and cool at the same time so this is like a really very gentle way to exfoliate if you are easily irritated that smells nice too I absolutely had to get this you know I love some gudetama stuff and then the last thing in this bag is the flesh tone lip pencil from Kevyn Aucoin this is cerise and it was only four and 99 this is flesh tone this definitely looks like a red I didn't remember what color it was when I picked it out I said this is more of like a blue based red it's pretty intense so that's the color they're actually kind of goes well with that covergirl but I've never tried to commit a quantum leap in silver for so I just felt like this would be a nice one to try out you guys know I have a blanket obsession it's a problem I'm gonna be honest it's a super soft oversized throw it was 1699 and this one has cats doing at yoga can you even stand it look at that one right there and this one's a big big guy it's a 65 70 so this is pretty massive and it's so cuddly I can't wait to use it another bag I got more sheet mass so two more from Holika Lika I've got the damask rose again 10 for $7.99 and then the Pearl same deal so there are both packaging's I have used I think I've used the Rose one I don't think I'll use the Pearl one yet but very excited again these are both essence sheet masks I feel like these are really the ones that are above and beyond so if you're ever in the market for a sheet mask check out the essence versions I think you'll find that they are pretty good also with all these sheet masks when I get boxes like this I always throw one or two of a bunch of them into my giveaways so definitely stay tuned if you're subscribe internal notification she'll know what I do a giveaway I should have one coming up really soon because it's been a while and I just want to do it another thing from holy goalie got actually two more things this is the alo 92% shower gel so that seemed really really interesting and very soothing I love a good shower gel that's basically not too drying I'm trying to go like the sulfate free or a very very low amount sulfates if I can and this should be a good option so I'm eager to try that out and then I got another one at the Buddha Tama lazy and easy this is the all-kill cleanser oil to foam I've actually bought a few of these and then another Kevin of Quan this is the Neo it elixir for $14.99 this is a pretty pricey item I'll try to remember to put the price on the screen so this one is it's like a try phase oil so if you can tell it's like separating and multiple layers and then you give it a really good shake this pretty light I tried it on my hand when I first got it I was really really impressed with it it's very lightweight on the skin and you can just tell like the difference in the overall healthy look of the skin but it does not feel greasy it doesn't feel heavy this is gonna be a great one under makeup oh and I've got to insert a clip of the cat bed that I got for my cat there's a little dome it's a taco let me insert the clip for you got beef taco cat bed anybody boom so you waiting on your turn this was 20 dollars maybe hi you like it Wow everybody wants in everybody ones in the taco and then we also have the uzi there I don't know what this was I was just really intrigued by it so this is a water bang hydrating mask this was $7.99 this is yet another Korean brand I'm seen as better somewhere before but I've never actually had any of these products so I'm gonna just pop this open okay so there are multiple in here I really didn't know so there are five masks you have this little ampule like um what's the dr. jart has some like this so the ampule you press to mix so you get like a freshly mixed face mask so again those look really cool I can't wait to try this out I got another one of my trusty body scrubs this is the Harper Lee coffee scrub it's coffee and coconut for only $5.99 I always keep one of these in the shower and I try to remember to use it maybe like once a week I use it today and Kim feels so soft I got this planner this is a 2019 2020 and it just has cats all over it I am the biggest sucker and this actually starts to july 2019 and i was like wow this is kind of like mint savvy so i can start using this in july and it's got like your nice little layout it's a bit more simplistic but i really like that there's a places for notes like lately I wasn't wanting to like track maybe what I'm eating things like that and how my in term investing is going blah blah blah so $4.99 for that I got this I do care mini magic clay it has five mini clay masks in it this was only $5.99 and like this is really cute and I think I saw this not altas website so I got the calming calamine clay mask the pure – the pore cleansing volcanic ash clay mask so they're little bitty guys like this I'm interested to just take a look yeah it looks pretty fresh got there hang tight tightening tea tree clay mask very bubbly purifying and ginger aid and energizing ginger clay mask so here are the others are really cute I got this NARS contour at blush so this was only $9.99 and I have had one of these in the past and honestly I think I had too I may be out broken or something because I could not find it anywhere but this is a really pretty color so here is what it looks like you got two shades so there are the two shades on my two middle fingers there what I like about these is that they have pigment but to mean they're really blendable I do think that these have going away though I think this is a discontinued product and this one is in the shade Thalia I always keep these on hands these are the beauty concepts of facial cleansing wipes this particular one is lime and vitamin E and ash it's a really cute summery lipping packaging so I usually keep these around when I'm doing my makeup just to clean my hands off clean off my brushes like the ones I use for a dip brow so it doesn't get caked on basically just to clean up anything and this is only 399 for 60 I got this Shiseido protective lip conditioner this has an SPF 12 it looks so nice and this had like two seals on the inside of it so it's just a really a nice a lip conditioning balm this was a bit pricier it was $9.99 but I have seen these before and they are so nice on the lips and I need all the help I can get right now I actually picked up two t-shirts so these are more like fun funky t-shirts nothing serious they were both $7.99 it says some people just don't get it and it's got the little MTV television on it it is so cute this is like super super oversized I got an extra extra large it's a little bit cropped but I feel like just like lounging around the house this is so cute I had to have it and another rather silly one this one again it's a little cropped and this is an extra-large so it's a little bit big but it says that you walk my world do you see the Cutie avocados but this one is definitely more of like a around the house pajama pants type of shirt but I thought it was really adorable we only have one more bag left so I actually wound up getting four balls for my cat so these are already done the first one says kitty so this one was at 399 I got cats rule again and then they left who actually came in a set this was $7.99 and one says meow and one says her so I thought this was really really adorable all right that is everything that I've gotten from ttmx recently my camera is probably about to die so let's get into our edge the shovel was a groundbreaking invention thank you guys so so much for watching please leave a thumbs up if you like these type of videos it would mean the world to me and it really helps my videos out so thank you again and I will see you in my next video bye

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    I haven’t found the Shieido cotton pads and ended up ordering them from Sephora. I absolutely love them.

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  4. Hey girl absolutely love your haul
    So wish we had a TK Maxx in Australia looks like you can get amazing bargains & so so many different products
    Absolutely love all your videos
    Keep being your amazing self girl 🌺🌺❣️❣️

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    I don't know which one I like more cat doing yoga or taco bed & they all want to check it out!!!
    Wow what wonderful mask…you have enough for a while lol!!!
    I love mask too!!

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  8. I got a bunch of sheet mask from Dr.jart and his tinted cerimide cream and Laura merseir editorial pallet from marshals this week and some clothes

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    You really racked up on the facemask👍👍 Love the t-shirts💕 I didn't get to look for the YES skincare..the husband went with me and he rushed me😪😂

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