Husky GearBox Truck Interior Storage System Review –

Husky GearBox Truck Interior Storage System Review –

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at the Husky Gearbox storage system for your interior, part number HL09031 This Husky Gearbox is designed to fit perfectly beneath the rear set of your truck, making sure the space under your back seat is more usable and organized The back seats will provide cover for all the items that you wish to store Now, this is perfect for use with not only your personal items, but also jumper cables, tools, whatever you need while you’re traveling down the road This has nice, wide area, to store whatever it is you need, but also has removable dividers, so you can actually create your own space and own separation for your items Now, the Gearbox has a nice, sturdy foundation, but also impact resistant surface, which keeps your items from shifting around, and takes down the noise a little bit

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  1. I bought the 09291 that was listed for my 2017 F-150XL Super Cab. It does not fit at all and looks like a cheap piece of junk. Save your money and throw your stuff under the seat if you can. Mine has a 2-3" gap between it and the seat bottom so you can see everything in it anyway . . .Also, from side to side it is 5" too short. No way to secure it on the drivers side.
    Forget the custom fit to your vehicle claim and don't waste your time with Husky customer support.

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