Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic – What can it do?

Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic – What can it do?

Hi I’m Paula Storm, thanks so much for joining
me today on my YouTube channel. First up I wanted to thank those of you who
have been emailing me and messaging me through Facebook wondering whats happening with the
Sweet Sixteen Sunday videos. I just wanted to assure you, I’m still working
with Handi Quilter Australia so those videos will be back maybe not every week, but I will
be bringing those videos back to you for the Sweet Sixteen and a few new surprises as well.
at the end of last year I signed on with Husqvarna Viking as the new Ambassador for Australia.
This has given me such amazing opportunities to travel around the country and meet all
of you at shows. And I will be doing that again this year.
Today I wanted to show you the brand new Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic.
This really is an incredible machine. As the Ambassador I’ve had the opportunity
to work will all of the Husqvarna Viking machines and this one blew me out of the water, it
really is an incredible machine. And the second I opened the box I was in love
with it. So lets get started.
First up I wanted to show you the sewing side of the Epic, and then we’ll have a look at
the Embroidery side of this stunning machine. So first up I wanted to talk a little bit
about the sewing side of the machine. There is so many different stitches in this
machine. They’re all built in but my favourite part
is that they’re categorised. In the past machines, you kind of had to guess
what different stitches were for, in this machine you can see up the top there, they’re
all labelled. So this in kind of utility stitches, we go
to the second menu, and we have the Applique stitches.
So you can use any of these for Applique. These ones are Heirloom stitches, next up
we have the quilting stitches, which is fantastic, you have a perfect ¼” seam so you can touch
that one and it will change all the settings for you and so you don’t have to do anything.
By doing this you can just line up the fabric to the right side of the foot and you’ll have
a perfect quarter inch seam. You can still make adjustments, with for example
you want a scant ¼”, you can just press one button and it will take it over to 2.5 and
that is a perfect scant quarter inch. Which will make your piecing much more accurate,
if your doing quilting and things. So there’s lots more stitches, there’s crafting
stitches, decorative stitches, vintage stitches, and if we keep moving along, these are some
of my favourite stitches. The omnimotion stitches. You can use these
as quilting designs, you can use them as decorative edges, and these ones are quite large, they
can be quite big these stitches. Moving along to the dimensional stitches,
these ones are fantastic, you can actually do appliqué without putting the embroidery
unit on. So what happens is, this machine will stitch
a line to the point of the heart, it will then stop and ask you to put a square of fabric
in. You put the fabric behind the needle, it will
then appliqué around the heart for you. Then it will keep stitching down. So it will cover
your raw edges, it will do all of that for you, you can trim up the fabric later.
These stitches are fantastic! There’s also different theme stitches, there’s sequin stitches,
there’s so many different stitches! You can actually sew on sequins using this
machine and it will stop and tell you where to place the sequin… it will stitch the
sequin in place and then keep moving, until it needs another one.
So really, really fun stitches. What I love about this machine, if your a
quilter, you can just press one button and the machine will switch to free motion.
You can tell it if your using your spring action foot, which this one actually uses
the Sensor Q foot which actually comes with the machine and you use that foot most of
the time for doing your embroidery, and you can also use the ‘R’ foot which is more of
a floating foot. So you can choose which one you prefer press
ok and it will change all the settings for you to do free motion.
I would of course set my stitch back to straight stitch and we’re ready to go.
It’s dropped the feed dogs, its done everything for me. To change it back, you just press
that button again, and everything goes back to normal.
So there you go, thats just a few of the stitches. One of the most common questions or comments
I had about past machines at the shows, was that a lot of people had trouble getting their
hands in the side of the machine because the machines are usually about this high, they’re
a lot closer to the bed of the machine. This machine, you can see I can put my whole
hand in there and I have lots of room so it’s really easy to get in there and change out
you foot, change out your needles and that brings me to another point.
This machine comes with a much better screwdriver! So this is the screwdriver that comes with
the machine. It has this blunt end and it has the pointy end.
The blunt end is the screwdriver. The beauty of this is it a magnet inside and it kind
of clamps onto the screw and as you undo it here, it really hangs onto the screw and makes
it much easier to take it out… You don’t tend to loose the screw then you
can just pop it back in. The other end is used to lift up the plate
of the machine, to clean underneath. So you can just pop it in there, give it a wiggle…
its a bit hard to do with my left hand… but it just pops up that plate and you can
take it out and change it. The machine also comes with a second plate.
located underneath the machine. So I just slide that out… take it out, and switch
it over. Now, the difference between the two, is that
this one has the big gap in here, while this one is just a single hole. So this makes your
piecing much more accurate if your a patchwork quilter, then that makes it much more accurate.
the threads don’t tend to pull, or the fabric doesn’t tend to pull underneath the machine.
So a really handy foot. Which brings me to another point. I love this
change that they’ve made… they’ve included ½” or the inch measurements and well as the
metric measurements. So you don’t have to guess is the ½” you
know here… or is it there? You don’t have to switch out your plates all the time.
To try and arrr work out which is metric and which is imperial.
Its all on there for you, and you don’t have to buy an extra plate for the machine.
So it just pops straight back in… really easily. Well actually not that easily, its
really nice and firm. But once you click it in, you know its in, you can click that bobbin
cover back in and you’re ready to sew again. The next new feature I wanted to show you
is the new threading system. So this is brand new for the Designer Epic.
This part only of the machine lifts up… It doesn’t lift up the whole front of the
machine like the previous models. But whats great about this machine is it has a telescopic
handle. Or telescopic thread mast. So this part comes right out… It does move
around if you need it too, it just clicks in where its most comfortable. and it has
the thread stands here. It does come with these plates that slide
on, and that makes it fantastic for using cones.
So if your an embroidered and you have lots of cones like this
it is fantastic! You don’t need to buy the add on thread mast.
So the way it’s threaded, is you bring up your thread from here, and you just thread
your thread through here… you just make sure it clicks in. It comes around the front
here, and around the back. And it’s then pretty much threaded as normal.
But something else I wanted to show you is that you can also thread your bobbin while
your sewing. So you can pop another thread on here, for example, your sewing along and
the machine stops. It does have an alarm so it will tell you when your low in bobbin,
you can actually keep embroidering and you can then come and bring your thread up…
click it over here while your sewing, so the machine is still in motion, and you can thread
and wind another bobbin, while the machine is actually stitching out your embroidery.
Now I’ll show you more of that later, but that is a huge upgrade in my opinion!
I did it the other day, I was stitching away on an embroidery it brought up the message
that I was low in bobbin, I continued stitching out my design, with the bobbin that I had
in… while I wound a new bobbin. So fantastic new time saver there.
The other thing is, this machine has a 30% bigger bobbin. So compared to the old bobbins,
it is quite a bit larger and it will save you a lot of time, when you actually stitching
out, you won’t have to change bobbins as often. Here’s another fantastic feature. I know a
lot of us really tend to specialise in just one type of sewing… So for me, I’m a patchworker
and quilter. So I tend to know most of the features of my machine for that skill.
Sometimes I might want to sew a dress for my little girl, or I might want to do something
different, that I don’t always remember what all the features do on my machine. This machine
has a fantastic JoyOS Adviser. And you can basically go in and tell the machine what
you want to make, or what you want to do and it will ring up a tutorial, teaching you how
to do that. So first of all, if we want to learn how to thread the needle, you can actually
go into the knowledge centre, say ok I want to thread my needle, I choose which one I
want to thread? Do I want to use the needle threader, do I want to thread the top of the
machine? I can press this here and it will bring up the little tutorial. I can actually
make this full screen if I want, so I can press this button and I t will take it full
screen. And I can just read the instructions, or as you go through some of these have an
actual video that you can watch. So this one, this is how its threaded.
I can press that button and it will take me through, with a little mini tutorial, teaching
me how to thread the top of the machine. There is so many of these videos, they’re
in almost every technique you might need… They’re in there, so you go through and watch
exactly how to thread your machine, how to use the automatic needle threader and all
of that sort of thing. So a really fantastic feature.
An automatic threader is also a feature that you guys have been begging for. And I know
a lot of people at shows have asked for a needle threader. So I’m going to bring the
thread down and show you how that works. Basically you thread the top of the machine
then bring your thread down, and click it across here. Cut your thread off, and press
a button. The machine will thread that needle for you,
ready to go. Makes life so much easier! Another benefit of this machine is how light
it is. Without getting too specific, the whole inside of this machine is still metal. It’s
still a really nice solid machine. Which is a feature of all Husqvarna Vikings. But this
one the whole inside is cast from Aluminum so its not a really heavy machine like most
top end machines. This one is quite a bit larger than the Designer Diamond, so its a
bigger machine, but its actually one of the lightest, or the lightest in its class, so
really nice, solid machine, thats not too heavy so you are capable of taking it to class
and travelling with it. So another big feature for the Husqvarna Viking
Designer Epic. For me, my favourite part of this machine
is the new screen. Its like a tablet, its much closer to an iPad,
you don’t have to keep a stylus, you don’t have to worry about touching the screen and
maybe throwing off the settings. Because its meant to be touched. You can zoom in, you
can pinch and expand so you can zoom in on your designs, or you can zoom in so you can
read a little bit better. It’s very intuitive. So if you want to see the instruction here
full screen, you just press the full screen button. If you want it to shrink back down
you can press this button here. You can change the location of where the tutorial
is… so if for example you still want to see your stitches, but you want to read the
tutorial as well, you can do that with just one touch.
Or to get rid of it altogether you can just press that button.
If then you decide you need the tutorial again, you can just bring it back up there.
You may also have noticed, up here, a little wifi signal. So yes, this machine can connect
to the internet via wifi. One of the benefits of that, is that you can maybe download a
design off the internet, you can then send it automatically via wifi no need for a USB
stick, and you can get it too the machine. But if you still want to use USB’s, you can
definitely do that! There’s 2 USB ports on the right side of the machine.
So you can definitely still bring in your designs that way if you need to.
It also does things like, when your stitching out you need to leave the room, you need to
go out shopping or whatever, the machine will send you a message, via a free app, that will
tell you when you need to change your threads… when your designs finished, its just so intelligent
it will show you all of those things and your not even in the room.
Switching over to the embroidery side now, It’s really quite easy to switch between the
two. You just need to press the button up the top,
or not even a button, just press the screen at the top…
It will switch everything over for you. First of all it asked you to calibrate the
machine, so just by pressing ok, that will calibrate and set the hoop into its correct
position, and get everything ready for you. Now its ready to embroider.
Once again, all of the designs are categorised. You have lots of different menus down here.
Here you have the signature designs, and you can move along to the golden collection designs.
Most of these come with the Diamond machine, and them we continue on, theres some really
cute little kids designs there, theme designs, there’s quilt designs, so you can actually
quilt your quilts in the hoop. And these designs are adjustable slightly in size, so you can
adjust them to fit your blocks size. And then you can move on, there’s beautiful
frames here, which would be perfect for quilt labels.
Fantasy designs, there’s holiday designs, lace designs, these ones can look beautiful
stitched out! I have actually done one on this machine on water soluble stabiliser,
and thats a beautiful little lace design, free standing lace. So you could sew that
onto the corner of a napkin for example, or on the corner of a tablecloth it would just
look beautiful, so there’s lots of those designs on there.
Some kitchen and home designs, but basically, my point is all of these are categorised,
so you can find your designs really easily. These ones are great for putting in the centres
of flowers and things like that, they’re really nice and small, Back to the signature designs.
What I’ve found that I love about this version or this machine as opposed to the others is
that they are all categorised really easily, so if for example you need to go into the
knowledge centre or the joyOS Adviser, you can easily find designs that use the specific
technique that you want to do. So for example you want to do an appliqué design, you can
choose the appliqué embroidery and you can choose what type of appliqué, so you can
do a covered edge, or a raw edge reverse appliqué even. And you have those step by step tutorials
that I showed you earlier in there. and once again, there is also videos. But what I love
is that I can choose say the covered edge appliqué and it will tae me to a screen that
has all of the covered edge designs already there for me, so I can choose what design
I want to do from that technique. Once again, I can flick through and see the
tutorial, I can flick like that, or I can use the arrows. So really easy to use, very
intuitive. When you want to start doing an embroidery,
you can choose as I mentioned before, from any of the special techniques, or you can
just go into basic embroidery, and select that tutorial there. That will take you to
the screen with the full step by step instructions on what to do to start the embroidery, but
lets say you just want to have a look, I’m going to get rid of that tutorial because
I don’t need it. I just want to look at this embroidery designs.
This is no special techniques, no cutwork, no thread velvet, this is just the standard
designs… I can scroll through and have a look at all
the basic designs. When I’m ready to choose one, all I need to do, lets choose one of
these here, I press and hold on the design and I can drag it over to the screen. Then
I can get rid of that, so I can see clearly, I can see the design.
Very similar to the Designer Diamond, there is adjustments that you can make here, so
you can choose to centre the block by pressing in the middle here. You can choose to turn
the block, this is a circular design but if it had a right or wrong way, you can move
it around like that.. You can make it bigger or smaller by dragging out, so each design
will be able to be adjusted slightly. Some more than others, this one, I can make it
that big, or I can just drag it in like that and thats as small as that will go with the
optimised stitches, so it will stitch out beautifully whether I make it the smallest
it can go, or drag it out and make it nice and big.
If you want to undo any of those steps, you can just press the undo button and it will
take you back a step. You can go back quite a few times, so thats back at the beginning.
When you decide that you’d like to design some of your own pieces on the machine, so
this is without software, you can do this, straight on the machine itself.
So first of all to do, you can bring any designs in as I’ve shown you, but if you want to create
your own design, you go to the star menu down here. You go to the star menu down here. There’s
lots of different options, but i’m going to start with the circle option, so I’m going
to choose that one, then I’m going to go in and find my design. So I might choose umm
lets have a look here, we just choose a design, and I have one of my favourites so I’ll find
that one, here it is here, so I’m going to press and hold and bring it over into my design.
So now I want to add multiples of that design, so I can do that by adjusting with the plus
and minus button, or I can press on the number and it will bring up calculator so I can put
in however many I like. I want 6, so I’m going to do 6 and say ok,
and that looks cute, I can adjust that, or I can spin those designs around. I’m going
to rotate it around 180 degrees counter clockwise and that looks better. But I can also adjust
here, by grabbing on one of those and drag it in until it meets in the centre like that.
and there we go I say ok. Then I select anywhere off there, so I’m not
using that design, i want to add another one, because I’d like to put on in the centre,
so I’m going to go back again, back to the star menu, I can open that up here… and
I can choose the circle once again, and then I’m going to choose my design. So this time
I’m going to choose something nice and small. I might go to the N menu, because I know its
got the nice small designs, and I might choose a petal.
And once again, press and hold and drag it over.
I can then, adjust, say I want 5 petals, ok, and that lays them all out.
I think thats reversed, so I think I want those petals to be the opposite way, so once
again, I can, flip them around. I rotate 180 degrees, now the centre is where it should
be. Once again, I can just grab onto that, and bring it in to the centre.
and I can make myself a cute little flower. Ok
and go back out to the main menu. If I want I can still adjust, so if I want to bring
it in closer I can. If I want to make it bigger, I can do that and the same with the flower.
So you can adjust these, to however you like. So now, this is treating those pieces as one.
So rather than adjusting or moving those petals closer together or further apart, its treating
them as one, and making the entire flower bigger or smaller.
If I want to, I can also put something in the centre, so back to my design menu, go
to the small designs, I can choose for example, that one looks cute. I can press and hold.
and drag it into the centre. If I want to make sure the design is centred, I could just
move it manually, or I can choose to centre that to the actual screen.
I can choose that one and centre that to the screen, and then choose that one centre that
to the screen. Its actually not centred to the screen, its
centred to the hoop. So there we go, thats our own cute little
design. If I want to bring that closer I can. Or I can rotate it around, however I like.
This machine has a much bigger sewing area than any other model in its class. This one
can take up to a hoop 360 x 350. Because you have an lot more space in here, even bigger
than the diamond had. It does come with 3 different hoops, it comes
with the 360 x 260, a 260 x 200 and a 120 x 120.
So you get all three of those hoops as standard with this machine.
The last thing I wanted to show you is the new cover for this machine. Standard Husqvarna
machines have had a hard cover on all of the models before this one, this machine actually
comes with a cover which is soft. I actually thought I would prefer a hard cover, but what
I’ve found is that this cover is actually dust proof.
So it does stop dust getting in the machine. But also what I like about it is I can pop
it on, while the embroidery unit is still in place, so you can see, I can slide it on
the machine. It has a cut out here so that when you put this cover on, at the end of
the day, if you want to come back to an embroidery, you can put this on and you can leave the
embroidery unit in place, which you couldn’t do with the hard cover.
It also has magnets which closes that flap here and that is what makes it dust proof.
You can bring that forward and there’s your handle to take it with you to class if you
need to. So another really nice feature is the soft cover that comes with the machine
as standard. So there we have it, the brand new Husqvarna
Viking Designer Epic. Brand new machine out on the market now, it
really is beautiful and I hope you fall in love with it as much as I have.
If you’d like to have a play on the machine, or you’d like a demonstration in person, head
along to your closest Husqvarna Viking dealer and they can give you a demonstration there.
If your not sure where your closest dealer is, head along to the website, I’ll put a
link in the comments down below, and you can pop in your postcode and it will tell you
exactly where your closest dealers are. So thanks for watching today, if you enjoyed
this video, found it useful please give me a thumbs up and if you hit the subscribe button,
you’ll get an email each time I upload a new video and so you’ll be up to date with all
the information from both Handi Quilter and Husqvarna Viking.
Thanks for joining me today, I’ll see you again next time.

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  27. Hello Paula, will you please explain what the numbers are directly above the stitch length. On the basic sewing screen… it also seems to have an "on/off button " I have no idea what it is for, and I haven't been able to find the link or any tutorial on it! Please HELP!! Thank you in advance!

  28. If you're buying one of these incredible machines, regardless of model, you MUST make sure the supplier runs the Owner courses. Yes, you could learn from the machine, but lots of us learn by being shown in a class situation. Do not buy one without that course, otherwise you could end up like some ladies I've interviewed recently, they have mega expensive machines…. never used them, bought at retirement, never used… that's a real crying shame, a gorgeous machine gathering dust.

    I can recommend two UK Midlands/North places – Coles in Nottingham and another dealer in Sheffield whose name escapes me but it's run by a group of very knowledgeable women.

  29. Ciao, la macchina e molto bella. Io ho una topaz 40 ma purtroppo i video non essendo tradotti in Italiano non mi aiutano…. potete per favore pubblicare anche in Italiano? Grazie buon lavoro

  30. I learned so much watching your tutorial. I bought my Epic early this year. Took a class but I seldom use it cause grandkids first.
    It just lately that I really into it and was glad I found your tutorial. Thanks a lot.

  31. sorry to this machine is not working satisfactorily, giving so many troubles and no trained mechanics here.
    Our machine Is giving more troubles day by day this problems not solved no body . So i may Go through cosumer court .

  32. Where do I find the manual? I can't find it on the website. (Could someone publish a link to the downloadable manual?)

  33. I had a problem with my sewnet. When I down loaded it, it caused my machine to shut down due to a problem. I had it in the shop several times, and they couldn't figure it out. I stopped the sewnet and the problem stopped. I was very discouraged! I will never use this again, I always use my USB stick instead.

  34. How much is this machine? Where can I buy it? I live in utah and plan to start my own buisness making and selling things (like apparel quotes baby blankets Etc) and I am looking for a machine like this but I am finding it hard to find the prices.

  35. Hi Paula,
    I enjoyed your presentation on the epic. My question is
    it possible for you to do a presentation on design placement on the epic? I’m trying to do edge to edge Quilting and I really need to understand this concept,

    Thank you

  36. Thank you for the informative video and hope to see many more on the Epic. I bought mine a couple years ago, but have not learned all the features and need ideas for projects as well. Will be watching for more. Thanks again!

  37. Help! For some reason we are having a difficult time synchronizing our machine with our account. Can you advise us as to why?

  38. Paula, Thank you very much for your video. I love my Epic and your video has demonstrated features I haven't used. Look forward to seeing more of your work!

  39. I live in the U.S. I love your tutorial! Very informative. I have a Designer Ruby Royale. I love it and have only had it 3 years. Wonderful machine…but…I would love one of these. Anyone in the U.S have one? What's a ballpark $$$ on these?

  40. Dear Paula, I too stumbled upon your video. I have the Epic and very disappointed there is no thorough hard copy manual. I am having a hard time figuring out how to fing the center on an embroidery design and aligning my needle with the center. Can you help , please? Than you

  41. Thanks Paula, I learned several things. I was disappointed it did not include the large instruction booklet. I did download it and copy it, had holes put in it and then into a binder. I absolutely love the machine. it sews great and the embroideries come out perfect. My Designer Diamond (loved it) I had for 10 years and it started to break down, I took it in , they sent it off and too cost too much to repair so they threw it away.
    There was so many problems with it. I guess I wore it out. I do sew everyday.
    I do think it is worth the cost it if you use it a lot. I thought I may be too old for it,(76) to get my use out of it, but I have granddaughters that like to sew as well. The best part is that financing is available with no finance charges for 5 years. I also got $5000 credit for my Diamond. So I pay $145. a month til it is paid off. I can afford the monthly charge.
    Sometimes I pull up the manual on my tablet and set it up in a stand beside the machine so I can read it. It s also a good method for a tutorial
    . I use a memory stick for all my embroideries. I bought an extension for the memory stick as it is kind of hard to put the stick in. I like how you just have to tap/hold the embroidery on the screen, then you can dump it or make changes to the embroidery.
    I have a problem with the machine screen as I cant seem, to find out the size of embroidery I have put in the machine., Im sure I already know it but would like to see it on the screen, it does show the size of the hoop to put on. I love to make doll clothes, doll quilts and large quilts as well and clothing for people. lots of bags, etc, etc.. so many embroideries so little time. I joined the epic clup, but mostly they do new feet projects. maybe I missed the beginning classes. Now I have to sell items from my Designer Diamond. I was able to use some of t he items on the Epic.
    I thank you again for the tutorial, I will be watching for others .
    Have fun no matter what you do.

  42. I just bought the Epic and I was signing in with my WIFI password and realized that I can’t find the $ on the keyboard. I have looked everywhere. Any suggestions, what did I miss?

  43. I just purchased the Husqvarna Viking Brilliant 80 which has many of the features of the Epic. Can you do a video demo on this machine as you did on the Epic?

  44. I know this tutorial is older but I have a question. I am debating between 2 machines. The Husqvarna Epic and the Babylock Solaris.
    I am really torn because my dealer has both but clearly likes the Husqvarna better due to you can change stitch length not so easy on the Solaris… have you seen the Solaris…what would you say is the biggest difference between those 2? Apart from the Solaris being much more expensive. It is quite a big investment just want to make sure. I design pillows

  45. الله يرزق حلمي ان امتلك مثلها ولكن الغالب الله
    الله يرزقنا من حيث لا نحتسب 😢😢😢😢😢

  46. Is it worth $20,000? lots of new bells and whistles. i am in the process of determining what to upgrade to. Another viking ? Are they well made now ??

  47. You didn't show how the needle actually threaded.  Is it automatic, or do you still have to pull the lever down?  Mine is always in for repair to straighten the wire that catches the thread.

  48. I have a Brillance 80 and it is my understanding that it is very similar to the Epic. Do you find that to be the case? Also, do you know if I can move Topaz 25 embroidery onto my new machine? I just bought it today, it’s not even set up yet. I like your video – great information.

  49. I just purchased the Designer Epic. Just getting familiar with it. Had the Designer Ruby previously. I have a question, that is quite important to me. I have a design I have been using for many years on my USB and I am happy for, However, I don't seem to find directions for adding my "signature design" to it. I have found the other design from my USB and placed it where it should be. However, I cannot figure out how to include it to the stitch out for the project. How can I do that? I was able to do it on my Ruby so I am sure there must be a way to do it on the Epic. Please help me! My new is Marlene

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